Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I woke up tired and grumpy and then the morning did not get off to a good start. You can see why here. So I am slamming things around and trying to rethink what I need to do and thinking at least it is the last day of the month and then it hits me.....


It snuck up on me!!
So, I am going to add a day!

I proclaim today and tomorrow our Random Acts of Kindness days!! You can do big or small acts because anything is good. This sums it up: Today you are going to make your little piece of the world just a little person at a time.

Let me share something with you to help you to understand that no act is a small act. Your comments here and on my Win Lose or Blog page are RAKs to me. They encourage me each and every day. I am sure that leaving a comment does not cost you a penny or even eat up much of your day but it DOES make a difference!

The only thing I ask is that you let me know the number of your acts so that I can add buttons to the button jar. I will update the number when I have a final count tomorrow night so YOU can play along with me! We are currently at 63!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My job is 8am until 5 pm Monday through Friday. I normally leave my house at about 7:45am. Right now I am teaching a class on Tuesday night from 6pm-9pm. I also go out of town on most Wednesdays (not today) to work. On that day, I leave my house at about 6:45am. In order for me to stay prepared, I plan out my week, what I will be eating and what I will be wearing. I do so much better to get everything planned on the weekends. It makes my work week go so much better and it is so much easier for me to stay on my eating plan.

This is my lunch drawer. I keep all my lunch stuff and non-fridge stuff in here. In the am I just have to open my drawer and there everything is! The drawer houses my bento box (in the orange draw string bag, tiffin, forks/spoons, empty containers, containers with my almonds and pistachios, plastic baggies, picks and little containers for sauces.

So this week for lunch I had planned chicken salad and tacos. I taught last night so I get up a wee bit tired and cranky this morning. Poor me having to drag myself to a good job where I get paid. ~rolling my eyes~ I start packing my lunch. Quick and easy because I have PLANNED so there is no room for error. I open the fridge to get my cold stuff out and discover....


What the HECK???

There are RIBS in the fridge and he bypassed them for chicken salad!! He is working a job that makes him really hot during the day and he does not have much of an appetite. I tend to go to bed earlier that he does. I guess he tends to get hungry once he has cooled off. Plus, I cannot get on to him because he made some healthy choices but it threw me off! Then I got tickled.

I am going to have to re-think so things and have an easy plan b meal that I can throw together.

I did find a chicken breast so I am having that and a baked sweet potato so all was well in the end. LOL

Today is my RAK day on my personal blog. I would LOVE for you to join me there and play along today and tomorrow. Just find m HERE!

I get by with a little help from my friends....

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I can eat anything at all in the world as long as it does not contain sugar or flour. I am not limited to anything at all unless it contains those ingredients.

But sometimes I have a problem with moderation. I eat WAY too many good veggies. HA! Not really.

My problem is potato chips. I bought them for my son's lunches this week but I could eat the entire bag. Don't get me wrong, I can legally have them! They do not have any sugar or flour! But I CANNOT eat one serving. So the chips, they will be living in son's pick-up this week.

This is one of my very favorite kitchen items! If like rotisserie chicken you are going to LOVE this! This is the deep covered stoneware baker from Pampered Chef. Do not be put off by the price, it is WELL worth it. I hosted a party to get mine. (and I am not affiliated with Pampered Chef. It is wonderful for cooking whole chickens at a time. I use it for chicken breast because that is my favorite part of the chicken.
I can cook 3 large chicken breast (bone in and skin on....I think they have a better flavor) at a time in it. I lightly coat them with olive oil, pepper and this wonderful product....Chicken Rub.

LOL EXTRA FANCY! I am not sure where the *Just plain* chicken rub was.

Sprinkle liberally. Pop into the microwave for 26 minutes.

TA DA!!! Wonderful yummy chicken! I do remove the skin after they have cooled. I cook several on the weekend so that I can have it already prepared for the week's lunches.

I also save the broth and put it into the fridge. I take off the fat once it is cooled and will use the broth to cook rice.

So what did you make this weekend?

Friday, June 25, 2010


This is Gingerbean. She is my 2 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This is the Leslie Sansone Fat Burner Walk-2miles DVD that I found in the tv cabinet. It had never been opened. Go figure. Gingerbean and Leslie both have great big smiles. This is me beginning my workout with Leslie. This is Gingerbean...not amused. Know what corgis were bred to do? They were bred to be herding dogs. They bark. They nip. She circled me and barked for the first 10 minutes.

Gingerbean is NOT.A.FAN. of Leslie. This is about the time where the blood was draining from my head at a rapid rate of speed and I thought I would pass out but kept moving. I was afraid I would step on her and squish her. Silly me thinking I could out wait her. Then I realized that Bebo (my son) was filming with his phone. At least Bebo was not barking.

I made them BOTH cease and desist.
This is Gingerbean on the couch behind me as I am still walking and lunging and gasping and sweating. She got embarrassed at the sight of my butt and hid her face. Then she laughed. Heartily...without mercy. She and Leslie can just wipe the smiles off of their faces.....I see NOTHING to be amused about!

I went the entire 2 miles with Leslie WITHOUT Gingerbean's help.

Tonight I will do it again....without an audience. I swear.

.......needs to dress better to work out if she is going to post pictures!! ~grins~

Thursday, June 24, 2010


And that means that all the girls will go out to eat at lunch. We always go out to eat on payday! One of our favorite places is a little cafe that makes their own chips. But I am not going today. I know I can eat legally but I can already hear the chips calling my name.....

Listen....can you hear them too?

I could eat a whole basket of the salty chip yumminess. Today I want salt. And salt wants me!

I am so tired this week. I work full time and I co-teach a class. The class started this week and deals with, you guessed it, ADDICTIONS!

I am trying to take everything I am teaching and apply it to my own life and really USE the tools I know.

Tuesday night I asked them what was the benefit they received from indulging in their addiction.

They ASSURED me that they got NOTHING out of it.
No Ma'am it was BAD BAD BAD!

I rolled my eyes and told them we do what we do because it DOES SOMETHING FOR US.

Everything we chose to do has a payoff...a benefit. It might last for just a little bit but it works for us.

Otherwise there would not BE addictions.

I eat for many reasons. Food comforts me. I feels up some empty place inside of me (and I am not talking about my tummy) for just a little while. It keeps me company. I could depend on it because it never let me down.

I have no problem at all eating even when I am not hungry. It's noon time? Let's eat!

I am working hard to let go of those reasons to eat
and I am trying to pay attention to my food triggers. If you want to simply remember some big triggers for most people just remember the words HALTS.

Do not let yourself get too:






I am trying really hard to pay attention to WHY I want to eat right now. I already know that I am tired, lonely and stressed so I am going to keep myself out of a situation where I can just lay my face in a plate 6 inches deep of nachos.

Instead, I have packed my lunch and have some crafts to work on. I also have pretty strawberries to munch on.

What are your triggers and how do you handle them?

EDITED TO ADD: My Posse.....has decided to stay in and eat with me. I won't be alone. They ROCK!! They are some of my biggest supporters.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Wanna follow me on the weight loss blog? Follow me



Please tend to look at me strange when I tell them I am not eating flour or sugar. They look at me the way I look at vegetarians. You see, I am a meat eater and cannot imagine not eating meat! No sugar or flour has really not been all that hard at all. I even still eat out. Believe it or not, the easiest thing for me to eat when we go out is Mexican Food. Corn tortillas have no flour. ~grins~ So, as long as I chose wisely, it is easy for me to eat out.

I thought I would show you a days worth of what I eat. I am teach a class tonight and will not go home between work and teaching so I packed my breakfast, lunch and supper. The #1 thing I have learned about this is to ALWAYS BE PREPARED! I tend to want to cheat if I do not have the proper things to eat at home.

So here we go! What Mindy is eating for Tuesday!

My breakfast is on the lower right hand side. I do not usually get hungry for breakfast until about 9am. Today I am having steel cut oats with sweetener and a little bit of butter. Real butter. Cause I love real butter. So I use just a teeny tiny bit. I also ate my banana.

For lunch I will have brown rice and chicken. I don't eat white rice because it has been so processed that it is just like sugar. I am also having my tomatoes and cucumbers and my cut up pear. I will have my apple for snack sometime this afternoon.
I forgot to get my nuts in the picture! ~snickers...that made me laugh for some reason...nuts...HAHAHAHAHA~. I have a small handful of pistachios and almonds to snack on during the day.
This is my tiffin. Isn't she sweet?!?!?! I love bento and tiffin items. I have learned that eating this way is not always cheap but I am worth it. Carbs are CHEAP! I am totally worth the cost of eating healthy and having fun containers! I got my tiffin online. I believe that World Market also sells them. Mine is a small 3 tier container which gives me pretty correct proportions.
This is my supper. All packed and hanging out in the fridge just waiting for me! I will be having chicken salad with pecans, tomatoes and strawberries.

Honestly, I am never hungry when I eat this way. I tend to gaze my way through the day.

So what are you eating today?

Monday, June 21, 2010


This is how I looked on 6/14/10 when I put these pictures on my blog. Oh the horrors!! People, you know I am really serious about this or I would NEVER do that!!

When I weighed yesterday in order to turn my numbers in, I weighed 188.4. It's time to get serious about this again!

I begin a no sugar/no flour diet on 1/11/10. At that time I weighed 210 lbs. That is the most I have ever weighed...even more than both of my pregnancies! I did not used to be a carb eater. However, during the last few years carbs became my friend because they are quick and easy.

And they love me back. ~grins~

My favorites foods in the work used to be hamburgers and chicken fried steak. Since starting this, I have not been hungry for them at all.

For reals.

It still freaks me out at times because it feels so odd.....not craving things that I have OD'ed on for years.

Flour and sugar were not easy to give up at first. They loved me and they cried and called me every night. It was like a really bad break-up. They missed me and I missed them.

The first week was the hardest. Flour and sugar literally act like a drug in your body. Think about it for a minute....we CRAVE those items. When we eat them, we feel good! If we did not get anything out of it, we would not eat them!!

So, for one full week, my body detoxed. I hurt. I had a constant low dull ache in my head for those seven days. My shoulder blades were on fire. They hurt so bad. It surprised me that my shoulders were what hurt.

On day 8, nothing. The cravings, the headache and the shoulders on fire were gone.

I sleep better. I have a lot more energy. I also feel like I have woken from a fog that has hung over me for years. I look back and see that I missed out on a lot.

I have only eaten a few things with sugar and flour since starting. Lately I have gotten lax and have not eaten like I know to and I am ready to get back on track.

That is why I was so glad to be chosen as a contestant on Win, Lose or Blog!

I am going to talk about my days, what I eat and recipes.

If there is anything at all you want to know about no sugar or flour, please ask!!

Now I am going to ask YOU a question. I am not coordinated. I hate to exercise. I have never been athletic.

I was the girl picked last for dodge-ball. YOU know her don't you?!?!?!

What do you do for exercise? (I am so bad at exercise I cannot even spell it right! Spell check alerts me each time!!) What do you enjoy? Any DVD's I should invest in?

Sunday, June 20, 2010



How ironic that I did not get picked last like in dodge ball!!

I am so excited! The journey begins tomorrow!! So stay tuned and thank you so much for being a part of


....has never been this excited about being fat!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Sorry about the sheep...he just wandered into the photo. You know how the wildlife are at my house!

I proclaimed May 27th Random Acts of Kindness day. People on my facebook, my blog and in my everyday life rose SPECTACULARLY to the occasion!! You went above and beyond and I am thrilled. I even got to be the recipient of a couple of acts!

I asked you each to tell me how many acts you accomplished that day. The total was 63!

To keep up with this and to see how each and every one of you impact people, I put 63 buttons in a glass pitcher. The pitcher symbolizes us pouring ourselves out.

I wanted you to know the #'s so that you can play along if you like. Find any kind of container and put 63 things in it cause.....................


This is what I am thinking....let's proclaim the LAST day of each month our Random Act of Kindness day! In having a set day, we are more likely to remember and play. This also gives us more time to plot!

Whose with me???

PS: Thank you all for your emails and message wondering if I got in to Win Lose or Blog! They are to choose the contestants this weekend. I PROMISE I will let you know immediately if I get in or not.

..........really hopes she runs out of buttons.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I am taking a big leap of faith here and trusting you my loyal readers and the whole big freakin' Internet with ~drum roll please~ my measurements.

Hi I am Mindy and I am a food addict.

~crickets noises~

I never really had a weight problem until the later part of my 20's. At one time, I could eat pretty much anything and it was just fine. In fact, after ex left the first time, I weighed 97 lbs. That was not a good thing. After that time, my weight fluctuated. I remember my mom dragging me to Weight Watchers once upon a time because she thought that we were both over weight. My starting fat weight on my card that first visit was 126lbs.

I bet those chubby women wanted to stone me....and I could not much blame them. I sure would go *bat you know what crazy* over that if the roles were reversed.

My mom has always had a problem with her self perception. Due to that, no matter what she weighs, she sees herself as fat.

It is very aggravating when she, babygator and I are together and she goes on and on about how FAT she is. We look like two sumo wrestler body guards with her sandwiched between us.

My mom is beautiful, petite and not fat at all.

I also have a very bad habit...the more you rag on me about something the more passive I will become.

Anyway, when I started at my current job almost 14 years ago, I weighed 130lbs.

Today....this very day....I weigh 187.2. That is after losing almost 25lbs in the past few months!!

Another ugly habit I have is, once I begin to get compliments on my weight loss, I begin to think *WOW I have done good!* and then stop.

I have lost the same 20lbs many MANY times over. I want this time to be different.

You all know I started the no flour no sugar diet in January. That has really fit me and I am going to keep doing it but I need a boost. I need to be held accountable. I need to keep moving forward and no.go.back.

I found a new blog. It's is called WIN LOSE OR BLOG. It is a great big ole contest and I wanna do it! Sign ups are now. They are going to choose 8 contestants for this 8 week long contest. I SSSSOOOOOO want to be picked!

So, in an effort for them to see how serious I I am.....

Thank God my head is at least bigger than my neck!

Well you tell that Russian peasant woman I found her ample breasts and she can have them back now.

So, if you do not mind, please PLEASE leave a comment on this blog. Let them know that I have the bestest bloggy/facebook friends in the world that are going to be my pep squad and cheer me on!

I want to be in this contest and also blog about my no flour no sugar journey.....

and I want you to go with me.

I promise blogging and recipes and updated weigh in and measurements each week.

I I need you on this journey with me. THIS is going to get me off my padded butt and get me moving!

Aren't you glad my pics were not like on The Biggest Loser with tight bicycle shorts and a sports bra?? ~shudders~

PS #1: I should have added I am 5 feet 4 inches tall.

PS #2: They will pick this weekend and the contest will start next Monday. I will let you know IMMEDIATELY what they decide!

...if Jillian Michaels shows up at my house I swear I will cry.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Okay peeps....let's make a pie! I promise it is not hard to do!

Let's introduce the ingredients; flour, ice water and Crisco. I would have normally used regular Crisco in the tub but, since I am not frying stuff, I picked up the sticks. They make this recipe a little easier because the side measurements are marked. I used butter but the original would be just fine. ONLY USE CRISCO!!

I grew up with pie crust as a part of my life. HA! That sounds bizarre doesn't it?!?!? I can remember us all getting together at my maternal grandmothers house when I was a little girl and making pie crust. My grandmother, mom and aunts would be mixing flour and Crisco in dishpans and them portioning them out. It was no big deal for each to have 20 crust to take home and put it in the freezer.

When I make a pie crust....I usually make more than one and then freeze the other.


1 C. flour
1/3 C Crisco
6 Tablespoons ICE WATER. It has to be cold!!

The other things you will need will be a bowl, fork, tablespoon and a pie crust cutter inner.

Put together your flour and Crisco.

Begin to work it in with your pie crust cutter. Keep working the Crisco in.

One it is worked in it will begin to look like this. The pieces are smaller than peas but larger than couscous!


Then you are going to add in 6 tablespoon of ice water. I do not use a measuring spoon. I use a good old tablespoon out of the drawer. ~grins~ cause that is the way I have known it to always be done! You will then use your fork and mix it around. The crust will begin to stick to itself if it is moist enough. Sometimes it depends on the weather outside! You can always add more water if it needs it.

Use your hands and bring your crust together. It should be soft and moist but not wet. There should not be any left over floury pieces at the bottom. If there is, you need more water.

Now isn't that a pretty little crust?!?!?! But it back into the bowl with a towel over the top and let it rest a few minutes. If you are going to freeze it, just pop it into a plastic sandwich bag and put it in your freezer.

When you get ready to roll it out, put a small amount of flour on your board and flatten out your dough a bit by hand before you start rolling. When you roll out your crust, work from the middle and roll away from you. Then you can start turning your crust and making it as round as you can. lol...mine is never round fyi.

When it is rolled out, turn your pie plate over on top of it to make sure it is big enough. Looks like I got a bit carried away with the rolling!

Then I put a little bit of flour on my crust and fold it in half and then in half again. This makes it so easy to put in your pan!

Now this is where my pics get wonky. It's hard to take when you are crimping! To crimp, put your thumb on the inside of your crust and apply pressure.

While applying pressure, your back two fingers will help make the crimp!
Now your will cut off the extra pie crust hanging over the side so that your pie will be neat. I can remember my mom holding the pie plate in one hand and twirling it around with a knife in the other hand cutting off the extra raw crust.

Then she would take those bits and pieces of crust and sprinkle sugar on them and cook them in the oven for me!


1 C. Sugar
1/4 C. Cornstarch
Pinch of Salt
1 TBS melted Butter
2 1/2 C. Buttermilk
2 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla

Mix all ingredients together and pour into your raw pie crust. Bake at 350 for 1 hour until the middle is set.

Let COOL! This is where your patience comes in.

I like buttermilk pie and it is an easy pie to make. In hindsight, I should have done something more COLORFUL! I promise the pie is MUCH better than it looks!

~whispers~ if you are going to BUY a pie crust, buy the Marie Calendars cause it is the closest to homemade!!