All Roads Lead To ME!

I have been keeping a list of the searchs that bring people to my blog ~takes a moment to wave at those that are not regulars here~ There are some strange ways to get here!! Some are very boring and some I did not surprise me at all. And then, I am sure that there are alot of poor souls out there that were very disappointed that there search for something....eerrrmmmm...shall we say risky....lead them to me.


Calvin and Hobbes

How to organize a swap

Barbie princes (odd but the last s was left off and they still made it to here! hhhmmm....the royal calligraphiers would not be amused)

paper crafts

parking lot pig (I like this one alot!)

I was #2 for Princess Mindy. Sheeze...I was beat out by the Princess Mindy in the Sponge Bob movie.

flaming hot cheetos red poop (I TOLD ya'll what those cheetoes would do but did anyone listen to me??? Obviously NOT!!)

Mexican kitchen calender 2007 (I have no CLUE about this one)

essential pieces (checks around...yep! I still got em!)

Your friends hot mom (now these are the people I was talking about. I am sure that they were terribly dissapointed. However, might I just point out, there were SEVERAL searches for this one!!)

panty (ditto the sentence from above)

Princess Girl

Friends Mom Naked (no, I will not pose naked so just stop asking)

Your hot friends mom (just changing the words around aint going to get you to where you wanna go)

Recipe cards with cows on them

Dr. Gott's no flour no sugar diet

Bits and odd pieces

everything princess (another one I like)

Paula Deen's ex husband (HA! stupid stupid man!)

very odd pictures


How to decorate a sand dollar (WT??? I must have missed my own tutorial???)

The kingdom of meme

Am I a good mom (why yes I am thank you very much)


We don't know at all that it is the same with others

heated ice scrappers (mention those damned things just once and people will flock to your blog. They must be magical or something. But they DO NOT WORK I's just saying!)

And my all time favorite:

Mindy the Cow

Of course, I was not the #1 on the Mindy the Cow search...that place of honor belongs to this little cutie:

Yes I was beat out in searchs by Mindy the milk cow. I do not know whether to be dismayed or appalled. I would also like to point out the she has no udders! So just what makes her a milk cow?


  1. google bomb for you to be #1 hit in Mindy the cow.

  2. She can't produce milk if she has no utters. Silly artists! I liked your list Mom. How come I keep posting stuff and no one ever leaves a comment anymore???

  3. You have the best roads, ever.

  4. Brilliant, and I wiped my feet honest!

  5. Aww Junebug.. no one comments on mine either but I just keep plugging away. Even though *SOMEONE* is always telling me "hey you should blog that!"

    Is this the time for the comment that the cow purse is *udderly* ridiculous? But since she doesn't have any...
    And yep, I got my login info back, LOL. Now do you know YOURS??

  6. That's an impressive list of searches. And I thoroughly enjoyed the commentary. I second the vote for a google bomb on Mindy the cow.

  7. Yeah, but do you really want to BE Mindy the Cow? It brings to mind images such as Mindy, Queen of the Feedlot and Mindy the Slaughterhouse Princess.

    I love all the searches. You are right, there are some people who have no doubt been highly surprised when they clicked the links. ha ha!

  8. The strangest search ever to land someone at my site: "athsma during menses".



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