I AM WOMAN! HEAR ME *cough...cough* ROAR!

I have decided that the cold was not a cold. It was the dreaded yellow school bus flu! By the end of last week, LOTS of people at school were sick. People that RODE THE BUS! I was one of them. I am still feeling rough but lots better! Just wish that I could get ride of the cough.
So in the midst of taking meds and napping...the battery on the CRV also got sick. It died. I am at least recovering. It was parked in a way that we could not get a vehicle close enough to boost it to go and get a battery put in. So, me in all my beautiful no make-up glory, went out to Wal Mart and bought one. Then lugged the thing home to put it in.

Well, Bebo took pictures if that counts. He also asked about 22 times what he needed to do if I got electrocuted.
At one point he stopped me and asked he if could call one of his friends to come over and help. I told him that we did not need help! Lawsy like I needed another person to see me looking that BAD! Then he paid me the best compliment a 15 year old he man could. He said. *Come on mom, let me call one of my friends. I would rather one of them went BBBBBBZZZZZZTTTTT instead of you going BBBBBBZZZZZZTTTTTTT!* See he does love me!
Bebo took pics to PROVE what I did! You need to realize that I really felt bad if I let him take a pic of me with no make-up and my hair not done.

But I know you readers! I am not who you came to see. You wanted to see a pic of my helper!!

I am also playing along over at Randi's! She is having her readers post pics of themselves and I am playing along. Of course, y'all KNOW what I look like! I am posting one from Austin. You saw the rough me...now you can see the angelic me.

....who thinks that she is in need of a make-over.


  1. at least your helper was lookin' good!!!

  2. Wow. You can do everything! And not go BBBBZZZZZTTT! I go BBBBZZZZZTTT just thinkin' about it.

  3. You go girl! I love that you know how to work on your car. Me? I know zero about it, but I would like to learn more someday.

    Thanks for playing along, Angel! ;)

  4. Hi! Nice to meet you! I clicked over from Rand's blog and found your pics...love 'em! Your humor is great and that is one seriously cute doggie you have there! :-)

  5. you independent woman! i woulda had to dial the local guy at boonieville's auto repair... damn.

    some women have hairstyles that look like they went bbbbzzzzzttt! or the lawnmower ate the back of their hair style... go figure!

  6. You are teh awesome!

    Hi to Bebo and Gingerbean!

  7. Nice angel wings ;) Followed the linky from Randi's page!!

  8. Mindy! I am sooooo impressed! You can install car batteries. I can't! And you didn't look into the camera, so we don't know how bad you looked. I'm going to wretch when I look in the mirror to put my makeup on!

    Cute about your boy...I LOVE boys! All you have to do is feed one and he'll love you forever!

  9. That's very impressive! You go! And you will, now that you installed your very own car battery!

  10. Yep. I'm impressed.

  11. Most impressive. I know zero about cars. I love your cutie pie helper too!

  12. I would go bbbzzzttt in less than 5 flat. Seriously.

  13. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I am very proud of you!! I have absolutely no clue how to change the car battery and if you knew my heritage you would shake your head at me.
    Love the picture of your helper!!

  14. Anonymous12:02 AM

    My husband is the one who gets under the hood (he lets me look but not touch! ;) ) I'm impressed you know what to do. Not that I'm questioning your intelligence, certainly not - just you look so angelic in the next shot! I can feel an episode of "Touched By An Angel" coming on. Tess always managed to get her car going too!

    All that and a little dog too! How cute!

  15. I'm not at all surprised that you can change a battery! You impress me as one capable woman!

    I can hear a country song in my head:

    Ah left mah wangs in Austin Texas...

  16. Coming back to say I love the dog pic!

    And a heads up on those leaves I see in the crack where the hood goes. You might want to clear them out. Sometimes they stop up little drain holes and the water ends up going inside the car. My parents experienced this and now I keep my own hood crack clean to avoid leakage!

    (The word verification is "warcar".)

  17. and I meant to say I love the angel wing pic too! And guess what the word verification is this time? "skini"! I kid you not! That must be a sign from the heavens that you are just right the way you are!


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