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**It's official, I am old. Bebo started his first day of high school today. Babygator called him to talk to him this morning about how grown up he is and everything. He just acted really cool and nodded his head and gave her one word answers but I know he is excited....not about going to school but about being a high schooler.

**Last Sunday (8/13) was my 10 year anniversary at my work. Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday. Somedays it feels as though I am in purgatory. I graduated from college in May of 1996. I did not really think that I would be hired by any agency until closer to September due to most places running on a fiscal year. Saw the ad in the paper for this job and called on it. My thinking was it would be really good interview experience for when my *REAL* job came along. See, I believed that God would place me in Amarillo or Pampa. I KNEW people there and I just believed that God would place me in my own little comfort zone. Anyway, the job opening was closing in like 20 minutes and the person on the phone told me to fax in my resume. I did that and was told to come in for an interview. About a week later, I was returning to Clarendon after my final interview here praying *Oh God if I am not supposed to have this job you better do something NOW!!!* The kids and I moved here without knowing a soul. God works in funny ways sometimes huh?!?!? Now, this is the place where all of my best friends are. People that I will remain friends with no matter what happens.

**I am thinking that someone ought to come up with air fresheners that smell like coffee or roasted green chilies or Sharpies.

**I am really tired of wearing base make-up so I drug out the spray on tanner. My face and arms look okay (well, no one is staring at me so at least I THINK it looks okay). However, my legs look like I was in some freak spray tanning factory explosion. I have streaks of pretty tan mixed with albino snow white. Not a pretty site.

**Just what is Blue Tooth?

**I honestly believe that hamburgers and peanut butter are two of the best foods ever invented.

**I said *eyebrow bone* the other day and Bebo thought I was hysterical. I hope that he always thinks that I am that funny.

**Is an IPod and an MP3 player the same thing?

**Babygator and FSIL have tiled their bathrrom and it looks great! Bebo and I ran there last Sunday and saw the bathroom and met Milk and Cookies. Damn I want a cat!!

**It rained here yesterday. Wonderful glorious rain!!

**Because of, I saved $50.00 on a calculator that Bebo needed for school. I LOVE thrifting!!


  1. Oh, I so hear you on the "last kid gone to high school" thing. I still cannot believe that YD is there! And peanut butter! Yessiree! Food from the gods.

    Good to read you.

  2. I can remember those of us who weren't in on your job interview wondering if they were going to hire that "lady with the tail"?

  3. Blue Tooth? It's what happened to me when I ate a piece of blueberry pie years ago. ;-)

  4. I guess it's a good thing I know what the tail is, LMAO.
    I get a 2 year reprieve on the *last kid going to high school* thing, on a technicality. We have the 8th and 9th grade in a seperate academy. So I consider my 10th grader as "official" high school since he is at a different location now. But technically, they still consider 9th as "high school".
    And just for your general information, 30 pounds of chilies is a FREAKING @SSLOAD of chilies.

  5. i have a question and a answer.....

    If they had sparpe air thing-a-ma-bobs....would it not get people high???????

    and the only difference between ipods and mp3's are ipod is a brand(it is the biggest so they call it by its name) other wise they are the same.

  6. the thing is your kid is just really, really, gifted, which is why he's going to high school at age 8. that's all.

  7. Your unexpected move reminded me of my own experience. When I was applying for grad school I thought I knew exactly where we going. I was so certain that I figured I would only apply to that one place. But at the last minute someone advised me to apply to several in order to show the one place that I was serious about going.

    I ended up not getting accepted at the place I thought was perfect. And I received a full scholarship at the place far, far, far away from everything and everyone we knew. Now we're here three years and it feels like home.

    Lesson? My plans and God's plans are sometimes kinda different. :D

  8. i am glad you liked our bathroom. It was hard. my elbow hurts. You didn't say anything about my dress.

  9. A big YES to peanut butter!!

  10. TS son started highschool on Monday -and I was here in Tallinn. DD is 14 and went into grade 8. They both go to a Christian camp for the weekend and travelling up in the car of an 18 year old. (You only get the license at 18 here!) That makes me feel very old. It's adding grey hairs and I'm also envious - I love being with those teenagers at camp!

  11. I don't kno what BlueTooth is, either. My phone has it, bit I don't know how to work it. Or...erm...if one is supposed to work it or just let it be.

    I'd suck at being a geek.

    Did I tell you that I recently went on a Sharpie Bender? Bought the fine and superfine mega packs. I now have Sharpies in every color.

    Hidden. In a box away from kids and other critters.

    Now all's I'm lacking is a Sharpie case.

    ~whistles and looks around innocently~

  12. Same here - I am a mother of a highschooler now. It is a scary thought. And my days of elementary school are over as well - my youngest started middle school - Yikes!!!! It is very exciting decpite feeling really old!

  13. Bluetooth is a special wireless protocol that allows for really fast connections.

    And an iPod is a mp3 player and really really neat. I have three now -- er, I have one and the kids each have a iPod nano. I use it all the time. All. the. time. I have days and days of music on mine and I have a do-ma-hicky that lets me plug into the cassette player in the car so I can play my tunes all the time.

  14. Mindy, such a pretty blog!

    Our youngest began H.S. early in August. Our oldest left for college yesterday. Life changes quickly!

    Bluetooth looks silly hanging out ears. Reminds me of some SciFi insect thingie.

    Sorry about the tanning spray. I don't do them correctly either.
    Have you tried that bare minerals powder make-up stuff?

  15. My new phone has Blue Tooth but I am too stupid to use it. I guess it bit me!

    Also I downloaded a ring tone but for a long time I was too stupid to make it play. Now I am too stupid to figure out how to make it stop playing "Rock the Casbah" everytime someone calls me!

    (It seemed like a good idea at the time.)

    Is Bebo going to UNT? Cause if he does, we could have awesome meetups! Tell him Lubbock is really dry and flat. Denton is much better. (Having just had his first day of HS he is so not ready to make this decision...but now is when you start the evil subliminal campaign where you whisper in his ear after he goes to sleep, "MEAN GREEN, MEAN GREEN...")

  16. Tim in Lubbock11:17 PM

    Yes, Bluetooth is a standard for short range wireless data transmission. An example application is a wireless headset for your cell phone. But if you knew your Norse history, you'd know it was named after Harald Bluetooth (Blåtand), king of Denmark in the late 900s. He managed to unite Denmark and part of Norway into a single kingdom then introduced Christianity into Denmark. He left a large monument, the Jelling rune stone, in memory of his parents, Gorm The Old and Queen Thyra. He was killed in 986 during a battle with his son, Svend Forkbeard.

  17. Ah yes!
    Sven Forkbeard who conquered England in 1015 and lost it to the damned Norman, William in 1066.
    How could I forget?

  18. LMAO at rock the casbah!!

    eerrmmm...Tim....why did they decide to name it after that guy?? And *hangs her head in shame* you got me on not knowing my Norse history. I just could not stay awake during Norse class.

    And Bebe it would not make you high if it was just Sharpie scented. Though I can see the benefits of it the other way.

    JWD....isn't it great that plans get changed?!

    And I LOVE you ppb girl!!

    and Miss Cheese, my Sharpie case was made for me not by me. I wish I was that talented!

    St. Cass...I have heard about it but have not tried it have you?!?!? Give us a report!!

    Also Mary Beth there is no way that he could be swayed yet but maybe some day ~sighs~


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