Some of the Questions

Rachel asks:

1 Who would play you in the movie and why? I would love to say Sandra Bullock and, as Rachel points out, she acts a whole lot like us. I think it would be a safer bet to say Kathy Bates would play me. Like she was in Failure To Launch or Fried Green Tomatoes. Sassy, knowledgeable and round...think that sort of sums me up!

2. I know a couple of your criteria for a possible date guy are "can't live with his mother" and "must have a driver's license". What else?

OMG...where do I begin?? Ester says my standards are too high but there are certain things that are a MUST! Along with can't live with his mom and must have a VALID drivers license, I think the man I am looking for must have a JOB and be able to support himself. He cannot have a box of those phones people can buy when their real phone has been cut off and they have sucky credit!! He has to have a good heart and wit. He must totally be smitten with me *snorts*. Must not have a criminal record (or no big or recent arrests). He must love kids but not expect me to have any more. Once upon a time, I would have loved to have met a man with young children that I could help raise.....not so much on THAT anymore! Being a rich orphan with no children would be a plus. *grins*

3. You are sitting on death row for a crime you gleefully committed. What does your last meal consist of?

Brisket and ribs, corn pudding, good hot rolls with REAL butter and fried okra! Then a big slice of Red Velvet cake and Chess pie....and a Route 44 Sonic diet cherry Coke.

4. We know a Prayer for Owen Meany is your favorite/most meaningful book. What is your favorite/most meaningful movie?

I know it sounds corny but I love *It's a Wonderful Life*. It just proves that we each and every one DO matter and we have made a change....even if we do not see it.

5. Is there something you would love to do, but don't dare to do?
I would honestly love to quit my job and go into something creative full time. But, this thing called paying your bills and having insurance, it holds me back. I would also love to be an actress or be on the Amazing Race.

MaryBeth asks:

1) when you met Rach did you know that you would be friends right away, or did you have to figure that out over time?
It took time. Rachel is a very friendly person. Everyone down here, for the most part, was then and is now friendly. The friendship was a growing thing. Plus, we have both changed so much in the last 11 years. I am glad she has always been a friend but I am even more happy that she IS a friend.

2) what has been your favorite swap ever?
*thinking* favorite swap ever??? I have not a clue. I have been in a LOT of swaps! I have done swaps on other blogs, my blog swaps and swaps on I think my best swap to received has been my apron that I got from another blog swap.

3) do you prefer coordinating swaps or participating in them?
I first started swapping over at craftster and there are RULES! And everyone follows the rules!! There you must sign up within the deadline, send out within the deadline, send it certified, let the hostess know when you have sent out and when you received. With bloggers, *grins* they rarely follow all of the rules. Coordinating a swap is actually really difficult at times. But I love thinking up different swaps and hosting them. And I LOVE participating in them, especially if I get to use out of my stash. So, to answer the question, I like to do them both. GET READY CAUSE THERE IS A SWAP ON THE HORIZON!!

4) How did you choose your career?
This ought to scare you, I talked to a probation officer for 15 minutes one day at my mom's office and decided that was what I wanted to be. I had just moved back to Clarendon with my kids and was starting back to college. I still had basics to get out of the way so I was not in a hurry to declare a major until after I talked to him. I come from a family that has a lot of law enforcement back ground so this just was a really natural choice for me. If I had gone to college right out of high school, I would have been a drama teacher.

5) How did you prefer to spend your time when you were a little Mindy?
I was a voracious reader. I also remember playing outside a lot. When I was little, you could ride your bike all over town and not worry about someone kidnapping you. When the street lights started coming on, you took your butt home.


David asks:

1. Why has pantie-palooza become so important to you?

The older I get, the more important women's issues become to me. It was after Katrina that I realized how precious it was to be able to open up a dresser drawn and get out a clean fresh pair of panties. I know we joke and tease about that but it really IS a blessing! I was reading an article about a school in Africa where the young ladies cannot attend when they are menstruating due to not having sanitary products. That just blows my MIND! We live in a time when I can drive up to a window and order a diet coke and not blink an eye but there are women that cannot afford sanitary products! We have got to learn how to take care of one another....especially those that are not as fortunate as we are. Panty palooza is important to me for that reason....reaching out and taking care of women. Pampering when people do not understand the meaning of the work pamper. There have been wonderful strong women in my life. I hope someday, someone, can say the same thing when they talk about me.

And, I am reminded time and time and time again....I could BE that woman that needs.

2.Sometimes a sensory perception will set off a nostalgic moment. When is the last time that happened to you? Just a few weeks ago! I was buying some school supplies and got a whiff of colors (I say colors not that a southern thing? When we say Crayon, it comes out sounding more like crown.). That always takes me back. Remember when glue was not in a glue stick but in a pot with a stick?? And you had to spread it on and your stuff was always lumpy! And there was always someone in the class that ate it??

And when someone walks by wearing Jungle Gardenia, I am always immediately taken back to my maternal grandmothers bed room and I see her dresser.

3. You have many blog buddies. If you had a party where you could meet them all face-to-face, where would it be held? Can we have it in your back yard and admire the pretty bird house??? PLEASE?? WOW! I would love to own a big home and I would hold it there. We could just have a big ole pajama party! However, that is not the case. I would host it in the great state of TEXAS! I would choose some place like Austin because there is something there for everyone and they could get a good taste of what we are about.

4.In your experience, where has the church most succeeded?

I am narrowing this down to the Christians in my life as the Church and not the building. They have succeeded in loving me when I was unlovable. So many times, those people have just simply been there for me and kept me from going under. Even when I tried to stay away from them, they gently loved me. I will always remember my Nazarene Church in Denton. One week they were bringing in food to celebrate Bebo's birth. The next week they were bringing in food and holding me up helping me get through the ex's leaving.

I am more of a small Church kind of a girl until a few years ago. I was attending FBC but was not a member. Did not really think I intended on becoming a member. That winter, gas prices skyrocketed. I got a letter from FBC signed by the pastor. It stated that they understood that I was a single mom and wanted me to know that there were funds available to help me with my gas bill if I needed it. The letter went on to let me know that no one would know and that it was a gift. I felt then that the Church could really see me.

5. Did you do arts and crafts as a little girl or did you start that later?
I have always been a crafts girl but not as much as I am now. I can remember making trash cans out of those foam egg cartons and yarn. I also remember making paper houses by folding down the corners of Readers Digest pages and then spray painting them. I also remember making tissue paper flowers. I had one of those pot holder looms and made tons of those. See, sewing pot holders should not be kicking my ass now!! So yes, I did them as a girl. *GRINS REALLY BIG* now they are my obsession as well as my sanity.

I am working on the rest and I will try to get them posted in the next day or two. for the upcoming swap!!


  1. Colors!! I am instantly a first grader again when I buy *crowns* LOL. And the PASTE! Always smelled minty but I was too chicken to try and taste it, lol. There WAS always some kid sticking a finger in it though!

  2. There is no such thing as standards that are too high.

    I went to school with a woman who said,"You could have a date every night if you were willing to go out with the barnyard goat."

  3. Lol, I loved this post. It was soooo you! I wanna play...make someone ask me questions.

  4. I can definitely see how drama teacher and probation officer are closely related professions! In fact, I'll wager you coach your clients for better performances in society.

    And I am so filled with longing when I read of your experience in church. I cannot find that out here anywhere. It's either scary science fiction based weirdness, dying big time churches or as with where I am now, what will you do for us while we can't help you personally because of liability issues.

    Lumpy glue and colors! Love 'em. Can't wait till you answer mine-uns.

  5. Owen Meany is my favorite book ever, too!!! I've literally given away dozens of copies!

    (And good heavens yes, to the chess pie!)

  6. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Wow! This is like a BaaBaa WaaWaa interview, only better!
    Thanks for sharing!!


  7. I loved Owen Meany as well.... what a terrific book.
    And what a terrific blog post.
    brisket... you're makin me hungry.
    I LOVE LOVE LUUUUUUURRRRVE the smell of crayons. Oh man. I have my very own box. Have just recently begun to let small boy play with them... OH the pain of letting someone else break my crayons! then I remembe rthey're only a dollar................ ahha

  8. oh and I have loved it about you that you understand the power of panties. That says a lot about you. And I'm dead serious about that.

  9. I ate some of the paste - it has a weird sweet taste.

    I have never heard of a box phone.

    I always wonder about pantipalooza - do you buy the kind you wear or do you buy what you think they would like to wear? I mean - I like granny panties, but if I needed the underwear, I wouldn't want some of those that come down to the hip - know what I mean?

  10. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Wow - Great Play - I said "colors" too - it was also a verb: wamma color with me?!

  11. Interesting post, Mindy. I like it when people do these, because I get a better sense of who the person is.

  12. Yep, colors rock! Love your answers. I'm with Zorra - there's no such thing as standards that are too high. Who wants to wake up with a barnyard goat for the rest of your life? Totally not worth it.

  13. I've never heard of a box phone before. Here we have "I forgot my cell phone" guy who wants to borrow yours to conduct all his business (call mom, schedule dentist appointment, etc.). It takes a while but you eventually realize that he didn't forget his cell--he doesn't have one. And he tells you he doesn't have a real phone either---just call my cell, he says...but he doesn't know the number "I always just look on the screen when I'm giving it out.."only he doesn't have his phone....or job, or....

  14. Do mine next! Do mine next!
    *hopping up and down*
    (not really)
    (too lazy to get up and hop)

  15. HUZZAH a swap is coming???? :waves hand: pick me! :waves hand: pick me! (even though I have never done one!!!)

    And as far as standards go, I think you have a good set. Though I would also agree on :snort: not marrying someone with small children at this point.

    who colored outside the lines with broken crayons :)

  16. Love you even more after reading this! Great questions and I LOVE your answers!!!

  17. I love the smell of crayons. And, I think my Texan mom did call them colors.

    Great post, Mindy.

  18. I love both Sandra Bullock and Kathy Bates. While you were Sleeping and Misery are great movies!


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