Yes it is true! You can google *Mindy the Cow* and #1 is this


It is Annie's cow and tombstone that she designed for me!!

Don't forget about the cow contest! I have received a couple of cows so far and I know some others are being worked on. I would love for you to do this for me! When I get them all, a winner will be chosen.

I have decided that I am going to frame them and hang them as a collage in my office. I am so excited about his yall!! I know it seems like a silly contest but it has really done alot for me.

Okay now! I am ready to see what you have!!


  1. Mindy, you know I am kind of shy...I hope this does not mean a bunch of strangers are going to show up looking for udders.

    You want to know what is weird? If you try to google similar pages, there are NO other similar pages! What does that mean?

  2. Annie, it means she is ONE OF A KIND!

  3. unique and wonderfully so!!!

  4. claire (YT)7:58 AM

    Excellent! Totally Excellent!


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