I dream. A lot. I usually dream in color and I normally remember all of my dreams. They do not always make sense but I remember them.

Last night I dreamed that I was a very successful custom made panty designer. Women came from all over the world for me to make panties for them. (I KID YOU NOT).

The customer would already be ready in the room when I entered. She would be laying on a table and draped with the paper that is used to cover doctor tables. You would think that I could afford something less tacky than that paper with all of my business but I guess it worked. I would then come in with my black Sharpie marker and draw the outline of her bottom on the paper...complete with the crack. I remember thinking when I was drawing *I am so glad that I stopped cutting out the crack works much better now.*. The women were always so pleased with my work and the panties fit like a dream! I never saw any of these women naked. I made just plain white cotton panties but even all of the stars were wearing them!

And guess what my horoscope is today?

LIBRA: You may have had a very serious dream last night -- the kind that sticks with you through the day. You are very sensitive now to your imagination but you must consciously take the time to be still. Important messages from the depths of your subconscious have the answers you are seeking, yet they won't likely be delivered if there are too many distractions in the way.

So tell me dear readers.....what is my dream trying to tell me???

...who is always thankful for clean undies


  1. Okay, I'm sitting here in my cubicle trying not to laugh out loud....

    This is clearly a very deep message from your psyche.

  2. I almost spit my slimfast all over my computer.

    Sometimes a pair of panties is only a pair of panties. Well at least that's what Freud would say.

    Peace and love,

  3. The great thing about dreams is that there is always some interpretation you can drag out of them, usually several of various levels of ridiculousness. My offering is: root chakra. Self-empowerment, procreative (not just literally) energies, zest for life. Why, you're job is to help other women get in touch with that.

  4. I think your dream means that it must be time for another Panty Palooza ...

    For Gustav or something ...

  5. Now that I've stopped laughing, perhaps:

    ~saving women from themselves, one a$$ at a time;

    ~patching the cracks in the universe

    ~bringing purity back to underclothes

    So much material here. Or not.

  6. Uh,stop cracking us up...?

    Great dream. Wish I had it.

  7. you like .....

    BUTTS and you can-not lie!!!

    (all you otha brothas can't deny!)

  8. Dern!

    captain wow beat me to it!

  9. That you should go forth and make panties. I mean.. seriously. The world could use wedgie free panties.

  10. Love the new header line. HAHAHAHA.

  11. You CRACK me up!
    THAT was hilarious.

    I am a LIBRA, too!!!

    I think your dream is telling you that you are a crazy girl!

    Embrace the madness.
    I love the Robin Williams quote that says something like "you have been given just a small bit of madness - you must not waste it!"


  12. Honestly Sis, I think your dream is telling you......Do NOT eat that (whatever you ate) before going to bed!!!!

  13. snorts

    your dream is telling me that it's time to shop for new undies (when I'm in the UK - they have a better and cheaper selection)

    you crack (no, no pun intended!) me up.

    and your dream means that you will do the pantazoola thing again this year -and inspire us all to do the same.

    PS I gave away two coats today - to intl students in need. I'd prayed for an opportunity to put the Gospel in action (precisely that verse where Jesus says if you are asked for a coat give two or however it goes) and wow - the opportunity came up.

    of course I'm wishing that the wweather hadn't turned so cold that the intl students are already freezing (it's Sept 2nd folks, not November) but still.

    and I tell you this so as to encourage you. White panties are best -and ones that fit are great :)

    and btw I still use the sharpies you sent me as a gift :)

  14. I'm too late to this game, everyone had beat me to the punch!
    GREAT dream!

  15. Great dream!!

    You and your Princess kingdom shall bring wedgie-free living to needy butts everywhere. I personally CANNOT wear boy short-types of undies, no matter how cute they are. Wedgie, wedgie, wedgie.

    Go forth, Princess Mindy, create the big-girl panties that the world is waiting for.

    Or, it could be that sometimes a pair of panties is only a pair of panties.

  16. not to eat pepperoni pizza before bed?

  17. Perhaps there is someone in your life who needs your help covering their. . .rear???

  18. I will consult the dream book and get back to you.

  19. I have no idea what it all means, but I when I grow up I want a sense of humor just like yours. You have too much fun. :)

  20. I don't know what it means, but it certainly brightened my evening!

  21. Girl, I have some wild dreams myself sometimes. But this one beats all I've ever heard!! I love it!

    Now, I've been looking for the perfect style panty that won't ride up and hides my um, flaws, without looking like a girdle. Any suggestion, O Great Panty Wizardess?

  22. HA! I love the header. It is so what you do, Mindy!!

  23. This is hilarious.

  24. That you need to buy some new undies???

    What a funny dream! The best part is that the undies were all white cotton. Do they even sell those anymore??? ;)

  25. HA, HA, HA, just crack me up! When are you coming to Florida? You could definitely be my new co-favorite friend. Custom really may be on to something there!

    I don't know how to make a banner...any of you funny people have a tutorial?

  26. I think Jerry and PPB are right. Whatever it was you ate before bedtime - don't do that no mo!

  27. I think you are meant to take Pantypalooza to a new level--in fact, does Jerry Lewis still have a lock on the Labor Day Telethon or would they be open to a new idea?

  28. It's been a while since I got an important message from my underwear...

  29. I don't think it's Victoria that has a secret's Mindy! ha ;0)

  30. Follow your dream. And can I get a fitting soon? I'll have my people call your people.

  31. it is abundantly clear that your little doggie, with the little bladder is getting you up way too much at night and interrupting your sleep!

  32. well what can I say - the pantie queen has arrived chuckle.
    thank you for coming to my blog
    lisa x

  33. Um... I am with Sonja

    I think you are preparing mentally for PANTYPALOOZA! :)

    That's my idea and I'm sticking with it!


  34. Gosh, you "crack" me up! I swear, I would love to be a fly on the wall in your life. Best of luck if you do venture into a new line of work. LOL. Miss you!

  35. Random9:31 PM

    This is Random from theSwandive. You had asked I come comment abot you/your blog. I found this post and it simply floored me. I simply HAD to comment, even if you hadn't asked for it!

    I've had some odd dreams in my day, but that one beats any dream I've ever remembered and THEN some!! And trust me, I've had lots of dreams of female parts in my days (well, nights actually).

    But on top of the dream posted about it. Here, as the phrase goes, in front of 'God and everyone'.

    For that, you get my admiration, and deep respect. Not to mention a very large laugh!

    Thank you soooo much!


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