Words and the *I Bet You Thought It Was Lost* Thankfulness List

We are doing a food drive here at the office with each officer in charge of a certain food items. Everything will go to local food pantries. One of the guys was griping because his people were all *stingy* and did not want to bring in the item he was in charge of. Rose accused him of being old because he used the word *stingy*. She told him that people just do not use that word anymore. She then came to my office and was telling me about it.

That started us off on talking about words people do not really use anymore.

Rose: *Stingy* is not a word used anymore. Neither is *chinchy*.

Me: Or *catty cornered* You do not hear that much either. hhhhhmm.....what other words do you not hear anymore.....

Rach ~hollaring from her office~ *personality responsibility* put that on your


Things that I am thankful for right this minute:

1) Both of my children and how they crack me up for totally different reasons.

2) Going home this weekend.

3) Snickers

4) Emails from bloggy friends

5) Cooler weather

6) Brushing against the rosemary bush in the back yard

7) PANTIES!! It will not be too many more months before we start planning for pantipalooza again!!

8) Reassurances that it is okay to not attend my school reunion.

9) Finding out that my aunt and I are more alike than I ever imagined.

10) Almond Paste

11) The freedoms that I have in this country

12) Candles

13) Food in the house and gas in the CRV

14) Gas prices slowly going down

15) Post it notes

16) Good magazines

17) Winning sweepstakes

18) Coupons

19) Growing and finding my way

20) And YOU!

Okay...so where is your list?!?!?!


  1. I am thankful that December is only 4 months away. That means only 15 more classes of QBA. YES!

  2. Busy day yesterday. May I be thankful today instead?
    I'm thankful for my new cleaning lady, especially that she didn't run away screaming after her first day.

  3. I'm also thankful for cleaning ladies!!

  4. I'm thankful that Tottis is living with us this autumn. It's like an extra daughter and friend in the house. Fun :)

    Cleaning lady? That'd be me :(

  5. Cleaning ladies?? How do I go about getting one for myself???? Oh... wait... like someone already said.. that would be *me*. sigh


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