When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best....

Somedays, there are things that are more important than cows.....

High Fashion


  1. That's only more important than cows if you still live in Texas. I need my cow fix. There are not any close enough for me to go visit. Not even at the zoo. My dogs went nuts awhile ago; there was a coyote in the front yard sniffing around. Gumbo the squirrel was hiding on top the corner post, watching him. I had closed the shed, or Gumbo would have been in there eating the dog food, and probably would have been coyote breakfast. Sigh.. I miss the nice little cows... they never ate my squirrels.

  2. Oh flutterby...that made me laugh so damned hard!
    Fiberglass cows certainly would not eat the squirrels.

    I love the name gumbo for a squirrel.

  3. Bad blogger! Bad, bad bad! I have not sent out my recipe yet!
    {hangs head in shame}
    Today, I promise!

  4. Well there was a reason I named him Gumbo.. Kristen calls him Jimmy.. she said calling him Gumbo was evil. She has always been such a smart kid. She always knew better than to ask why the squirrels quit hanging around grandpa's house.

  5. OMG!! I had to read that 2 times before I got it!! ~snickering~ So bad!


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