Still Blue Funky But Winning!

Thank you all for your comments. Things are ebbing and flowing and there is no reason for this mood but it is here and stuck all over me.

The home computer is still not home. I am beginning to think that it is a hostage and I have just not got the ransom letter yet. Called them yesterday and they say they had to order the power supply and I should have it by Monday.

However, I have been reminded that I am a winner!

Dear Mindy, This email is to inform you that you are a WINNER in the Chilli's All You've Got Watch 'n Win Sweepstakes Sponsored by Chili's.

Flutterby (who really needs to enable the comments on her blog and who, by the way, has got 2 of the most adorable grandchildren pics on her blog!!) got me started on a web site called slick deals. OMG I am hooked!

Here is the addy:

I spend my time in the forums under freebies and contest. I have gotten excellant freebies. In the mail last week, I received a free full size Neutrogena Energizing Sugar Body Scrub. That alone should case you to run over there. However, you all know that I have an unhealthy obsession with samples. I loves samples and things in great packaging.

In the last 3 months, I have won the following through the postings on slick deals:

Kodak puzzle (ARV $24.99)
Lucky Breaks and Caudalie Paris Skincare Collection worth $133.00 (I won one of 85)
Kodak mousepad (ARV $9.99)
Oprah Sample-bag Give-away
Kodak 5x7 print (ARV $0.99)
Kodak 8x10 print (ARV $3.99)
Doritos Stainless Steel luggage tag
7 11 Pizza and a Movie Promo X3 Video Game
Nestle Crunch Bar...FINALLY!!
Chili's All You've Got Second place Prize: “All You’ve Got “Gift Pack with “All You’ve Got” themed merchandise. (ARV $68.00)

While we are on the subject of winning ( I am really trying to stay away from the funky) why don't ya'll sign up for blingo. The button is right over there on the right hand side of my blog (points to the right so that ya'll can see ). It is a search engine run by google and sponsored by Publishers Clearing House and you can win prizes for using it. If you sign up under me and you win a prize...then I win the same prize.

For some strange reason, I just have a knack for drawings. Weird talent or cosmic fluke?

So...tell me some of the things that you have won.


  1. I won an argument with my parents once.

    I came home on Saturday right at curfew. My parents were mad. Why? Because I was usually home anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours early. It was a really, really, really boring town. I pointed out how bizzare I thought it was that I was being griped out for being on time. I won!!!!

  2. ~laffin~ That counts are in the circle of winners!

  3. Just after the Apollo moon landings, I won a "moon cake" covered in bright blue icing, with craters, in my junior school autumn fayre! It's the only raffle prize I have ever won, and because of the colour it looked so strangely unappetising, in those days when novelty cakes were a rarity, I could barely persuade my family to sample it. As I recall, it tasted OK, but it didn't really feel like much of a triumph!

  4. I won a Krup's coffee pot once.
    I don't drink coffee, but it looks real nice.

  5. When I was about six or seven, I won a giant stuffed tiger, big enough to lie on and watch TV, from the Exxon station (I guess it was Esso then) that we patronized. There is a picture of little me sitting on that tiger, beaming. But after I was grown, Daddy told me that Mr. Hoover at the Esso station had just hauled off and given it to us because he knew how badly I wanted it. The adult me felt bad for all the other little kids that had put their names in the box too, hoping to get that tiger.

  6. Kathryn, ppb and zorra...come join us in the winners circle! were still a winner. That man must have wanted you to have it really bad!

  7. Well.. umm.. my comments *Are* enabled as far as I can tell. It works when I click on it anyway..
    And I wanna know where my commissions are on all those winnings...

  8. And I won concert tickets once to a group called "Yes".. I think that was them anyway... was so long ago. That must have been my one *lifetime win* because I've never won anything since. It was from a radio station call in.

  9. I never win anything. But Joseph wins stuff All. The. Time. I'm tempted to have him play the numbers, but I'm a good Methodist girl.

  10. Oh, and I also won a case of Cokes from a radio station for knowing that "Whiter Shade of Pale" was number three on the charts.

    And if that doesn't tell you my approximate age, nothing will.

  11. I will go sign up right now. Did someone put you in this funk? I can beat them up if necessary! You just say the word. But first you have to tell me what that word is going to be, then say the word and we will be good to go.

  12. I won a cookbook, which is hilarious because I gave it away.

  13. Last December I won a IPod Nano from the Daytimer company. What a surprise! Apparently everyone who ordered online over a couple of weeks time was entered in the drawing.

    I actually got it, and gave it to my future son-in-law, since I had one myself.

  14. I won the Geezer of the Day award on my last birthday. There was also a gift certificate to some slightly known hole in the wall restaurant but being an old geezer and all,I never made the drive downtown to pick up the gift certificate.

  15. lets see....i have won

    2 red radiers tickets
    1 boombox
    and i am blank
    crude i know i have won more...I think

  16. I won a set of juggling rings as a door prize at a juggling show once. They were purple.


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