I was tagged by Whosyergurl for the a six unremarkable things about me meme that is floating around out there. It will be hard to contain it to just 6 me things.

1. I make my bed. I have been told that is a very nerdy thing to do but I do it. I do not like to crawl into an unmade bed. It seems dirty to me. The girls here at work my fun of me for making my bed.

2. I cannot stand to watch any sort of a bathroom scene in a movie. It makes me gag. Bizarre huh? I can watch slasher films but I begin to get dry heaves if I see a toilet open in a scene.

3. My toenails are always painted. If they are not...then you know something is bad wrong with me.

4. I will only eat crunchy peanut butter. And I like it on buttered toast with a little bit of honey on it. Or I have been known to eat it straight off of the spoon.

5. I am a tad obsessive compulsive. *I can see some of you rolling your eyes at the word tad*. If I ASK you if I have turned something off PLEASE humor me and check it. If you lie to me about checking it because you know it is off and I know you have lied to me then I will just have to go and check it that many more times!!

6. I fear clowns. ~shudders~ If you do not make your bed, then a clown will crawl under it and hide and come out and grab your ankle during the night. I will have to sleep with the bathroom light on!

hhhmmmm...maybe I am not as normal as I thought I was.

I tag: babygator, dijea, flutterby, bunnybunster, It's a wonderful life, swan and Elastigirl. And of course the far from normal spooky rach.

...who think that the only thing worse than a clown would be a naked clown.


  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I laughed out loud at the thought of a naked clown!!
    I'm glad to be tagged. I'll do it monday!

  2. Mindy! You are my evil twin sister! I too, am a "tad" obsessive compulsive! Every morning on my way down the street, I back up and make sure the garage door did, indeed, go down. To which my son rolls his eyes! And YES, I have to check the iron, curling iron, sliding doors, oven and coffee maker TWO or THREE timese before I can leave! Isn't that an adorable trait?

    As for the clowns, yes, be very afraid. I've been involved with a few im my life.

    Mindy, don't you have an email address?

    TAGGED! You're the first one to ever tag me. I'm honored!

  3. Oh that's just mean... I don't know anyone who hasn't done this yet, lol. And we all know about you and the clown thing. But then I guess that is what makes it an unremarkable revelation...

  4. A naked clown in the bathroom, standing by the potty. That would be worse that a regular clown and a naked clown put together!!!

  5. ooooohhhhh, I knew I loved you. Now we are more than Corgi Mom Sisters. I make my bed, too. How can people get into that nasty old bed? YUCK.
    and...I'm a "tad" *giggle* bit o.c., too!
    oh, & I wanted to tell you that you jinxed me. Ever since you asked me if Chelsea was nippy - she had been. We've been working on "speak!" it is so funny!
    Have a wonderful...Cheryl

  6. me think that somewhere along the way you read a little too much stephen king... just sayin'

  7. Anonymous8:55 PM

    rach may be right - we may have been seperated at birth except for the clown thing - my mom HATES clowns & used to hold me up in front of her - so i had no choice but to come to terms with them. will go play now!!

  8. Creepy, creepy, creepy clowns. (Shudders) I don't make my bed, but maybe I should start...

  9. I paint my toeneails too,but only in summer when they are showing off in my sandals. The rest of the year they are plain. I always make my bed too. Does this make me compulsive too? ;)

  10. *cracks knuckles*

    1. What kind of wood do you use for the frame?

    2. So "Trainspotting".....definitely not for you.

    3. Filing this information away under "non-verbal clues." This is good in case you are taken hostage by a circus troupe of clowns and are not allowed to speak.

    4. You spread peanut butter with a spoon? I use a bread knife.

    5. Potato/po-tah-to. You say Obsessive/Compulsive. I just say vigorously diligent.

    6. I'll trade your under bed clowns for my headless, bloody neck-stump monsters with 6 foot long arms any day. *joinin' you in the bathroom. Don't bogart the bath sheet*

  11. My husband is also afraid of clowns. One night when he really makes me mad, I'm going to pull out the clown suit and go to sleep in it, with full make up.

    Thanks for the tag - NOT - but, I fulfilled my obligation.

  12. hee hee hee... a clown in the bathroom...

    I make my bed, too. It makes me feel like things are "cleaner" in my room. My kids, on the other hand, think it's crazy. "Mom. I'm just going to be back IN it tonight."



  13. I have never understood the clown fear. How can they be scary? They give out balloons and candy. So what if 17 of em can fit into a volkswagon? Thats just weird, not scary.

  14. "Far from normal" - *sniff* that's one of the nicest things you've ever said about me.

  15. Hi, I stumbled over from Dijea's blog :) Great stuff you have over here.

    I'm a touch OCD myself *giggle*

    And for the record, clowns are BEYOND creepy and scary if not just plain evil. Just sayin. I feel ya on that one.

    While I am not a 'bed maker' I do follow the logic of it keeping the clowns away, strangely. ;-)

  16. Anonymous7:23 PM

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