Question time.

Tell me what you do when you are in a funk.

Be real. Be honest.


  1. Ice cream. I do ice cream.

  2. I chain read murder mysteries and drink a little more red wine than is strictly good for me.

  3. I

    1) eat chocolate and

    1) (I am not kidding) go to the grocery store and put away carts. This predates your cart rampage! I learned it from a 12-step sponsor over 10 years ago...If you are feeling sorry for yourself, she would say, go do something nice for someone and make sure they don't know it was you. Her personal way was putting away carts in the racks. :) Sometimes I used to see her out at Skaggs Alpha Beta in the parking lot. :)

    You could blog about it, too.

    hugs to you

  4. I sleep. I will go to bed really early and then sleep late, and then when I get up I either eat pancakes of waffles. Anything with syrup that goes well with bacon.

  5. I go somewhere where I can watch other people. While watching other people, I tend to notice that I'm not the only one with probs AND I also tend to notice that my probs aren't so bad.

  6. Tequila. (I keep trying to tell you I am an emotional alcoholic and you won't believe me, lol)

    And sometimes I play frisbee with my dogs.

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  8. Sorry, can't spell. What I meant to say was PCIT and I could hang out and be funk-y together.

  9. I find a really bad chick lit book and hibernate with a glass of red wine and TLC's What Not To Wear.

  10. If the little angel is sitting on my shoulder, I'll go work out.

    If the little devil is sitting on my shoulder: chocolate. And mashed potatoes with lots of butter. But not together.

    Oh, and as a friend of mine remarked today, watching Will & Grace always helps.

  11. I'm with pcit and rach...PLUS chocolate. I usually cry a bit, at something unrelated and unreasonable.
    Is this an academic enquiry, or would a hug be welcome? ((m)) just in case

  12. A hug would be very welcome Kathryn. Thank you so much.

  13. I'm with songbird - ice cream

    and a long walk

    Hugs to you, Mindy

  14. I was in a horrible funk last week caused by anxiety and procrastination. I first went to the beach and went in the water for a long time. Then I stopped and got some fried chicken and by the time I was done eating it I felt a lot better. Then I finished all the things I was procrastinating doing and felt a lot lot better.

  15. I meant to tell you Mindy, I eat chocolate, ice cream, and go driving, just mindless driving, sometimes screaming at the top of my lungs, sometimes praying.
    And then sometimes I just crawl into a hole.
    I am glad to see you are better, Take care of yourself.

  16. 1. Homestead winery's Cabernet Sauvignon
    2. Chocolate
    3. Sleep
    4. Work out
    5. Play mindless computer games
    6. Get out somewhere there are other people...don't necessarily talk to them, but just seeing and hearing them sometimes helps

  17. I'm a little late to the party. I've been away from blogland a lot.
    But It all depends on I dont' know what - when I'm in a funk, I sometimes eat like a horse. Sometimes I drink extra Tequila. I love Tequila any time but when I'm in a funk it's extra nice.
    I tend to get cranky. I try to get alone if I can or call a good friend. And If I can't do either one of those unfortunately, I tend to shut down and get snappy with the ones closest to me.
    But of course there are those great times that I am being super Christian and I go get some solitude and just Be with the I Am until I'm no longer in a funkathon.
    But usually I eat and drink myself out of a funk. :o)


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