Guess whose mom traveled to Guthrie to watch her son play 6 man football last friday night.

Guess whose mom spent spent 2 1/2 hours on a big yellow school bus surrounded by football players, cheerleaders and two women who were SSSSOOOO GGGLLLLAAAADDDD there was a bus since they had the flu all week and did not want to drive. I kid you not...they were silly enough to tell us that.

And guess whose mom's brawny son broke another kid's arm from the opposing team?

The name Bebo seems tame right about Crusher...or Bruiser...or Crunch?!?!?!?

....whose head is full of snot.


  1. Bebo the smasher!

    HOW did he get the nickname of Bebo? I've never heard of anyone else having that nickname. My son's name is Bradley & that is his nickname. When he was little, I don't even know how it started, but we would say "Bebo!" and it was so adorable - he would say "boo!"

    YUP. snipped them off. YUCK.

  2. My, that sounds like a very full day!

  3. I'm a big fan of Bruiser. Bebo the Bruiser.

    Ya, works for me.

  4. When he's older he can be "Bebo, the Enforcer" and cash in big time!! Snot or no snot.

    (Can NOT believe those women told you that!)

  5. Anonymous6:00 AM

    If he's big enough he can go by any name he wants!!
    I like Bebo the Smasher!!
    Way to go Bebo!!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. My baby brother is just so tough!!! Makes me kinds not want to wrestle with him anymore. Lol. I am just so proud of him!!!

  7. Oh wow he looks more grown up than the last time I saw him! What happened??!!! (yeah yeah I know... but besides the fact that a whole year has passed since then) Sheesh these kids have GOT to stop growing up on us!! And if I were you, I would go right over to where those STUPID BITCHES are and wipe my snotty nose on the backs of their shirts. 'Cause I am mean like that and I fully believe in paybacks.

  8. You go, Bebo!

    You've got a future with the mob, for sure! You know, in case college doesn't work out for ya or something.

  9. where's beanie ... did she go too?


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