My Bedroom....

I love my bedroom. It is one of my sanctuaries in my home. The room is done in pinks and greens. It has my favorite pieces or art and family pictures in the room. It is a wonderful room to sleep in.

I was going to show you one of the things that I made. I was able to put together bits and pieces of things to make a cloche to show off some stuff.
This is a fortune that I got out of a fortune cookie following the worst night and day of my life. *Your skills will accomplish what the force of many cannot.* Bbwwwwaaaaaahhhhhaaaahhhhhaaaa

I have not told that story but you will eventually see why that fortune will also be near and dear to my heart and why I needed to save it. You will also see why it makes me laugh.
I was going to show you the new pillow cases that my mom made for me.
Pink roses with green leaves that go so well in my bedroom. She embroidered them herself and I just love this new addition to my room.
I was going to show you my Martha Stewart sheets that I bought off of ebay 9 years ago. Sheets that I love!! I do not even remember the thread count but it must be sweet because they are still so soft after all of these years. No piling or pulls. But a little hole developed and it had to be patched. LOL this little patch has helped me put clean sheets on the bed faster. No more starting to put the bottom sheet on and then realizing that they go the other way! Nope I know exactly where the patch goes!!
But, in the middle of the story about my bedroom, someone hijacked it. She thought that she needed to be the center of attention. Miss Molly Meow thought that she was particularly beautiful this morning and wanted to pose for the camera.
She is the quietest and most shy of all my animals. She sleeps with me every night. She was the first pet brought into the house.

And she wants you to know that she never voted on allowing another cat and 2 dogs into the house She assures me that things were just FINE with just her.

She loves me anyway.

It was a really good whisker morning.


  1. I love the pictures of Molly. She is such a sweet heart. I would take any of your animals in a heart beat. She is so pretty and has such a sweet personality. And I know why that fortune is so important to you. I love you!

  2. I love your cloche and I love the way you framed your fortune. =) I love your pillowcases too, you have a very talented mom. =)And I think Molly is a beautiful kitty!

  3. Anonymous7:03 AM


    LJ aka PG aka....whoever....

  4. I just found your blog through Cyndi at Bluebirdswing...I will mark you as a are real and I like that. By the way...your kitty is so sweet...she reminds me of our first kitty when we moved here. She lived 17 wonderful years with us:)

  5. I love the cloche you made, Mindy, and I think - from what I can tell by the photos - that your bedroom looks fabulous! I love pink and green, too! Oh, but I think you need a pony in there! ;o)

    Aw, Miss Molly Meow reminds me of my Buster - when he weighed about 10 pounds less than he does now! LOL!!! She's a beautiful kitty.



  6. Melech prefered being an only kitty. Still prefers the royal treatment too.
    I love the decor, the sheets, and the embroidery your mom did.

  7. Your bedroom sounds like the perfect sanctuary, Mindy. The cloche is darling.

    I giggled over the sheets because my toe nails usually ware a hole in mine.

    Your mom's embroidery is beautiful. And I'm glad to see that you're using them. Not just saving them for ???????

    Cute, cute kitty! She must love you if she's willing to not be an only child. LOL.

  8. Love the fortune. What a sweet kitteh!

  9. what a cute kitty! cats always love to be the center of attention!

  10. So sweet! I loved all of your pictures.

  11. wonderful.

    you tell such a wonderful story ..

    what wonderful pillowcases

  12. Mom has some great skills! Kitty is dog loves lovely kitties! More photos of your sexy bedroom, please! My bedroom really needs some help. Come on over and we'll decorate together! Love the photos of the kids. Cade is really grown-up looking. He lost his baby face!

  13. aw. Love your bedroom. I love pink and green, too. My bathroom is pink and green.
    Molly is very accomodating to share your love with the others!
    Hug you, Cheryl


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