Freakin Thankfulness


Sometimes it is hard to be thankful when Blogger just freaken ATE your thankfulness list!!

~breathes deeply~ Okay, let's try that again.

1) New Opportunities

2) The new template. I. Am. Loving. It.! I think it is wonderful how it matches the princess frog! Thank you for all of your nice comments.

3) Wonderful clean panties. I am really liking the boy cut ones right now.

4) Time with my mom. She came and spent last weekend with me and we had the most excellant time. We went shopping for thrift store treasures in Lubbock. I also cooked quiche, corn on the cob out on the grill and a new recipe for Key Lime Mousse. It was to die for!!

5) My crafts. I have not forgotten you winners of the cow designs! Some of the prizes are going out in the mail this week.

6) Winning stuff. I have won music downloads, movie cash and a Sobe prize pack this week. I am working hard to try to win an Ipod. I want one so bad but I refuse to go and buy one. Now, how silly is that?

7) 2 new pair of flip flops that I have received in the flip flop exchange!

8) Comments left on my blog

9) New people leaving comments. That happened on the pillow post. Shelia is my Aunt and she left a comment about how she is proud of me. I did not know she even read my blog. I sat here and cried. I have never seen myself as something to be proud of on that side of the family.

10) Being able to take leaps of faith knowing that surely someone will catch me.

11) Having my computer back. Though the story in getting it back is not pretty and we shall save that for another time.

12) My rosemary plant that is just growing by leaps and bounds and I have no clue as to why. Usually I can kill rosemary just by putting it into my buggy to purchase it.

13) A RevGal blogger meet up. Rachel says that she will go to. She will not go on The Amazing Race with me but we will make it to where the meet up is.

14) Bath and Body Works Rosemary Peppermint Moisterizing Foot Cream is making my tootsies very very happy.

15) Nachos from Mi Mexico. They make their own tortillas and then cut them up and fry them. Add homemade beans, ground beef and white Mexican cheeses. OMG!

16) The new Tide stick. It really does work!! (Rachel freaked out when she looked over and thought that she saw Chevy pick-up fondling me. Chevy was actually using the Tide stick on something that I had spilled on my shirt. I was doing JUST FINE but Chevy wanted to try it and took the stick away from me!) Na na na na goodbye......

17) Pictures ( I did not realize that the girls were trying to escape until I posted this pic!)

18) And You.

So look around you. What little thing needs to be on your thankfulness list? What thing just makes your day so much brighter and is over looked each day?

Don't be shy (please refer to #8 & #9).....come on!


  1. I am thankful that I am not using Blogger for anything right now. It made me veeeery cranky with the Festival.

    I am thankful for your new template. It sure makes me smile.

    Woo, I'm thankful that a present might be on the way!

    Thankful that this really bizarre surreal day is over. You don't want to know. But the good news is, no one ended up bleeding (that I know of). (work related)

    Thankful that Brandon is waiting RIGHT NOW to board his plane in Auckland, NZ to come home! (and if he is not waiting right now, he's in a lot of trouble cause he's gonna miss it!) It's midnight here and he lands in DFW at 6:20 tomorrow night. Phew!

    That you reminded me about foot lotion. I'm gonna go put some on and get in the bag.

  2. BAAAHAHAHA #16 made me laugh.
    of course I will take the bait. I'm thankful for YOUR BLOG!!! HAHA

    seriously, it's a good one, and I TOO love that your new template matches the frogprincess.

    I will do a thankfulness list someday.

  3. I'm thankful for showers with nice soap.

    And, I'm thankful for a lull in the chaos which is my life.

  4. Ahem. About the Tide stick: There I was, sitting at the lunch table, nose buried in a puzzle book. Then I heard Rose telling someone to 'Rub it hard! Harder! Rub it! Rub it!' Naturally, I looked up from my book.

    Directly in front of me Chevy Pickup was fondling one of Mindy's "girls" in a most direct and outlandish manner.

    The hysterical blindness has passed, but I'm still putting drops in my eyes to soothe the burn.

  5. ~rolling my eyes at Rach~ Jealous I tell you just jealous!

    Off to read Captain wow's list!

    Oh Mary Beth..I bet you are so happy that he is coming home!!

    List you are so right. I am loving the honey soap by B&BW. They really out to send me freebies for all of the publicity that I give to them!

  6. Rev Dave8:16 AM

    I reeeeeeeeellllllly didn't need to know that about the Tide Stick. There should be a warning on it along the lines of "using this product in public on the places often catch their spills may lead to people think something really wierd is going on."

    Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Thankful for you..for this pretty blog (what a suprise when I came today!)..that I'll get to teach on the teenager camp next week.. for the good book I'm reading.. for the wonderful summer .. for the last of the strawberries .. for a suprise cheque in the post .. for my friend R whose taking me to the cinema tomorrow

    and a prayer request DD is at camp (helping with little ones) and really homesick. It's because of the language (Swedish) and so she thinks she has no friends. And it breaks my heart :( please pray this will turn around and the last couple of days would be FUN

  8. Shelia6:34 PM

    Oh, Mindy, who would't be proud of you? Look at yourself!!! Look what you have accomplished, you are a very special person, but I am prejudice because you are my Niece and I love you. Why would you think any other way.

    Yes, I read your blogs, sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry, because I know some of what you have gone though (some I did not know), and I cried because you have had to experience the heartbreak that you have. But I know one thing-you have grown in so many ways and because of that you have been able to help others. That makes you special.

    I hope that you don't mind that I went snooping and read your blog.
    Speaking of being thankful--right now you are tops on my list. Love you more than you will ever know. Shelia

  9. Shelia8:10 PM

    Oh, Mindy, I don't know what I did wrong!!!!I posted a comment and it never got past the post a comment page. Maybe you can find it!!

    I am very proud of you, you have been though a lot in your short lifetime and you have come out on top. You do so many interesting things--and they are all to help others. That is one thing that makes you special.

    I hope you didn't think that I was snooping when I read your blog..They are always very interesting. I have laughed and I have cried. Some of the things that you post I was aware of, and some just broke my heart. I believe that you are able to help others because of what you have dealt with. God is so good and we know that he never forsakes us. I see many stars in your crown (and not your "Princess Crown"!!!--she is so cute).

    Love you more than you will ever know

  10. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I do like your page template. looks nice. Come see me at:

  11. Oh Shelia...both of your comments show up.

    Thank you so much. You will never know what your words mean to me.

  12. Oh. My. Gosh. rock! There are personalized Sharpies on their website!!

  13. Anonymous7:40 AM says you go girl!!!

  14. I'm late to the party, but I'm leaving a comment. Does that count?

  15. You are right on time Linda. One can never be too late to comment!


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