No Sugar, No Flour, Double the Flax Seeds and hold the Dooce

I have started a new diet....again ~sighs~. I do not have the illusion of being a super model wearing a size 6 jean. However, I would like to fit comfortably in the clothes that I already own. I am going to try to do the Dr. Gott's diet of No Sugar, No Flour. Once upon a time, this would not be hard for me at all. I am a meat eatter!! I love meat I love veggies! But I have become a carb addict. ~hangs head in shame~ Carbs are my friends....they fit so snuggly in my desk. Crackers are the easist things in the world...they stay in your drawer...your car...your purse....they require no preperation. Just pop them into your mouth and chew. Again, I am starting today so wish me luck....and join along if you like.

Another thing that I am getting rid of today ~drum roll here~ is Dooce. I entered the land of blogging when Rach sent me a link to mimi smartypants. I still read her cause she is just crazy and funny and REAL. I then wandered around in blogger land reading this person and then that one. I love to read a blog and them read who they are reading and then so on and so forth. That is how I came to know Dooce. Dooce is a woman that lost her job due to blogging about her job. Since then, her blog has just taken off! Seems as though every blog I was reading was also reading Dooce. Then I started blogging and opening myself up out there in web land. I began to change my reading habits. I found some very excellant blogs due to reading what Rach was reading. Ya'll will never know just how much she means to me and I love that our offices are right here together. She is one damned smart woman! Ya'll do not know the half about her and I hate that for her readers because ya'll are the ones missing out. I began to read Reverend Mommy who has taught me so much about myself that it is not even funny. I laugh and I cry with her and I always walk away with something. There is Peripatetic Polar Bear who I read for her warmth and honesty. She is just out there and I like that. No I'm sorry's or wish it were different. A precious honest person. Next, St. Casserole who I STILL have not forgiven for her April Fools prank! I long to sit in a pew and feel her powerful words wash over me. I am always on awe. So much power in her words. Reverend Mother who I would share my expensive OPI nail polish with any time! I think of all the people who read anything that I write, she gets me. I want to go to Iona with her. I think I would learn more in the travel time than at the actual destination. I think that I would know her in a crowd just due to the warmth radiating from her. I read my Baby Gator's stuff and get to know her more and more. I miss her being at home. The newest added to my list is Sarahlynn. I do not remember how I came across her but I now do not know how I could have ever missed her. I have fallen in love with her precious Ellie and with Sarahlynn's heart. This is a woman that lets us see the good and the bad and somehow, she makes it all okay, cause that's what mommies do.

I realized the other day that it has been weeks since I have read Dooce so I went there and started reading. It does do not thing for me now. I sure that she is a nice person in the real world but she and I would never be friends and there is no common bond there to fall back on. The women that I read are real. They are warm, funny real woman with a mission. They may not know their mission but they move forward touching those around them with their words, weaknesses, smiles and jokes. Each woman teaches me and lifts me up with gentle hands perfumed in the scent of love. We all need more of that.


  1. Oh, wow! Thanks for the words! (Now I feel all sort of cooly mysterious - like I had another life as a confidential source for Woodward and Co. that I haven't told anyone about!)

    Having adjoining offices is definitely a good thing!

  2. I have told PPB that Rach and Mindy are the gals I would like to meet next.

    Thanks so much for the kind words. It's funny, I don't ready any of the "big" blogs, except Real Live Preacher sometimes. I like the smaller shops where I imagine I could really get to know the person and hang out with her. Usually "her."

    Best of luck on the diet! Maybe we can support each other in our various goals. I'm not going to give up sugar and flour, my goal is exercising. I give myself the first trimester to be lazy and just survive, then tri2 comes around and it's time to start feelin' the burn!

  3. Best of luck on the diet, Mindy. I loved your words in your comment to RevMother about the baby. I look forward to reading more.

  4. I've done the no sugar, no flour and double the flax seeds. It worked very well...until it didn't! Now it's very little sugar, only whole grains, and flax seed and flax seed oil. Best of luck! You may find this a very good way to get a jump start on your goals--I did.

    BTW, a comment you left on RM prompted my latest blog entry

  5. Thanks for your kind comments!
    Good wishes to you for the diet.
    I like reading "Dooce" because she is outrageous. I can't imagine writing as she does.
    ...uh, I see that I am not on anyone's "hope to meet" list. uh, well, I, guess I'll call a therapist........


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