It's TWO ~clap~ TWO ~clap~ TWO Posts In One!

This handsome guy is the Stock Market Steer. He is also in front of a bank and is neighbor's with the Cash Cow. In fact, you can see her back side in one of the pics.

Yea for Me! I got tagged by Sally!!

10 simple pleasures:

1.Diet cherry coke from the Sonic

2. Good sheets and wonderful pillows

3.Morning glories and pansies.

4. Reading blogs

5. Camping

6. Waking up and realizing that I will not have to do my hair so I can go back to bed for another 15 minutes.

7. Clean panties.

8. Knowing that I have raised my children in a good way.

9. Fresh asparagus

10.Getting real mail (not bills) that is unexpected.

People I'm tagging to ponder simple pleasures:
Baby gator, Rach, cheesehead, flutterby and maid of honor you are all IT!!


  1. Is this cow the only Longhorn out of the herd? I like the license plates!

    Also like the meme. I'll try it this weekend.

  2. I need to find a sonic one of these days so I can be in the "in crowd" of these posts.

  3. Wow, look at them horns! He must most definitely be a he!

  4. Oh that's just mean, lol. Ok. But it will have to wait. I got called in to work with a new client this weekend, this afternoon and tomorrow. Screwed up the Cinco de Mayo feast for me but I couldn't say *no* since I did that once this week already. And it got me brownie points in the form of a $50 bonus. (Can we all say DESPERATION at the office, children??!!) Hope it's just temp. And it does screw up my Cinco de Mayo feast.
    And you still haven't explained to me why you can say *The* Sonic but not *The* Walmart.

  5. We don't have Sonic, but we have Rudy's ( We're going there tonight.

  6. Ok you win. I did the list. Now I am going to go see if anyone made me some toast.

  7. OOOH Sonic we have no Sonic! hmmm


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