Friday Cow Blogging and a CONTEST!! With a PRIZE!!

This is one of our cows that was purchased and painted by a local business for advertising purposes. He is one of my favorite's of the ads! He stands outside of the Kiser Auto Part's store here in Plainview.
And he is strong! Why look....he even has shock absorbers where his legs are!!
And I just love this picture of his butt. ~laffin~ I am taking butt pics like Annie!

I told the girls here at the office that, if I were to die suddenly, I would like them to make a cow in my honor. Okay, now I know this is where Baby gator will freak out. She refuses to even read my will.

So here is the contest. You can find a cow here or you can draw or print out your own cow. Design it with me in mind. A cow that could be used as a memorial. Then you will submit your masterpiece! You can either scan your pic and email it to it on your own blog....or send it snail mail to me. You do know how I LOVE getting snail mail! The winner will receive either a bracelet, anklet or earrings made by me....your choice.

This is NOT a morbid thing this will be FUN! Let you imagination go wild! It will be interesting to see what you all picture me as! And you will not hurt my feelings in anyway so do not even worry about that!

Submissions will be accepted until April 10th. I will post the winning cow on April 10th!

So...what do you say?!?!? Get out those Sharpies and crayons and put on your artist hats! Please tell me you will play!


  1. That was years ago when I said I wouldn't read your will! I also said that if anything happened to you I will take my baby brother and who-ha is gonna raise my little brother ~shakes her head~ no ma'am! This is a cool posting, I will try to get to work on a cow for you ASAP. Not to win the contest, just cause I have some cool ideas and I think you will like them.

  2. Oh, what a fun idea; I wish I had some artistic ability!

  3. Oh please play artistic ability is required. This can be totally abstract!

  4. Hmm... this is going to require some serious thought.

    OR NOT!

    Ha ha! If I win can you make me something with skulls on it?

  5. April 10th is too soon ... I won't get home until April 7th and you know how slow the post is.

    I ask for MORE TIME your honour. Till May 1st :)

  6. Can we just describe what we would do instead? Mine would come out better either as the real thing (Well the statue anyway) or a description. I am not sure it will work trying to draw it, lol.

  7. A memorial cow, now that is a new idea!

  8. 1) I'm so glad you extended the deadline! This will be an interesting challenge!

    2) That poor cow. How humiliating it must be to stans there with shock absorbers strapped to your legs (They look like bombs or something).

    3) And I don't mean to start anything, or display my ignorance, but what is the signifigance of yes and no on the cow's behind? I don't get that. (They say it is always good to ask questions, but sometimes, it is not, such as the time, years ago when we discussing circumcision in Sunday School, and my friend, who was a neighbor to the male SS teacher asked what that was...he said he would explain it later. At the time, I was not sure what it was, but I was sure you ought not to ask what it was in a mixed middle school SS class!)


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