Sightings Of Cult Activity

This is the overpass behind my house. I was traveling over it to get to my house the other day when, about mid-way over, I realized that I had passed something that was just not right. Being the investigative person that I am (cause that sounds SO much more CSI than I was just curious), I made a U turn at the top and went back down to check it out.
This is the scene as I approached it.

I Kid. You. Not. This is what I found. Poor Austin Powers was adhered to a reflector pole with packing tape ( and NO it was not MY tape!). Poor man must be using some mighty good sunscreen because he was still not sunburned by the time that I happened upon him. Who ever did this to him took the time to pull down his little blue pants so that his british boxers gleamed in the sunlight. Oh the humilation....the travesty.
Evidence of a strange cult that pays homage to Austin's furry chest? A bizarre scavenger hunt?? Or Fiberglass Cow City is now employing actors that are down on their luck and currently not working and need some pocket money?

The End.


  1. 'The End' - ha ha ha!

    This is too funny!

  2. I think... I will keep most of my comments to myself on this one. But are you *sure* we couldn't match that tape to the roll sitting in your kitchen junk drawer?

  3. How far are you all from Marfa? Maybe an alien left it as a sign.

  4. I just know you really did it.

  5. marybethbutler3:39 AM

    I love how some twisted soul did this (probably high school kids) and now you get to tell us about it. :)

  6. You are so observant to see that! That is soooo funny!


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