I am playing along with Nice Girl Notes today and showing y'all What's In My Bag! PLEASE...read down to the very end of today's blog....it's important to me.


I am afraid that my bag is pretty boring today. Your lucky I did not know about this 3 days ago. I bet I threw away 49 receipts and 105 Sonic mints out of my bag! Lucky you not having to look at my trash!

Today Mindy is carryng:

1. My sugar skull card holder that keeps up with my random cards... ie: Ulta, CVS, business cards etc.
2.Vickery & Clarke Stress Relieving Pulse Point Balm....no idea why I carry this with such a stress free life! ~snorts~
3. Hair stick For someone with short hair, why do I carry this? Cause my neck gets hot and I put up my tail.
4. Paint brush...you never know when the urge to paint or mod podge is going to strike.
5. Another hail clip....please see #3
6. A Cable Yoyo. The COOLEST invention in the world! It keeps my camera cord all neat and tidy!
7. A Shick Intuition razor case that houses my vitamins and meds. Those razors rock! If anyone wants any of the plastic tubs, let me know!
8. My brand new Sharpie Pencil!!!! Freakin' LOVE IT!!
9. Excederin Back and Body...you would use them too if you had to haul around my boobs.
10. My pink blingy lipstick case. Inside it lives my brand new Clinique lipstick that I got for $1 at a garage sale. It was sealed! Color is Chanti
11. Black paint marker. I have been working on a new/old window
12. Checks books for the 5 checks that I write a year. Ya have to remember I live in a small town and some places just do not take debit cards due to the fees involved.
13. My little change purse. I bought it from an etsy dealer
14. Plastic Spider Rings
15. ~laffin~ there is no 15. I must have lost my mind around about there!
16. One stick of gum
17. My camera case that I got for a little big of nothing from ArtsCows. It holds my little Kodak digital camera.
18. My wallet that I got from Sam Moon when I went to meet some of the bestest people in the world in Dallas.
19. Small tape measure. I use it ALL.THE.TIME.
20. My little Ouch Pouch that I bought from Etsy Seller PillowSewCute You have got to go see her stuff...so cute!! She is now making bigger pouches them the one one I have. Mine has a mirror, wet wipes, advil, band aids (hello kitty), another hair clip, Alavert, Sudafed and an Alka Seltzer Gold for an allergy attack.

What is not in my purse is my beloved BlackBerry with her hot pink case. I carry her in my bra most of the time. For reals. Now you know another weird little Mindy quirk.

Another little fact...I Love LOVE LOVE to text!! Freakin love it!

And while I have all of your attention, I want to tell you about another Etsy seller. As you can tell, I am NUTS about Etsy because I like the idea of handmade and re-purposed. My friend Ngrammie had breast cancer a few years back. After three surgeries, meds, chemo AND radiation, she beat it and is a survivor. She has been on an anti-cancer med for a few years now and was about to go to the doctor to see if she could finally get off of it. She was hoping and praying she could because it would be another victory. Anyway, she decided that if, the doctor let her off of her med, she was going to celebrate by buying this necklace from SpoonerZ on Etsy. Isn't that wing so cool?!?!?!?! It is made out of the end of a silver spoon.
Photo shamelessly stolen from SpoonerZ's shop.

So Ngrammie contacted SpoonerZ and told her that she would like to buy the wing but already had a silver necklace and wanted to purchase it without the necklace. She explained to SpoonerZ why she was buying the wing.

And you want to know what SpoonerZ did? She sent my dear friend the wing.

(I promise the wing looks JUST like her pic and not my crappity pic!)
For FREE! This woman helped my friend celebrate. She did not have any clue to know that my friend has had such a hard year that did not include the cancer. She did not know that she made my friend cry happy tears. That is what makes this story even better.

SpoonerZ went above and beyond with a Random Act of Kindness and I think that she ROCKS! Please go look at her uber cool store and tell her I sent you and we think she is awesome.

pppssstttt....let me know if you play What's In My Bag so I can check it out!

........who loves how the world go round.


  1. FIRST COMMENT! YES! I TOTALLY ROCK! Thank you for letting us "go through your purse!"
    I love to see what other people have in their purse.
    It makes me crazy when my purse is messy and it is messy a LOT.
    At least I have a reason to be crazy!
    Love you,

  2. I'm pretty sure you don't want to know what is in my bag and even if you did I think your imagination will do sufficiently at deciding what the contents of my bag is. Fun idea though for people who carry a bag.

  3. My bag is empty because I put it all in my suitcase to travel and haven't taken it out yet.

    What a wonderful act of kindness - I am going to check her shop out!

  4. You have all kinds of fun stuff in your purse; a flashlight would round it out nicely!

  5. Your purse is so organized ... you have a container for everything ... kinda like your lunches - I see a pattern here ;-)

    My purse usually has cars, planes, random lego pieces and a video camera (got some crazy neighbor issues) ... never any money - ha ha!

    What a wonder story about your friend - I'm definitly going to check out the Etsy seller - can we say Christmas shopping?

  6. You have a tail? Can you wag it?!

    I just may have to play this game...except for the fact that my purse is VERY boring!

    I love the story about your friend. There ARE so many generous and wonderful people out there!

  7. I was browsing the posts to see if everyone else carries as much "stuff" as I do (you, by the way, are VERY organized with your "stuff") - anyway, read to the end and teared up. What a wonderful story! I love hearing about the great people that are in our world!


  8. Really love your coin purse and ouch pouch! So cute. And I LOVE your name! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Ooooh, I love seeing what's in your bag, Mindy. But where's your pony? LOL!!!! I always have a tape measure in my bag, too!

    Aw, that was sooo sweet and generous of SpoonerZ... there are so many wonderful people in the world...too bad we only hear about all the rotten ones on the news! I'll go check out her shop...I love that wing pendant!

    And...I'll be keeping your friend in my prayers!



  10. What a sweet story. And you have an amazingly impressive handbag! I, too, carry a measuring tape - possibly the smartest thing to do, I agree. :)

  11. Being a minimalist, my bag would be boring. Love your story!
    (new blog, got caught)

  12. Your purse really rocks!! Stuffs there are really nice. You kinda remind me of my sister. Nice!

  13. I tossed out all my junk the other day as well, when I switched purses!

  14. Wow! I love 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 18, & 20. That's a lot of loving in your bag. :)

    Great RAK! :)


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