I am not sure why but I just love this pic. I guess it is just me and my weird sense of humor. All of the other cows were all bawling or running around being excited thinking that I was going to feed them. But not this cow....

She was very very curious.....

My note from the Universe today is this:

If you knew just how scared most people are, Melinda, you'd be even braver.

How freaky is that after my last post??
So, if you were a cow....what would you look like?


  1. What a cute cow. If I was a cow I would look sleek and lean and shiny from the front. Then from the side, my belly would just skim the earth, just a bulgin' with grass fat. And don't even go to the rear. Nuhhh uhhhh. Not a pretty sight.

    Is this one of the houses you're looking at? Very nice yard. ;)

  2. Mindy, check your yahoo email RIGHT. NOW.

  3. I like this cow. I think I would look like her - all white skinned and pale, stuffed into a black Emma Peel catsuit. With lots of unsightly bulges in all the wrong places.

  4. Wacky.
    I would have a automatic gernade launcher(Mark 19) strapped to my back at all times, if I was a bull.

  5. This is a great photo. It's surprising when you get up close how big a cow really is. And their tongues are HUGE and wet. LOL.

  6. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I would wanna look like Elsie - pretty tan with lloonngg eyelashes and beautiful big eyes!

  7. Weird! That is just weird, see you are totally brave and everyone one in the Universe knows it except you. If I were that cow then I would be looking at you silly, because you are the one taking my picture. Duh, what else would you do when some one says look over here and say cheese. Don't forget Happy Cows Come From That House in the Picture.

  8. Your note from the universe is perfect. I keep a note to myself taped above my desk at work: Everyone is full of bologna!

  9. Anonymous5:36 AM

    If I was a cow I would be light brown in color, with long eyelashes and big eyes. I would have that soft poof of hair on my forehead styled and my hooves would be painted sparkley red. I would have a bow on my tail too. I would also probably be wearing necklaces and definately earrings.
    I would be a happy cow and I would tell lot's of cow jokes. The whole heard would laugh a lot.
    And as for the bull? I'd let him know when I was ready and he would wait.

    (What would Freud say about all of this??)


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