Of Mice and Almost Men.....OH! and Bookmarks

I decided to do a little moving around of the furniture in the living room today. Do you want to know what I found when I pulled the couch out into the middle of the floor? I found 13 empty water bottles and 5 socks. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Bebo has decided that we have a bad mouse infestation. These mice like to party but at least they drink responsibly.

The majority has voted and we shall be swapping bookmarks!! I will leave sign-ups open until Wednesday and the partner everyone up. ~grins~ Lorna has a test coming up on Wednesday and that will help her.

So far we have the following people on the list:

1. Rach

2. Christmas Lights (aka babygator)

3. David

4. Mary Beth

5. Flutterby

6. Quotidian Grace

7. Yankee, Transferred

8. Cheesehead

9. Songbird

10. Lorna

11. Preacher Mom

12. Annie

13. Mid-life Rookie

14. Church Hopper

15. Patti

16. The Reverend Mommy

17. Cathy

18. knittinpreacher

19. Swandive

20. Sally

21. JWD

22. Me

We have newbies playing with us this time!! Welcome!!


  1. I signed up - but it was late last night. Count me in.

  2. Must be something in the air - I'm planning to rearrange living room furniture tonight. hee hee hee!

  3. You should see what I found under the refrigerator!

  4. I am obviously a serious newbie becaue I can;t figure out how to sign up. So please count me in!

  5. Anonymous6:00 PM

    do yall belive her???????(she is a liar!!!)

  6. I want to be with Lorna! Can you partner me with Lorna???

  7. Hey, it could be a prompt for some inventive stories: "What I found under the couch."

  8. We could audio blog it..."what I found under the couch"...or the fridge...or behind the washer...or...well you get the picture!

  9. Or I couls be with someone new if you wanted me to. I like new people! It is WAY to early for me to be up. I just want you to know that!!! I love you!

  10. You did just fine knittinpreacher!!


    And you know..that would be a great audio blog. Ya'll could have heard me yell!!

    And babygator...it shall be the luck of the draw.

    We are getting a great group!! If I have left a name out...please let me know!

  11. Me too I''l swap book marks

  12. oooh this is fun. We can send more than one can't we???

    homemade of course !! and others

  13. Is it too late to join? I've been under my rock for a few days, but would love to come out and play! :)

  14. test over ... it was TOO HARD ... but anyway I can breathe again until Monday when we start the course for real. sigh.

    when will I get a life again? ... oh bookmarks ... yeah that's what I'll get on with ... yippee something nice to do !!! thanks Mindy


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