The Rain Dance Just Was Not Working

So the good citizens of Plainview had to come up with another way to appease the rain gods so that there would be rain. The tribe of Plainview pow-wowed day and night....looking for a way to make their rain god happy so that he would again send the sweet sweet showers for the crops.
Finally, they hit upon a plan. A sacrifice! It would take a sacrifice! You always sacrifice the weaker of your tribe so that is just what they set out to do. They sacrificed the ease and accessability of the handicapped of the tribe as a gift to the rain god.

It worked. We received over 1 1/2 inches of rain this weekend.

If we need more rain, we will sacrifice dirty diapers in parking lots.


  1. Ugh! I don't wanna be a part of either of those paganesq rituals, thank you very much. I will stick with the tried and true method of washing my truck on a cloudy day.

  2. Well.. it's a Walmart parking lot.. what else do you expect?? (ducking behind the nearest couch)

  3. Lol, I think it is appropriate to sacrifice those spots in the name of rain. But the dirty diaper thing...well people already do that. It makes me wonder why people do that though, because they put trash cans out there....but hey they don't ask me.

  4. I'm willing to sacrifice whatever it takes.

  5. Funny thing is, my roommate, who is handicapped (or as she actually prefers crippled) hunts for parking spaces with carts in them. She has trouble walking and doesn't feel secure walking across an intersection so she uses the carts to help her walk!

  6. trolley not in the right place. Laughing. time for your awards again? (grin)


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