Cows On Parade!! are a few of the cows that I have received so far!! I am just loving this and I really do appreciate all of you who are doing this for me!

This is QG's cow:

Isn't she wonderful!! This cow is modeling my pic from my blog. That frog actually sits on top of my filing cabinet and is my favorite frog of all of my collection. Ya'll did know that I collect frogs right? The frog wears a tiara and feather boas. She holds the *princess of quite a lot pillow*. I thought that QG was really smart to use her. Also, the cow features earrings, beads (damn I LOVE beads), the TTOJ motto and star! And she is wearing a beautiful pair of panties advertising pantypalooza!! I love how she is adorned with rainbows and hearts!

Next is Rach's cow:

Look really closely at the lines on this is a shopping cart with a piggly wiggly logo on the handle! If you look at her back hind leg, you will see the legs of a tree frog. She is adorned with sunflowers and a crown. Then look closely....your hoofs are highlighted with OPI's *I'm Not Really A Waitress * other wise known as *Red Tent Red*.

Next are annie's contributions:

First we have her cow...

annie actually photo-shopped one of the cows that was featured on my blog! Wasn't that smart of her! I love the jelly beans and how she used my new warrior title!

Then annie made me a tombstone and I just loved it! She was afraid that I would be offended but I think it is great!

The tombstone reads.....*Unawed by opinion, unseduced by flattery, undismayed by disaster, she confronted life with antique courage and intelligence and death with Christian hope. Always outstanding in her field* ~sighs~ I really loved that and it made me cry in a good way.

I got Lorna's cow in the mail yesterday but forgot to bring it to work. I will get hers and my brothers scanned and on my blog in the next few days.

You still have time to get in!!! Come on you know you want to win big prizes!!


  1. The competition heats up!

  2. You have such creative friends!

  3. These are amazing!!

  4. what wonderful cows... oh I wish I could draw... spookyrach I love your cow!

  5. glad it arrived but it's mediocre compared to these wonderful works of art. But it came from the heart and was freehand ... that counts :)

  6. wow - what creative cows!

  7. Mindy - get thee over to REV GALS and add to the progressive story for Miriam Hope!

  8. Dearest Mindy,

    So the cow is ready (last minute) and I have to mail it to you because pictures don't really show it.

    I'll send some pix just in case (deadline looms...)

    but look for a package in mail

    ps: beads on it

    love mb

  9. where are you Mindy?????????


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