Tuesday, March 25, 2008


For those of you that do not know, Saunday is when you start a craft on Saturday and complete it on Sunday. ~grins and give bunny a look.....naner naner naner~

Working on top of the ironing board. All those colors make me very very happy. See those scissors? Babygator bought those for me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I was really happy with rotary scissors until she gave me REAL sewing scissors.

Up close of the button I used. Do wonky pics add character? This is not the same purse that I made last time. This is another tutorial that I got off of the net. I tried making it the first time and was not happy with it so I changed it and made it more my own.

Not the best of pics but I wanted you to be able to see the length of the handle. I am an over the shoulder girl. I will not carry a purse with tiny little handles. I have to be able to throw that purse on and go go go!!

TA DA! The purse. I am totally in love with this fabric print and the colors. You can see a pic of the kids and I in the background. It was taken years ago and is one of my favorite pictures. I added two pockets to the inside of the purse. They are on the ends of the purse (handle ends). I really am liking them there. So easy to drop my keys and my cell phone into the purse but not have to go hunting for them when I want them. This was also the first time I used iron on velcro and it ROCKS! That is what is holding the flap of the purse down.

Two years ago I would have never dreamed that I would be sewing. That was something that I was just never interested in. But when the sewing bug bit it bit HARD! I am loving this craft. Makes me wish that my grandmothers were still around to teach me. So many things that I could have learned from them and they would have willingly taught me.

My next project? I want to learn how to make microscope slide necklaces. I have all my supplies ready. I have just not taken the leap.

I also want to learn how to make those nifty blog buttons like the pantipalooza one of the side bar of my blog.

Anything you want to learn? If I know how to do what you want to learn I will try to do it and do a tutorial. Now how is that for customer service?? *snickers*

Monday, March 24, 2008


Mary Beth!!!!

I used random.org to determine the winner. Maybe it is a good thing that Mary Beth won since she has never bought a PEEP!!

Wanna see what I made Saunday?

Thursday, March 20, 2008



Sugar free peeps come 3 to a package. Yellow is the only color that the sugar free kind come in. Once they are removed from the package, you can see that they are actually a bit larger than they sugared cousins. Larger is ALWAYS good in my books unless we are talking about my weight. They are not as glittery because they have no sugar coated goodness for the suns rays to reflect off of.

I went into this taste test very open minded because I really like nutra sweet which is what the peeps are made of. I take a nice hearty bite of the peep. The bite feels like biting into a natural peep so I am okay there....so far so good. Then the taste begins to set in......

Have you ever wandered what a spray on tan must taste like??? Well, I think I know now.


Save yourself 99 cents.....do not buy sugar free peeps. Trust me on this one.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Cause I have really forgotten how many days I have drug this out already ~grins~

And for those of you with so LITTLE FAITH...no I have not eaten the peeps.

#18. Tweek the peeps nose. It should break of very easily. Now he has nothing to keep his glasses from sliding off. Of course...his earlessness was already a problem so this peep so he is a devoted contact wearer.

#19. You should be able to bend the peeps tail and it will not move back into place. The sugar should be nice and crumbly.

#20. Take a bite. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM peep heaven!! Do you remember when you were little and could buy individual bubble gum for a penny? I think it must cost 50 cents or something now but I digress. Remember its texture? Its wonderful chewiness?? That is EXACTLY how your peep should feel in your mouth! Now you know you have arrived at PEEP PERFECTION!

21. Always remember. Peeps have their own built in safety device much like the bank bags that the tellers will give to robbers. They leave their mark.

In compiling this riveting piece of journalism, I told Rach that I have gotten peep sugar on the floor of my office. Every time my chair would run across the sugar it would make a crunchy sound. Rach said it was like running over little peep bones. ~snickers~

And I am sorry about not getting the video up on the microwave experiment. My technical assistance got a better deal on vacation sites other than my home for spring vacation and he dumped me. I hope he does not get in a video entitled *Learners Permits Gone WILD*.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It is only Tueday and it has already been a flippin long week. ~sighs~

I cannot for the life of me get good pics of the ready peeps. It is just too dark in the mornings to get a pic and then I did not think about it last night.

So.....why don't you look at what I did this past weekend instead. Will that make you happy??

I bought this really cool fabric at Wally World for $2.00.

Then I turned this:

Into this!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Day 4

12. Select a peep from the peep box. Let the other peeps watch if they want.

13. The peep tester should take the peep tail firmly between his fingers and thumb. Began to slowly twist. At this time you will find that the marshmallow insides of the peep are not as sticky.
14. Check to make sure that the peep does not snap back into shape. This signifies that the peep is almost mature. AAAAhhhhh Peeps 2008...what a great vintage.

15. Tell the peep tester to step away from the peep and place it back into the box. Explain to the peep tester that the peep has got to incubate at LEAST one more day. Consider tackling the peep tester but snap back into reality when you realize that said tester will be driving your vehicle that very morning.

Allow him to commit peepicide on said peep.

16. Console the peeps that look over the box in horror.

17. Wait at least one more day. Hope said peep tester does not get home before you do.

For more fun peep action check out:

Deb's peep post and, IF YOUR CHILDREN ARE OUT OF THE ROOM!! you can click Flutterby's and QG's peep show. I love the tiny little g strings and the dollar bills! *giggles*

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


DAY #2 of Peep Watch 2008

#8. There is no need to participate in actual squishage of the peeps today. We already know from prior peep experimentation that they are not ready on the second day.

Please note at this time that my warning sign did not work. One of the peeps has been pilferred. Either that or has been sent ahead as a scout. I am not for sure yet what has happened. An investigation has been launched.

The peep had to hop over the little peep wall if he is a scout. Again, without having thumbs, I am sure that the peep did not get far.

#9. You can take your peeps out and look at any differences that have occured yet. It has only been 24 hours so not a lot has changed. Notice where the peep had to detach himself before he made a run for the border. The peep that would have been next to him looks a bit forlorn and stoic to me.

#10. Talk to your peeps so no more run away. I should have done that at the first and maybe I would not be one peep short. Lesson Learned. Explain to them that this is really for their own good. They will then buck up like good little peep soldiers.

#11. Wait some more.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008



#1. Buy Peeps. Buy assorted colors. (I also bought red ones but they are already gone. I had never seen red peeps before.)

#2. Free peeps from their cellophane prison. They have no thumbs so you cannot bake them a cake with a file in it. You must free the peeps yourself. They will be very grateful. A grateful peep is a happy peep.

#3. Test your peep for freshness. Really...they do not mind at all. This is a new born peep. See how squishy and tender he is? He is not ripe yet. Peeps need maturity.

#4. If you are unsure, use the backhand peep squishy method. Still too fresh. Fresh peeps are poisonous! Peeps are not designed to eat straight out of the package.

#5. Leave your peeps on the counter where they can run, frolic and mature. Do not cover your peeps. Coverage discourages the peeps the and
makes them all emo.

#6. Remember that there is a 15 year old he-man in the house that does not care if peeps have reached their peak of readiness and has not one ounce of patience when it comes to peep aging. Go back and add a warning sign.

#7. Wait.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Remember The Jenny Bag that I told you about? The one I found at this sweet blog? She wrote a wonderfully easy tutorial with great pictures that made it totally easy to follow!

I only changed two things to the pattern. First, I made the bag bigger. I guess I haul around a lot more stuff then the average Jenny Bag carrier. ~grins~ Secondly, I made the opening a tab bit larger.

This is how mine turned out!

I bought the fabric about 6 months ago. I feel in love with the greens and pinks when I saw it. Reminds me of spring.

Found the button on clearance!! There is one large outside pocket and one large inside pocket. You could adjust the pattern to make any number or size of pockets.

And it is lined in pink!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Look what the Best Dog in the World gave to me!

I bet she thinks that I am not very organized because she gave it to me weeks ago and I am just now getting around to acknowledging it and passing it on to three bloggers.

I would give this award to each and everyone of you cause you are all special to me in one way or the other but I only get to pick 3:

Swan: Who always makes me think when her posts. She also makes me keep so very special with the things that she and KD Lang send to me. ~snickers~

Zorra: One of the bloggers that I wish I lived next door to. I can imagine sitting in her kitchen drinking iced tea and just laughing our silly heads off.

Randi: Oh the things that I could learn from her!!

PLEASE do not be upset if I did not include you! I am trust trying to spread the love.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


1. You people write too much and too fast! I have been busy with stuff so I have out of blogland for a few days. They I go to check by bloglines and it just burst open cause there are so many updates!!!

2. Netflix is my friend. Elizabeth The Golden Age and Martian Child...totally worth renting.

3. Yep....totally happened.

4. I get to go to Austin in April. ~grins~

5. I want to make this purse. I want to make it REALLY BAD!!

6. I am in the process of de-stashing at the house. Oh the stuff I have hauled off and/or given away. Is there anything you are looking for? Let me know and I might just have it for you!!

7. Did everyone get their stuff from the Valentine Swap?

8. Anyone up for another swap just yet? I am thinking container swap. Then you could do you own take on containers...could be a bucket filled with something...could be lip glosses in cute pots. Let me know what you think.

9. I am in the mood to make bread. I am thinking I might this weekend. Anyone want a tutorial?

10. Am I asking a lot of questions?

11. Can you BELIEVE how Texas voted??

12. I have come to the realization that I am addicted to paper and card stock.

13. Crunchy peanutbutter rocks!