I AM....

I found this over at Crafty Mommy and Me and thought it was fun so I am going to play. Leave me a comment if you play so I can read your answers!

I am...sitting here in my pj's stressed but still happy

I think... way too much.....cannot turn my brain off

I should... get Marty's birthday gift together

I dream...in color and remember my dreams

I want...to be so famous that I can quit my job and stay at home.

I know...what goes around comes around...good or bad

I don't like...People that call me names ie... F**cking B*itch. Seems to be happening a lot lately. aaahhhh I am just a little ray of sunshine to some people

I smell...Cade's roast in the crock pot

I hear...the Criminal Minds marathon in the background on tv

I fear... losing my job and letting people down

I search...for more time

I miss....my kids thinking that I knew everything and was always right. HA!

I always...Drink Diet Coke or Sonic Iced Tea

I crave... lately...popcorn balls

I remember...the being kicked out of kindergarten

I need.... a house keeper

I forget......that not everyone thinks like I do!

I feel...proud of my 3 kids

I can...do anything I set my mind to.

I can't...make everyone happy

I am happy... with where I am in my life

I listen...To my heart but tend to second guess myself

I shop...At garage sales and thrift stores

I eat.... lately popcorn balls...they have been a gateway drug back to sugar and flour. I am starting back on my lifestyle change on Monday

I love...my children, my grandchildren, my parents, my friends, my pets and on and on and on

......who really did not get a lot done this weekend.


  1. Kicked out of kindergarten! What did you do?

  2. Oh Zorra I cannot believe I have not told that story! LOL...yes I was kicked out and my mama cried. Kind of a bad country song.

  3. Anonymous9:26 PM

    *holds guitar pick in teeth and tunes up* *TWANG*........"Weeeelllllll, I put sand in Joe Tom's pants and paint in Susie's eye.....The milk wagon lady tripped over my Mary Jane's so white......Teacher looked all mornin' for her yella chalk I fed to the class pet.......And I have just got started.....No I ain't half done now yet......."

    LJ aka PG aka....ah hell, you know.

  4. That's a pretty darn good list, Mindy! And I can't believe anyone would call you an "F-ing B"! I just hate that "F" word! And I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at your getting kicked out of kindergarten!



  5. Hey, if it is any consolation, someone called me a F*ing B*tch just last week. After I kindly treated her in the nicest possible way when I told her she could not use her fake credit card at my store to by a $500 gift card and/or $300 worth of merchandise that she would probably sell on craigslist.

    To be fair, I think she was on meth. And I might not have mentioned that I knew the card was fake, but she still called me that name... I'm OK with it.

    Suffice it to say, I knew we had a lot in common, Mindy :).

  6. Popcorn balls???!!! Now I'm craving them too....sigh...

  7. ~laffin until I cried~ that is your bestest work yet PG!!

  8. ~laffin until I cried~ that is your bestest work yet PG!!

  9. Cyndi I have 2 different people who use that as their go to terms of endearment for me. ~grins~

  10. Oh Smarty sounds like we deal with a lot of the same peeps too! lol

    I have heard it so much that I am thinking about getting it engraved on one of those little silver disk to wear...not!

  11. I am so sorry Winny. I am having to stay out of the grocery store here that sells them. That is how bad my habit is.

  12. I love this cool graphic - and what a list!

  13. fun list! i don't like people that call you names either. seems kind of juvenile and rude.

  14. Thank you Jennifer. I love Google images!

  15. LOL...I do believe that rude was what that person was going for.

    I only have had 2 people do that. Well, to my face! And they were both women.

  16. Glad you found my Texas Blogging Gals! You will be on the next updated list.

    Glad to have visited with you today and will be following.

    Come see me at my personal blog, too, real soon!

  17. Great list, Mindy! I love reading stuff like this. =) Now I'm craving popcorn balls. And yes, I too have been called a "F-ing B" too. The way I look at it is like this, we're right and they're wrong and they just can't think of anything better to say.


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