If I every have an affair....it will be with a Postman....

and he had better bring me alot of mail. ~sighs~ I love mail. I think that is why I am so addicted to the swaps on craftster.org. I love getting things besides bills and advertisements. So, I am organizing a swap for bloggers. I thought that we would start out small and see if we want to organize some more later.

Bookmark Swap

The rules will be simple. You will be assigned 2 different people to swap with. You will make or purchase a bookmark and send one to each of your partners. The catch is, you will not be paired with someone that you know in person. Example: Rach and I work in the same office and personally know one another...what fun would that be?!?!?!?

I will leave the sign-ups open until Tuesday, June 28th. On Wednesday, I will send you your partners and their address. You will need to mail out your bookmarks to your partners no later than Tuesday, July 5th.

This is not just for people that read my blog. Talk it up with others that you know and they can sign up too! If you are interested in participating, please email me the name you want the bookmark sent to and your address. Also, please include who you know or have met.

Songbird asked a great question....send me your info or post it. Please send your information to me through email so that it is just not out there for all to see. My email address is:

eerrm.....and is your Postman cute??


  1. Okay, I'll play. Do you want us to e-mail name and address to you?

  2. Thank you songbird! I should have added what to do in my post. I will go and change it now but, yes, email me your info so that it is just not out there for everyone to see.

  3. I know only you. You know my address. Count me in!

  4. Count me in!

    I sent you my info via e-mail. I have not met anyone in person. (although I have a spooky 2 or 3 degrees of seperation with a couple of people)

  5. I'm in! I only know Phantom Scribbler in person.

  6. I'm definitely in. I've already ventured into unofficial swapping--a blog friend sent me a copy of his film, and I sent jo(e) a tin of fancy oatmeal.

    I'll send my info asap.

    In fact I'll put in a public service announcement over at my place.

  7. Came here through reverendmother (my son's 1 day older or younger than her daughter). This sounds like fun. I don't think that I know anyone that's said yes so far and probably won't.

  8. We are doing great! The number is up to 7!! Who will make it 8?!?!?!

  9. Sorry, you know I can't play, but it's a swell idea.

  10. I will play Mom, you should know my address, and if you don't have it written down at the office just call and I will give it to you. Love you.

  11. This sounds like fun, but I need to remain anonymous for a bit longer. Maybe next time I around I can join in....

  12. Thank you friday mom...I understand. Maybe next time okay?


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