I Wonder....

Okay people....I wanna know what is wrong with you! I posted a thankfulness post almost 24 hours ago and no one has anything at all to be thankful for?!?!?!?!

Rach, T and I left to go to lunch yesterday. They were behind me and the conversation started

T remarked *I think your tail is wider! It did not used to be that wide!*

Me *Thank you! It is so odd! With my hair this short, I do not have to blow dry it but I still have to blow dry my tail.*


I am sitting in my office and the thought occurs to me that she did not mean my rat's tail......


  1. That is not cool. People are not suppose to talk about other people's "tails". No ma'am. i know someone else who does that and that is not very nice. and I haven't been on the internet to post a thankfulness, because I worked on STATS for almost 6 hours yesterday.

  2. You are a nut! If we'd been talking about your posterior tail, you would've know it right away.

    "What's that noise? Is she backing up?"

    See, it would've been something unmistakable like that. Ha ha! (And your hair tail really is wider. Is your hair on 'roids or something? It looks good.)

  3. OMG...Rach that is so tacky but funny!

    Hair 'roids...*snickers*

  4. ROFLMAO I saw the 'roids thing first... and since she was talking about tails... Ok never mind. But you blowdry your tail? I could make something goood out of that ya know... but I gotta run. The hub and the dogs are driving me nuts this morning.

  5. Yeah, well, it would be fun to comment, but I am out of my league here.

  6. me too David, me too!

  7. off the subject: I still love your template.

    I've been away from the blogs lately but I'm quite sure your tail isn't any wider!

  8. I immediately thought how rude of Rach to be insinuating that your posterior end was getting wider.

    I am thankful that my tail is not getting any wider.

  9. Someone told me I'd enjoy your blog. They didn't tell me it was PG-13.


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