Friday, September 30, 2005

Return Visit to the Library

This is Mooey. He lives at the library with Dairy Potter. He was actually there before Dairy and helped the little calf adjust. Mooey is covered with a quilt made by our local quilters. It has each group of the dewey decimal system depicted on it....with cows. Mooey was so large when he was completed that they could not get him into the library! They had to cut the metal supports in the middle of their double doors so that he could mozey on in. They then welded the metal supports back together. Then there was talk of him being sold. That really upset the library and they raised the funds to buy Mooey. He was very happy because he is one of only two of the cattle that live indoors! Here is his bill of sale....

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just Stuff

1) I am really ready for fall. I am a fall and spring kind of girl. But I will really miss going bare footed. I rarely have shoes on when I am at home. I will take off my shoes in a heart beat if you let me! I even go barefooted at work. I do have a pair of Princess houseshoes under my desk at work.

2) Did you know that Rach knows ALL of the words to the Underdog theme song? For reals...she just sang them for me....again...and even has hand motions to go with it.

3) Discussion of grandmother names were going around this morning. Rose has a new granddaughter. She is beautiful! The delima is that she is the step-grandmother so picking out her *grandmother* name has been a bit tricky. What was finally chose? Ya-Ya which is Greek for grandmother. We all liked it and pointed out that ya-ya will be very easy for the little one to say. What will my grandmother name be? Momdy. Baby Gator and a good friend of hers decided that is what the good friends children would call me and it has stuck. I really like it.

4) I really want to go if the Revgals ever hold a convention.

5) I hate it when my favorite bloggers go through a *rest* period. I keep refreshing their blogs to see if something will magically appear.

6) I am working on bracelets and earrings again during lunch times. I have missed doing that. ~sighs~ Still waiting on Reverend Mother to send me her beads so that we can make something out of them.

7) Be Bo got named as the 8th grade male represenative to the Student Council. He was so proud of himself!!

8) You do not realize how protective you are of your baby boy until you see his name on an 8th grade girls chest. All of the 8th grade girls picked a football player. Then they made the cutest shirts that read: *Boys name here* is my hero!! On the front and *Boys last name here* and number on the back. It is all done in school colors. Such a cute idea and the boys were just ticked over it. Then I actually see his name on emerging boobage. ~sighs~ I am getting old.

9) I already have a pumpkin on my front porch even though the temp is still in the 90's. Come on fall...hurry up!!

10) We are going camping this weekend!!

11) I do not think that gas will ever go below $2.25 again.

12) I am in the mood to bake bread. With butter....lots of real butter....

13) Just what in the heck is up with that HATCH? What is your guess?

Friday, September 23, 2005

What day is it KIDS!?!?!??!


Brought to you today by Wal Mart. Home of falling prices. No matter where you go...there is ALWAYS a Wal Mart.

I guess he must be older since he is wearing a greeters vest. ~snickers~

My new pet peeve: people who say THE Wal Mart. It is Wal Mart....just Wal Mart!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fall Fashion Tips.....

Have you been seeing it in people's faces? Have you been reading about it in people's blogs? People are on edge. Tolerence is low and ranting is high. People are on edge. It is like the entire world is waiting for the other shoe to drop. People are tired. We watch the tv and we cry. We read about how our fellow bloggers have been effected by things and we cry or we worry. Things that have not irritated me before irritate me now. Stupid things.

Some of those kind of things have been going on over at Lorna's. I am ashamed to admit that I was pissed off by something that a commenter left on her blog. Someone that does know even know her. I was even madder about how it was done and why it was done. It was not done to patiently teach someone the was done to poke at someone. Then Lorna responded in such a gracious wonderful way that I was stopped in my tracks. That made me stop and think. I can only speak for myself, but I write on my blog to record certain thoughts that I have, things that happen and how I sometimes see the world. I have really tried to avoid the politics and a lot of my personal life. However, I am working on some things that will touch on that. But my blog is written primarily for myself. Who ever jumps on the wagon and reads my stuff is appreciated and welcome. However, I do not blog to entertain the masses.....only myself. But I have come to realize that we, as bloggers who have readers, do have alot of responsibility to the people in ours lives. That includes the people in our lives that have skin on that we can touch daily with our fingers, as well as, people we touch daily with our words. People on the net tend to forget that written words can kill just like spoken ones. Also, just because a word is written in a pretty manner....does not make it true.

Lorna turned the other cheek. She did not once but many times. She did so with a smile. She reminded me today of what a Lady is and how she acts. I think she reminded alot of us that today. Any arguements would have been totally appropiate but would not have have changed anything...or any small mind. So Lorna took the high road.

The reminder was also put to good use today. After Rach received a phone call from a woman that has called before, she came stomping into my office. Her words were, *Damn that Lorna!! Because of her I was nice on the phone to that lady!* Rach had every right to be rude to that woman...she is a pain in the butt has has demonstrated that talent of hers more than once. But Rach took the high road.

Teacher here at the office does the same thing. I told her this morning that she is my Jiminy Cricket. I will be totally worked up about something and get ready to put on my kick ass boots and go take care of business. I am stomping around about something that I am totally in the right over and Teacher will says something along the lines of *Some people are just not raised like we were and will not learn unless we teach them.* SWOOSH is the noise of the winds leaving my sails when I know she is absolutely correct. We have a *Take the pebble from my hand grasshopper* kinda relationship. I am grateful that she is in my life and is willing to teach me by her words and her actions. Teacher takes the high road.

Gracious words and turning the other cheek are the new kick ass boots. I wonder if they will fit me?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lorna and her questions....

Hi everyone! Lorna threw this meme my way and I am just now getting around to getting it answered. Here ya go....

5 things I plan to do before I die:
1. Go to Alaska. 2. Watch a baby be born 3. Be on a reality show. I am really thinking about asking polar bear to sign up with me next time. Just think...2 friendly bloggerss that only know one another through the net. Now that would make an interesting team don't you think?
4. Learn how to make glass beads 5. Fall in love

5 things I can do:
1. ask questions! I can pick things apart and disect them so fast that it can make your head spin. 2. I am a good cook and make very good bread. I am willing to teach anyone that wants to learn. 3. Listen 4. Organize other peoples stuff 5. Be positive

5 things I cannot do:
1.I cannot stop reading good books. It is like, if I put the book down it will change somehow and will be my fault. 2. swim---for reals I can't. But with this boobage, I am a good floater. 3. Whistle 4. play a musical instrument 5. bungee jump

5 things that attract me to other people:
1. Honesty 2. The good way a man smells can make me melt 3. How they treat others 4. Their hearts 5. Ability to carry on

5 things I say most often:
1. I love you 2. Did you put your deodorant on?? 3. Just Do what I tell you to do. 4. Diet Coke with Lime please. 5. Hey Rachel.....

5 celebrity crushes: (Sometimes it is the celebrity and sometimes it is the character that they play)
1. Gil Grishom 2. Beau Bridges in his younger days. 3. Det. Robert Goren (is he not just the cutest little thing!!! 4. Dr. House 5. George Straight

5 people I want to do this:
Baby Gator cause she has to cause I am her mother and say so.
Rach cause she will have things that are totally different from me.
Rebelwithoutapew cause I just really like her.
Polar Bear cause well....eeerrrmmm...cause I have not told her about my Amazing Race idea yet and she will have to read about it here.
Kelly cause everyone needs a little meme every once in awhile.

SSDL (same stuff different life....)

Quiz Me
Mindy was
a Talkative Monkey Trainer
in a past life.

I guess I have always had the same job......

Friday, September 16, 2005

Ride Cowally Ride

Mustang Cowally, think you better slow your mustang down. Mustang Cowally, think you better slow your mustang down. You been running all over the town now. Oh! I guess I'll have to put your flat feet on the ground. All you want to do is ride around Cowally, ride, Cowally, ride. All you want to do is ride around Cowally, ride, Cowally, ride. All you want to do is ride around Cowally, ride, Cowally, ride.

Makes you wanna ride with the top down doesn't it. This is one of my favorites. She has long eyelashes and comes complete with her polka dot bikini. Please notice that it discretly covers her udders. Don't worry....there are a lot more cows!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday Cow Blogging

Of all of the cows that you know....what cow would live at the library???
Dairy Potter of Course!!!