The next stop on the tour of my wonderful home was to be my bedroom. It was all ready to show you except I needed to get curtains and get them hung up. Found some that I love at Wold Market in Lubbock!! The white is so pretty against the green walls. The length was perfect for two of my windows. However, the length is way to long for the windows that are above my window seat. Those curtains will have to be cut off. They just puddle on the seat and do not look good at all.

When I went in to start measuring for the right length.....THIS is what I found.

Someones stubby little tail was sticking out between the curtains.

*Oh Mom! You made this for me?? My own little tent that I can lay under and watch the birds outside?* she purred.

*I luvs you so much.* She murmured as she drifted off to sleep in her sweet spot where gingerbean cannot touch her.

I have not had the heart to cut them off yet.

...whose pets do not have real tails.


  1. You know I never thought about it, but neither Ginger nor Molly have tails. Wow, doesn't take me long does it??? The white curtains do look so pretty up against the green walls, I just love you house. And I love it that you are my Mom Gator! Lol, I hear that you are being "stalked"! HAHAHA

  2. Who's stalking you?

    Lovely house! Beautiful pets!

    Can't find your emaul, or I would tell you my news.

  3. Well, I want to know the news. Whats the news?!?!

    dun da dun da dun da ~tries to spell the theme from Jaws~

  4. She has her own little tent now. How cute!

  5. Too cute!
    (((molly cat)))

  6. You are such a good cat mom! And dog mom too.

    Those are pretty curtains.

  7. pretty curtains. But one complaint ... more pictures of beanie please :)

    enjoying the tour .. when you are done can you take leave of absence, bring Beanie with you and come re-furbish our house ... please, pretty please?

    (I do own a sewing machine, just don't really know (grin) how to use it ... seriously I did make one pair of cutains inour bedroom and they are great but the rest I inherited from other people .. seriously! !=

  8. The curtains are very pretty. You are a good cat mama! And yes, I am ready to continue the tour. Enough with this cute kitty nonsense!!

    (Er, Patti, you have my email, don't you? LOL I am anxious to hear the news as well!)

  9. Seriously - who's stalking you? *revs the engine*

  10. Mindy,

    Why does Molly Meow have a stub tail?
    yeah, I didn't want Chelsea's tail to be docked, but too late! They do it when they are something like 3 days old. Did you know that in England there is a ban to dock Corgi tails? Surely the states will begin to follow suite. I hope! I'm glad no one docked my tail (although I could use a little less) she says w/a big bruise on her tail bone! (I was @ farmer's market & went to get up - I had Chelsea's leash, my purse, my camera, my kettle corn and stood and promptly fell back down! Ouch! BIG bruise. kisses, Cheryl- the other Corgi/kitty mom.

  11. I would come near saying that it is just a pesky stinky little troll and not actually a stalker.

  12. Molly is cute with her curtains. I have have the same dilemma with my littlest angel. She loves hiding behind her sheer white curtains and playing peekaboo, but they puddle on the floor and need to be cut. What can ya do?


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