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I have been a busy girl with my little sewing machine! I will never be a seamstress but I have totally enjoyed my sewing machine for the crafts that I do.

I recently ran across an article about Mastectomy Pillows. The pillow is a small, soft, washable pillow a patient can place between her body and arm to relieve discomfort. It can reduce the amount of pain and provide both physical and emotional comfort during treatment and recovery. It can also be used in the car between you and your shoulder strap or while sleeping. I read about this project about a year ago and emailed them for a pattern. They mailed me a pattern and an actual pillow and pillow case so I would know exactly how to make one! I thought that this was a great little project to hone my sewing skills on so I began to assemble the things that I would need to start. I got all the stuff together but never seemed to have the time to actually sit down and start sewing.

A few weeks ago, I decided to go to Clarendon for the weekend. My Mom said that we were not going to be doing anything so I loaded up my materials and my sewing machine and off to Clarendon I went.

On Saturday morning, I got my stuff out and started working with my material.

Mom: *That is such pretty material! What is is that you are going to sew?*

Me: *Mastectomy pillows. I found this really interesting web site on the web and thought that it was a wonderful little ministry! I am going to make some and donate them to the hospital.*

Mom ~with a very weird puzzled look on her face~ *Oh okay.*

Me: ~thinking *okay, now I am confused cause she looks confused*~ See, here is one that they sent me so that I would know what the finished product would look like.

*Me showing the pillow like a Texan Vanna White*

Her: *oohhh....okay.....*

I went back to my sewing. In no time at all I had whipped out 12 mastectomy pillows and 12 little blue with white daisy print pillow cases to go on them.

Me: *Mom, do you have a sack that I could put these in to carry to the hospital?*

Mom: *eerrrmmmm......yes I guess that I do. Those look really nice. They look really sweet and feminine. What did you say they are for again?*

Me: *Mastectomy pillows.....for women that have lost their breast due to a mastectomy!*

Mom: ~breaking out into a fit of laughter~ I thought you said you were making vasectomy pillows!! I thought those pillows were way to big for men who had vastectomies!*


  1. ROFL

    Oh Mindy I spurted lemondade all over the place at this.

    Your generosity never fails to amaze me. You are one wonderful woman of God. Bless your heart!

  2. I am glad I wasn't drinking anything like hot coffee right then. That is just WAY too funny! LMAO

  3. Mindy, that is TOO funny!!

  4. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Hey, maybe you are onto something. I would bet some guy out there could use a v. pillow.

  5. What is crazy is that you told me that they were VASECTOMY pillows. Ad ithought...oh how nice. Do you know that many people that get vasectomys?

  6. babygator...I told you that cause Mama was standing there with me and the discussion had just was a joke with her.

  7. "Vasectomy" reminds me of something I should tell you all: If your hubby ever gets one, the Dr will suggest an ice bag for *After*.. whatever you do, do *not* buy the "SMALL" sized bag even though you KNOW medium and large will freeze off more than what the Doctor snipped. Men do not take kindly to anything regarding that region being called "small". Even an ice bag.

  8. I just about died laughing reading this.

    I bet my hubby would love to have of those right now after the prostate biopsy. Too funny.

    No wonder your momr was so confused.
    I bet she was red as all get out.

    I agree with flutterby about the icebags.

  9. ROFL....that's sooo funny!

  10. Oh, Mindy, you are a sweet and caring person. Between Pantapalooza and this, I'm blown away by your kindness.

  11. Loved this!

    Maybe you could start a whole new industry - pander to their pride and make the pillows real big.

  12. Shelia2:50 PM

    Mindy, this is wonderful thing that you are doing--I am so proud of you. I have made a pillow for a friend who had heart surgery. He had gotten one at the hospital, but it was dirty and his wife ask if I would make him a new one. I made it out of soft demin with teddy bears holding a heart. It was in the shape of a heart. It was his Church pillow. He loved it.
    There are so many small things to do to help people--they may seem small/but to someone who needs it, it makes a big difference. You are sweet and I am proud of you. By the way, how are the pot holders coming???

  13. Love this post.

    Love the new look.

    Love you.

  14. This is wonderful, wonderful. I love it. I laughed insanely.'s almost midnight. So, it was superfunny, but I also need to go to bed.

    I think I'll go in and offer my husband a Vasectomy pillow. ;) Maybe you'll hear him holler from out here.

  15. Mindy, you're killin' me here! I'm supposed to be working in my office and I'm howling with laughter. My secretary ought to be up any minute now...

    Love the new look!

  16. Such a funny story!! What a hoot!
    Where did you get your new layout! It's really cool!

  17. WOW! Gorgeous new digs! And ohmygoodness you make me laugh early in the morning. And you are so kind. Hurrah. (I've been back to reading for a while now, but haven't had much to say. Your brilliance overwhelms me. :)


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