Playing With Barbie

**With permission from Chevy Pick-up**

I can remember having some Barbie dolls when I was a little girl but I do not really remember playing with them. Barbie was not a prominent toy in my life. Now Velvet was a totally different story! Velvet had hair that would grow if you pushed a button. I saw one in a thrift store the other day and memories just came rushing back to me. I do remember that my grandparents bought me a pink Barbie watch when I learned how to tell time. That watch was precious to me because it marked an achievement. ~sighs~ I wish that I still had that watch.

Last Thursday, Chevy Pick-up came into my office right before lunch and plopped herself in the chair opposite of my desk.

*You know you wanna touch them* She said.

For those of you who do not remember, Chevy had a bi-lateral mastectomy right after the first of the year.

Me ~blink blink~ *Eeerrrrrmmmm......No*

When she had her surgery, they placed spacers/stretchers underneath her chest muscles. Every time she goes to the Doctor, they shoot some saline into the spacers to stretch her muscles. This will help with reconstruction after she completes her chemo.

Her *Oh come on...they don't hurt and you know you wanna feel of them! Look!* She then precedes to TAP ON HER LEFT BOOB! *Thunk Thunk*

Now, I do not know about you but mine have never made a sound and I was intrigued!

Me moving around to her side of the desk *Are you sure they do not hurt?*

Her *I swear you will not hurt me*

Me reaching a finger out to poke her. ~poke poke~ *OMG! Chevy it is like you have guys protective cups up there!!*

~insert her laughing ALOT right here~

Me ~thunk thunk~ *RACHEL COME HERE!*

~Enter Rachel through office door~

Me *Close the door cause you have got to see/hear this!*

Rachel *What?*

Me *Touch Chevy's boobs!*

Rachel *EEERRRMMMMMM........NO WAY! No!*

Chevy *Come on you know you wanna* ~thunk thunk~

Rachel *OMG!* as she reaches out to poke

Rachel ~thunk thunk~

We have decided that her boobs feel and are shaped just like Barbies just not the same size. She is our little Hispanic Barbie.


  1. Well, they say that laughter really is the best medicine and from the description of the day's events, you all three got your daily dose!

    Ethnic barbie!

  2. boob thunking!! whodathunkit?

  3. That is too funny! I like her and I don't even know her.

  4. ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!! I could actually see the different looks that crossed your face........That's just too much!

  5. Too funny! I'm so impressed that Chevy can maintain her sense of humor after all she's been through. And, she's lucky to have you and Rach there for her (even if y'all are poking her boobs).

  6. thanks for the chuckle

    WV: wubpigpn---translation: where u be pig pin?

  7. Ok. I just have to make it known that I DO NOT normally go around poking people AT ALL. And certainly not in the BOOB. EVER. I do not even like to touch people as a general rule. Not even on the ARM, much less the CHEST.

    'Cept for this time and it was real weird and yet stangely and interestingly education and I will never do it again and it real did feel like a Barbie chest and who wouldda thought that?

  8. laffin

    you are GREAT

  9. Really, I cannot comment since I personally KNOW Chevy Pickup. And I do not think that I can reveal to her that I even read this.

  10. What an interesting (and weird)experience! It is good that Chevy is comfortable enough with y'all to share.

    I ran into my mother's sixty-something friend one day and she was telling me how her husband always called her left one Flopsie and the right one Mopsie. They took Flopsie (or Mopsie, I am not sure), so now she calls her prothesis Betty Lou.


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