BeBo and I Are Taking Our Show On The Road....and Other Things.....

Yes, you read that right. BeBo are taking our show on the road and leaving the City of Fiberglass Cows for a few days. He and I have never taken a vacation together...just the two of us. Plus, I know it will not be too much longer when that will hold no appeal to him what. so. ever.! And honestly, I am just burned out....frazzled...and I gotta get away. So we are packing our suitcases and heading out to another state...New Mexico! We are going to go and enjoy Roswell with a side trip to Carlsbad. I was playing around with different blog thingys and laughed when I did this just SO fits!

Your Bumper Sticker Should Be
Buckle up - it makes it harder for aliens to suck you out of your car
What Bumper Sticker Should Be On Your Car?

*This means that I will leave the goldfish in the care of the *goldfish killers* of my office. Pray for the fishes safety.

*Latest BeBo'ism: *Why do you ask me the question when you are not going to even BELIEVE the answer that I give you???* Because when I ask if you have brushed your teeth and you say yes...I should be able to SMELL clean minty fresh breath!

*We have decided to turn over a new leaf here at work. It has finally set in that Teacher is not on some long drawn out vacation. She is not coming back. Plus, there are some other things here at work that are never going to change. We have let those things get to us and frankly, cause our attitudes to go to hell. So, starting yesterday, we are determined to have a better outlook and change out attitudes. Can you light candles for Baptist?

*I have now received 3 pair of flip flops from the flip flop exchange!! That is 3 pair more than I expected!!

*I am actually working on the Bus story. That will make Rach happy.

*Chevy Pick-up looks beautiful in hats. She is doing so well.

*I still wanna win an Ipod. Maybe I can be an Ipod foster parent? Do you know of any homeless Ipods out there wandering the streets?

*We are going to Mi Mexico today for lunch. That makes me happy.

*Got my First Indigo Girls CD and I am liking it.

*When I got home last night, I discovered that I won a DVD from a contest that I do not even remember entering. Excitedly, I tore open the package to reveal my DVD.....Reba McEntire in South Pacific. Now, you tell me, did I WIN the contest or did I LOSE the contest?


  1. Are there seatbelts in clown cars?

  2. Roswell! Have fun, relax, be refreshed!!

  3. Rarities from 2005 I believe is what it is called.

  4. Oh, if you're liking rarities (imho the worst of them), you'll love everything else they do! And honey, sorry, you lost the contest.

  5. Ah'm gonna wash thah-yut may-un riiight outta mah hay-yer...

    I'm with PPB, definitely a loss.

  6. Ya'll are going to feel pretty silly when I sell that DVD on Ebay for $50.

  7. Have a wonderful time!

  8. There was nothing cool about me on here. Are you mad at me? You didn't put me on your thankful list either. Did you forget about me? I would have piad my own way to go on vacation.

  9. Have a marvelous time! A definite loss on the contest. Eek!

  10. I told you once already.. it's Reba.. in a remake of a good musical. You lost. I can't handle her even on a good day. I cannot imagine watching her in South Pacific, lol. That part just takes someone a little less... trailer park.
    Ok. That was my meanbitchmomma for the day. I am over it.

  11. Have a great time!!

  12. Have an awesome trip - and take pictures of the aliens to post on your blog, okay?

  13. Have a wonderful vacation!

  14. Lighting candles! have a great time.

    love, mb

  15. Ok, ClIJ,TX. Here is the truth yer momma didn't want you to know:

    You are not really her child. She won you in a bingo game on an indian reservation in southern New Mexico, back before they really got the hang of that casino thing. She's worried if she takes you back over there, they'll recognize you and kidnap you back. What was you indian name? Oh yeah - "Runs With Wadded Panties".

  16. Reba. Musical.

    Yup. You, my sweet friend, are a loser on this one.

  17. Psssst Rach.. here they are *pueblos*, not *reservations*. My gran would smack you for that, lol.
    And I know there has to got be a story behind the wadded panties thing.

  18. Yeah... you lost. BUT have a great trip anyway!


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