This Ain't Like Dodgeball

I was always the last one picked at anything that resembled sports. But this...this is totally different. We will leave no one behind!!

Got this comment left on the blog yesterday from Anonymous:

**done these before and i always buy or make and have yet to get one thing! Hope you all have fun!!!**

I hope that did not happen to you in one of the swaps that I have hosted. In the past, when that has happened and I am aware of it,
Rachel and I have worked hard at getting a swap item out to the person that did not receive. These swaps are supposed to be fun and it is not fun when you do not get something in return. That is why we have to have some silly little rules such as:

**I will be sending you out an email with your partner and your partners email address on it.

**You need to get in touch with your partner and get their actual address.

**You may make or buy your bookmark.

**You may send as many bookmarks as you wish but you are only required to send out one.

**Send out date is on or before Friday, October 6th 2006.

**Please email me or leave a comment on my blog when you mail out your bookmark so I can keep track.

**Please email me or leave a comment on my blog when you receive your bookmark so I can keep track.

**If, for some reason, you need to pull out of the swap or cannot fulfill your duties as Miss America, just send me an email and let me know. Things happen and I totally understand.

**Please send me $100.00 in small unmarked bills.

This is the list of people and their partners!!

Rachel and Midlife Rookie

Babygator and Preacher Mom

David and Songbird

Mary Beth and Lorna

Flutterby and Annie

QG and Reverend Mommy

Yankee and Church Hopper

Cheesehead and Swandive

Patti and JWD

Knittin Preacher and Sally

Mindy and Cathy

Why does getting something in snail mail make me so excited?? Does that make me a dork to the second power?


  1. Well, somebody certainly works hard to make sure everyone gets their swappy prize, but its not me! Who does that leave? MINDY!

    (I'm all excited midlife rookie. I was whining about not having any ideas and Mindy hooked me up with a cool one! Can't wait to do it and send it out to ya!)

  2. *snickers* I am Rach's Carol Duvall muse.

  3. i HATE carol duvall.

  4. Well you need to make sure Bebo gets the mail tomorrow because I sent a nice big box; and some of it in there is yours but I want to make sure HE gets it first and since it's addressed to HIM *you* cannot open it. You should send him out here weekend after this; it's homecoming and he and Mermaid would look sooo cute going out.

  5. Everybody likes snail mail, and anyone who says they don't is lyin'.

    Thanks for doing this. I've contacted the churchhopper and we're off and running.

  6. Memo to self...bebo must not leave the house all weekend long....especially for MAIL.

    They would look cute but I do not think he is up to that yet.

    And I do so love mail yankee!!

  7. liking snail mail doesn't make you a dork to the second power Mom Gator.

  8. And exacly WHO?????? is mermaid??????

  9. I'll send you a picture Bebo... she is my 13 year old daughter and a real cutiepie if I do say so myself, lol. And don't let your mom bully you; you GET that mail!!

  10. Mindy if you are a dork to the 9th degree, I am right there with you. Dorks UNITE!


  12. I love the daily mail more than anything else.

    Except in England, where they still get TWO daily mail deliveries! Whoo, that would be sweet!

    Excited about the swap and guess what! When I got home from my trip there was a package from Miss Mindy with my book thong AND a bonus prize! I am SOOOOOOOO excited! They are awesome! And I also got some samples of Nexus shampoo from that sampley thing Mindy turned me on to.

    My postman is wondering what is UP!?

  13. and in Finland we don't get mail on Saturdays (or Sundays) isn't that awful ...


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