Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The New Kid In Town.....

I want you to meet the new kid in town! His name is Mac and he came to me from Canada. All of you know that I have a craft addiction. I am in love with the whole craftster web site and with swaps in general. Well, one day I was just looking through craftster, minding my own business~hey, you...YES YOU THERE...stop rolling my could happen~ When I came across a profile that had a blog tag on the bottom. Curious me....had to click on it and boy am I every so glad that I did! In doing so, I met AX174. She is a new one to our swaps here at the Kingdom! Ya'll are going to love her! pppsssttt....I have already had to priviledge of seeing the magnets that she made and they are terrific! Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. There he was in living color. The cutest little blue and white plaid pup that you have ever laid your eyes on! But AX, did not have her comments on and well, you know me, when I have something to say I will find a way to say it. I emailed her and told her that he was adorable and that she really ought to turn on her comments so that people could tell her what awesome things that she makes. Lo and behold...she packages up the pup and mails him to me! She also mailed me the instructions on how to make him a brother or a sister. So far, he is an only pup around my house. She also sent me wonderful chocolate. How come chocolate from other countries is always so much better than ours?? So, now here is Mac. A Canadian relocated to Texas and I just love him. And I think he is happy that it is so much warmer here than there. You can click on her blog and see snow and well, dammit, it is in the 70's here today . ~sighsn~

I say all of this to actually say once again, I am in awe of the friendship and bonds that I have made with all of these wonderful people out in this big old world. Makes it just a bit smaller each and every day.

And Mac says *ARF*

Friday, November 25, 2005

Now Back To Your Scheduled Programming...

I am not here.....~laffin~ I am off shopping! Now, what was it that you asked Santa for??

This cow is called Remember The Alamoo. It is on the courthouse square and I think that it is one of the better designed cows. It is a tribute to the State and to the Battle of the Alamo.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

I am getting ready to leave to be with my family. I thank you all for the comments that you left on my post about Thanksgiving 1992. Polar Bear wrote a post on her old blog about the Best Worst Thing that had ever happened to you. That is when I decided to tackle my story. I am who I am now due to the Best Worst Thing that ever happened to me and I am forever thankful. However, I would have never chosen that path.

This Thanksgiving is a life time away from that Thanksgiving. Who I am now is not who I was then. However, I still grieve for that woman and her little family even now. I cannot tell her story all at once but in bits and odd pieces. Thank you for allowing me to start the story beginning with BeBo's birth and bear with my while I visit her here every once in awhile.

This Thanksgiving I am so very grateful for:

My children who I have drug along with me on this odd little journey and the knowledge that they love and trust me and would follow me to the ends of the earth.

My loving and faithful family who loves me regardless and is always in my corner.

The relish tray sitting in the fridge waiting to travel with me. (Hey frog, no pickled herring here....just pickled okra, sweet baby gerkins, olives and sweet cherry peppers)

Beautiful sunny weather that has allowed the farmers to bring in their wonder harvest despite the fact that it is too warm and sunny to feel like Thanksgiving to me.

My wonderful set of internet friends who I might never recognize if we were face to face in Target.....But whose hearts I would recognize anywhere.

A warm comfy bed.

Clean panties that I have already packed. Folded right side out for ease in putting on. ~laffin~

Money in the bank.

Gas in the car.

My Bible, Sunday School Class, Church Family and Christian friends who do not always believe like I do but accept me.

The net that has connected me with people who have changed my views, my days and have greatly enriched my life.

Waitresses who have to work this day but who will put a smile on their faces and will do their damndest to minister to the heart of loneliness.

My health.

Friends from other countries that do not have a Thanksgiving day today but I know will celebrate with us also

A job that I love and adore.

A God of 2nd, 64th and even 2,000th chances whose love overrides everything else.

The popcorn lady from my post *When I am Old Come to Life* that just made the entire season last year. I hope that she is well today and surrounded by loved ones and gets to go to the movies again today. I also hopes that someone will buy her the biggest thing of popcorn to be had and that she does not have to share it unless she chooses to do so.

I hope for each of you a wonderful meal with loved ones and a day filled with hope and renewal.

And today, what little things are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


All day long, I have fought the notion that today was going to be a bad day. Then I went to the restroom and found that I am wearing my panties inside out.

I give up.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving 1992

Thanksgiving has always been a time for family and eatting together in someones home for us. I don't guess that I even had a clue before 1992 that people actually ate out at Thanksgiving. It almost sounded barbaric to impersonal and cold. But then again, I learned a whole lot of new things in 1992.

By the time Thanksgiving came around that year, my husband had been gone for a few weeks. At the time, he told me that things had just closed in on him and that he needed a few weeks to sort things out. I did not know that sorting things out meant that he was having to decide while dresser drawer his underwear went in at his girlfriend's house. Here I was with a 10 year old daughter and a newborn son and a knowledge in my heart that he would get himself together and be home soon. My Mom came to be with us that Thanksgiving week. My Dad had to work or he would have been there too. My Mom traveled from Clarendon Texas to Krum just to be with us (Krum is outside of Denton) at the, what we thought of then, as the most miserable time in our life. We had no clue that it could actually get worse.

During that time, I went and talked to my Pastor at the Denton Church of the Nazarene. A wonderful Church and Church family who loved me and held me close throughout those awful months. I asked the Pastor what to do? His words *Set a date and tell your husband to get his act together or, on that date, you will go to an attorney and file for divorce.*. I left his office thinking that my poor Pastor had no faith. I knew in my heart that God was going to heal my marriage and would the Pastor not be so surprised??? Now I realize that he was a man of great wisdom and was trying to prepare me.

Thanksgiving dawned bitterly cold and windy. Mom decided that we were going to have a nice Thanksgiving come hell or high water. None of us were really eatting much at that point and did not want to cook. I remember that Baby Gator was so pleased that we had one of those sandwich least she could have hot sandwiches!! I look back now and realize that I was very screwed up during that time. We put on dresses to try to make the occasion festive and off we go to eat Thanksgiving lunch at Shoneys....With about 1,000 other strangers. I was amazed that many people eat out on Thanksgiving. There were also people who were eatting as families so that they could go home and not have the mess. Truckers sitting alone at tables because they were traveling cross county and miles away from their familes. College students states away from their homes. Then there was us. We picked at our food. The coldness outside was actually warmer than the cold fear that we all felt in our hearts. I realize now that we all feared different things.

The thing that stood out that day....our one ray of sunshine on that horrible day....the waitress. She was constantly going back and forth between tables with a smile on her face. She acted happy to be there on that holiday. Happy that she was the one chosen to spend the day on her feet serving us. I know she must have had her own family at home that she wanted to be with. But she was with us. At the time, I do not remember being grateful. Now, looking back I am so very grateful for that woman. That day, she is what kept us hanging on for one more day. I wish that I had gotten her name. I would write the company and tell them what a valuable employee that they had. I did not do that. So, where ever you are today Shoney Waitress from 1992....please know that you did make a difference. You did more than you will ever know. And sweetie, I learned the lesson and I play foward your action all the time.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dammit! I was the CLOWN!!

The Harlequin
You scored 42% Cardinal, 46% Monk, 38% Lady, and 43% Knight!
You are a mystery, a jack-of-all-trades. You have the king's ear, but also listen to murmurings of the common folk. You believe in the value of force and also literature. Truly you are the puzzlement of the age.

Call it what you want....but it is still damn near a clown.

You all remember just how much I hate/fear/loathe clowns. If can read all about it here under clownage issues.

I am also boycotting Burger King. Have they done anything socially wrong? No, not anything that I would protest. My problem is: I HATE that freakin big headed KING on their commercials. I have gotten to where I have to leave the room when he comes on. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND SAID...LET'S ADVERTISE OUR BURGERS WITH A BIG HEADED KING THAT SCARES THE HOHA OUT OF EVERYONE. YEAH THAT WILL SELL BURGERS! ~shakes my head~ Until they pull those commercials...I will not even go through their drive up.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

~singing~ She works hard for the money....

Actually I guess the song should be sung as *She works hard for the magnets....* Okay, this is me working hard at getting you people paired up! I have sent out emails detailing your partners and the addresses. Rules are simple:

You have a bit over 2 weeks to mail out.

Mail out date is no later than: December 3rd

You must send one magnet.

The magnet can be made or bought.

You need to send a note telling a little about yourself. We have widened our circle (and I think that is GREAT) and have people playing that have not swapped with us before.

Let me know when you send out and when you receive.

You may send more then one magnet if you wish. Heck, you can send out anything that you want....just be sure to include the one magnet.

Please do not give out your partners address to anyone else. People do try to protect their privacy and we need to honor that.

If it is possible, I really would like to see the magnets that you received posted.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hurry before the postage rates go up!!

Okay! Here we go. We ended up with 17 signed up for the magnet swap. I think that is just great! I will be emailing you with the address information tonight or tomorrow. Rules are simple: nothing less than 1 magnet. It can be made or it can be purchased. If you want to send more than 1 magnet then go for it! Send what ever you can stuff into your envelope ( I am sure that cash will certainly be appreciated this time of the year!) but ya have to include your one magnet! Also, it was suggested that you stop and take the time to include a little note that tells a bit about yourself. We have people that are new to these parts and even someone my craftster friends!!

Here is how the pairing went:

David <-----------------> Running 2K's

QG <-----------------------> AX

Rach <---------------------> Songbird

Judy <-------------> 2nd Grade Teacher

Baby Gator <-----------> Mary Beth

Lorna <-----------> Cheesehead

Allison <-----------------> St. Cass

Yankee Transplant <--------------> Friday Mom

Sorry that the arrows up there are not all perfect but I had a fun time making them ~grins~

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Magnet Swap Update

We have several people signed up! Those of you that haven't and want to need to get your information into me pretty quick! I will let it go a day or so more and then I will partner you up!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

*Thinking the magnets would go really well with our tin foil hats......*

Okay, this is what I have decided. We are going to do a magnet swap this time. Next time around, we will swap recipes. I am thinking that, in the recipe swap, you will send the recipe to your partner as well as any story behind it...and maybe something kitcheny. I am also thinking about a post card swap in the future. And maybe....a long time from now, another book and bookmark swap....I thought that was fun! Sheeze look at me already organizing more swaps....ANYONE else can organize them and it will not hurt my feelings...for reals.

Anyway.....onto the magnets!

Rules are simple. You will have one partner. You will send at least one magnet to that partner. Since a magnet is small, you will have to send it out within 2 weeks of the deadline. The magnet can be made or bought. You can send anything else you want with your magnet if you wish...that is up to you. Just know that you are only responsible for sending one magnet to your partner.

Sign ups start now! If you want to be in this swap, you must email me your name, address, blog link and if you will or will not send out of the US. I realize that I already have several of your addresses but PLEASE SEND THEM AGAIN WHEN YOU EMAIL ME!! It is just way easier to keep up with that way. I will close sign ups in about a week. If you want more than one partner, then let me know that too!


If there are any questions, please post a comment or email me. I will answer asap. Also, this is not just for the regulars!! I have several of my friends from that want in also and they will play. If you are a lurker on my blog or come from someone elses blog, YOU ARE WELCOME TO PLAY WITH US! I think the more the merrier. If you are new, please let me know a bit about you too. That way it is a bit easier to pair ya up!

Let the frenzy begin!







Friday Mom


2nd Grade Teacher


Christmas Lights aka Babygator

Mary Beth (Whose idea to swap friend chicken is being seriously considered!!)

St. Casserole

Running 2K's



Yankee Transplant


Monday, November 07, 2005

Tomorrow Being A Voting Day Here In Texas and All.....

Everyone except for St. Cass has received their books...FINALLY! I was getting worried for a bit. I had Baby Gator hold off on Cass's until everything calmed down over there. I have it here and it will go into the mail no later than tomorrow.

The call has gone out through the land...and echos from foreign lands for a new swap. There have been alot of different ideas floating around so I am putting it to a vote.

Shall it be a magnet or a recipe?

~singing~ Who are you? Who? Who? Who Who?

Okay, anybody recognize the CSI theme song? Rachel has done gone and I.D.'ed herself in the comment section of the post. And ReverendMother was correct. ~grinning~ I am thinking that all 3 of us could have used some lipstick. And the 3 mouseketeer is M2. Remember her? She is the one that took the communion wafer from the unruly teen during the Lord's supper. We are so bad!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Special Guest for Friday Cow Blogging

Today, I get to leave town at 9:00 am and follow a big yellow bus for 4 hours to a football game. Then I get to follow it 4 hours back from where we started. It is BeBo's last game of the football season. I was asked yesterday.....since you are going to far then it must be the championship?? He attends a small private school. They play 6 man football. We will be going to Wichita Falls and the team that we will be playing is actually in our district. ~sighs~ I fear that it will be a long trip. But a fun one. Before I leave town, I will be dropping by the local Sonic for, you guessed it! a large cherry lime diet coke. Since Sonic is on my mind this morning, I thought that I would share with you a picture that I took way back in the summer and this will be my guest for the Friday Cow blogging....

Friends please meet......

Cherry Lime. He lives at a Sonic in Amarillo Texas. Amarillo has horses while we have the cows. And He is in one of my favorite colors!

Now, I must go and get caffeine. Wish us luck on our adventure!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

What? What? Can you hear me now??

Halloween at the office was pretty much the same as usual. However, since Halloween is froth with spirits and odd happenings, we decided that it was best to protect ourselves. Our lunch craft that day was to make handy dandy foil hats. Everyone that has ever worked with anyone in the mental health field knows that foil hats come in very very handy. Tin foil hats keep out the voices. They also fix it so that the computers, *the man* and various aliens cannot read your brains.

You would think that constructing tin foil hats would be rather sinple. Tis not. In fact, I threatened at one point to call the Reynolds Wrap Foil Hotline and ask for their help. Finally they were constructed and worn by the 3 of us. Odd thing, no one else here constructed a tin foil hat.

Rach thinks that I should have saved this pic for my Friday cow blogging and entitled it *Great Cheese Comes From Happy Cows*. I just LOVE those cow commercials.

Please note: Baked potatoes nor anyone with mental health issues was harmed during the making of the hats.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tiny October Treasure

Okay, November is here so I can stop whining about October. Actually, October had some wonderful highlights.

One of the many things that I have loved about blogging is getting to know people through their blogs. It is interesting to see glimpses of peoples personal lives opened up like chapters of a book. I think that is why we miss some bloggers when they take a break. It is like waiting for the next Harry Potter book to come out. Blogging or reading blogs has come a part time obsession for me.

Another of my obsessions is OMG....I am so addicted to swaps and getting things in the mail! I have had really good luck with all of my swaps. The last swap I was involved in was a *Tiny Thing Swap*. We were each paired with a person and we had to make one tiny thing for that person and you would receive a tiny thing in return. You could ONLY send one tiny thing. My partner cheated. I received a tiny thing and also, a friendship. Her name on craftster is Fidget and she lives in Tennessee. I feel as though I have known her for ages....but would not recognize her on the street. She made for me a tiny frog pillow. I do mean TINY!! Here it is....

This beautiful little thing is just 2 1/2 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide. She described it better in one of the post: Fidget "This 2.5" square pillow was created for Princessandthebead for the Tiny Treasure swap. The center design is 1" square, stitched on ivory wool felt with DMC cotton and metallic floss using satin and outline stitches. The cording was created using DMC floss also. The idea for the frog came from a stain glass pattern at". A very tiny precious treasure. I was amazed with the skill that it took to make this little pillow. And then, I was told something else. Look at it closely and what do you see? I bet you missed it too! She now only made the pillow....she embroidered the entire little frog and the tiny little frame around him! Can you imagine?? Is it not just perfect?

I have a new tiny treasure created by someone that I would deem an artist....not just a crafter.

And I have a new kinship with someone that I would deem a friend...not just a swapper.