1. What was the first craft you remember making and how old were you when you made it? You and Zorra think alike!

*snickers* As answered before, it would be those little loom potholders. I guess I would have been around 5.

2. What do you love best about being a mom and did you have easy or hard deliveries?

The thing that I have hated worst about being a mom is their homework and watching them when they hurt on the inside. I LOVE being a mom. I think it is the best thing that I have ever done. I have loved seeing them begin to understand things and I adore how their brains work.

Deliveries....TOTALLY easy. Babygator was born in 1 hour and 45 minutes after getting to the hospital. Bebo was induced and he came about 2 hours after being induced. I LOVED being pregnant. I have never felt better in my entire life than at those two times. I would be totally into having a child for someone else. Though I think it would be hard to let go.

3. What is the worst crime committed by one of your clients and were you ever scared of any of your clients?

I have been scared of two clients. One was mine and he was just weird. I always close my office door during an office visit so that my client can have some privacy and talk freely. I always left my door open with him. He would always get up and close it. He was the type that might hurt you NOT because of who you were but because he got freaked. He used to go out late at night and talk to him mama for advise. Then he would come in and tell me all about it.

Might I add here that his mama was DEAD at the time and buried in the local cemetery.

The other belonged to another office and I told him to sit down in the lobby. He did not like me telling that and walked towards me with his hands clenched. The office staff hit the emergency button and out tumbled all of these officers doing the *kick your butt* probation walk (Rach was in the lead) and the incident was defused.

Both men have since gone to prison and have been released.

4. Describe your dream boyfriend.

Totally dream right?? A rich orphan who falls in love with me and my children. He is so rich that he gives half of his money away and we travel and meet up with bloggers all over the world. He will also host a blogger meet up at our home each year. He will also have a wicked sense of humor and love to rub my back and feet. *grins* Oh, and he can be younger. *snickers*

5. What is your proudest moment? And your most embarrassing one.

Aside from my children being born, it would be the day that I graduated from college. I went to college when I turned 30. Just 12 years after I was supposed to go to college. At the last minute, I found out that I was able to wear the honor cord. From where I sat, I could see my Mom, Dad, Babygator and Bebo. My mom was holding Bebo at the time. He was three. During the ceremony, my Mom began crying so hard that she had to had Bebo to my Daddy. I knew then I had done something good.



1.What's your earliest memory of creating something--some sort of craft or artistic endeavor--that you enjoyed?

Again, answered. I also remember dropping marbles into boiling water and pulling them right out. Made the prettiest cracks in them!! My grandmother tried teaching me to crochet but I never picked that up.

2. What destination in the United States (that you haven't seen yet) would you most like to visit, and what would a perfect day there look like?

I have always wanted to visit Washington DC. I feel about it the way I do about the Texas State Capitol. I have also started wanting to visit Disney Land for some odd reason.

A perfect day would start with just waking up without an alarm. It would be a day where the house was already clean so my mind would not be on that. I would spend the day with the radio on, the back door open and crafts all over the kitchen table. It would also involve a brisket in the over and I would also spend some time making bread. People could come over but I would not go anywhere. It might also involve yoga pants, a big t shirt and bare feet.

3. Remember what type of mother you thought you would be, before you had children? Do any of your ideas from that time bear any resemblance to the reality of parenting?

Oh lawsy, I was going to be the total earth mother. Everything raised by my own hand and nothing but the best!! Was going to make my own yogurt and tend my own garden. Poor babygator was just sort of raised with me. Lots of trial and error on my part. Then the second child comes along and things are even more laid back.

I do think that I have tried to raise my children to be sort of free spirits. I try really hard to only pick the battles that are truly battles. For instance: I know Bebo's hair drives some people crazy. I look at it as it is ONLY hair. And it is on HIS head. That is not a biggy to me. Both of my children have big hearts and I think that is what is more important.

Did I think I was going to be the type mother that I am today? Nope. I do think I have done a good job despite all that I have drug my children through. Trust me, most of it was just fly by the seat of my pants!

4. Is there a craft or art form that you haven't tried yet but would really like to try?

YES YES YES!! I want to make my own glass beads and I want to take a silver smith class. Someday it will be my turn!!

5. When you were a child or teenager, who(outside of your family) taught you the most about treating people with kindness and respect?

This was the hardest question of all. I learned a lot of that simply from my family, immediate and extended. I would have to say it was a GA teacher, Mrs. Serrat (wow, I can hear Rachel barfing right now), who did that. She also headed the puppet ministry team that I was on. She was always taking us to little Churchs that needed help with VBS and that sort of stuff. I saw how she treated everyone equally. That is where I can begin pinpointing learning those lessons.

I hope my answers were worth waiting for!!

I got this last week from my parents.

They are worried about me and the mood that I have been in. My mom came last weekend and we had such a wonderful time just hanging out together and that helped me a lot. Today, I am going to get a massage and then on to a football game. Catch up with you later!


  1. I loved this post!!! And again, I really want to be interview...I am just saying! I love you so much and you have turned out to be the best Mom anyone could ever ask for.

  2. Now isn't that GORGEOUS!

    So glad you are taking care of YOU. You are the most important person there is!

  3. Loved this post!!

  4. This is a great post! The answers were indeedl well-worth waiting for. The flowers are beautiful, and how sweet that your parents did that.

    Okay...*getting brave*...I would love to be interviewed! But I have alot of stuff coming up so it might take me a couple of weeks to get the answers posted!

  5. Graduating with honors, two kids at a vastly advanced age? Definitely something!!

  6. Anonymous12:28 PM

    You are awesome!!

  7. what a great post! how does one do the interview thing? both asking and answering questions.

  8. what a great post! how does one do the interview thing? both asking and answering questions.

  9. Now those were worth waiting for! Thanks for playing! Your flowers are gorgeous too, BTW.

    You know, Mrs. Serrat was just quietly following Jesus, and her actions had a profound effect on you, and I'm sure, other kids too. Something we all need to remember.

    P.S. I used to have a little pendant with one of those cracked marbles on it. I wondered how those were made...

  10. I love your answers! What accomplishments you have made. Graduating with honors. Raising your kids and knowing what battles to pick. And you're gonna rock at silver smithing.....smithing or smithy??

    The flowers are beautiful. Almost as beautiful as you.

  11. This was a great post! I was a GA too!! I went to GA camp, then I worked on staff for GA Camp (and RA camp too--the rascals!), then I taught GAs and took them to camp and taught at camp. I have lots of fond memories from those years.

  12. OMG we had identical baby deliveries!! LOL how come that is something we have never talked about??! My two first just slid on out after very VERY short labors; we're talking from the time I noticed pains to hello world, less than six hours. And Mermaid showed up after being induced because after a whole 4 hours of labor someone decided I wasn't dilating at all and pains were getting bad so Dr thought that nasty ass pitocin was a good idea. They were still shooting it into the IV when I said I gotta push... stupid nurse had the NERVE to LAUGH AT ME!! I insisted she check and I have never seen such a look of total FREAKING OUT on a nurse in my life... she popped her head back up and said "Oh my GOD WHAT DID YOU DO???" Yelled for the other nurse and the two of them along with hub, delivered her.

  13. I love that you gave "orphan" as a requirement, and I so get it!

  14. Yay, Mindy! You are precious.

  15. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Love this MIndy - the graduation memory caused a small tear - glad you're doing some self-care!! I was never a GA (had disbanded at our church by then), but my mom was the GA leader when I was younger, so I always felt like I had all of these Big Sisters!!

  16. OH YES.
    YES YES YES!!!!
    COME TO DC!!!

    who sounds like she is stuck in Dick and Jane land...



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