As usual, I am behind on lots of things!! Gonna try to tie up some loose ends with a list.

1. Pantypalooza went wonderfully! Thank you all so much! I appreciated all who participated in some form or fashion. I am also thankful for all of your comments and for those of you who took the time to go and read the article.

2. I got a Valentine package from KD Lang ~grins and looks over at swandive~ I wonder how in the world KD got my address! And she left me the sweetest online Valentine!!

3. I have tended to be a little loud to people over the last few days. I have been screeching phrases such as *then just STOP* , *it is YOUR choice*, and *they cannot PLAY if you do not PLAY with them!!* and my favorite:

Me: *If he is threatening your life then you need to IMMEDIATELY call the police*

Her: *Really, well what if I have done something to make him mad?*

Me: *I do not care what you have done. NO ONE should ever threaten you!!*

Her: *~sighs~ oh alright...what is the number for the police?*

Me *~blink blink~ 911!!!!

4. They have ALL BEEN LIKE THAT!!

5. Oh this is going to be such a boring blog post...are you all still with me?

6. Contact me immediately if you did not receive anything from your swap partner. That should all be completed by now.

7. I got the most delicious candy from Judy!!

8. Then Zorra tagged me for this book meme list 15 years ago and I am just now getting around to it!! Bet I am not her BFF right now!

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more.

(No cheating!) Dang it....I am at work so this will be really boring.

Find Page 123. Got it

Find the first 5 sentences: Controlling Behavior-Both the dependant person and the co-dependant person use many controlling tactics in their relationship. The chemically dependant person will often use anger, threats, and pleading promises to keep a spouse in a dependant relationship while the co-dependant person will unwittingly use enabling behaviors which will keep the dependant person both dependant on the *chemical of choice* and dependant on the spouse. After all, the spouse was conditioned by those rules of control. Enabling Behavior- the co-dependant, in order to protect the family, will do the following *enabling* behaviors out of fear of abandonment and fear that the family will come apart.

I am stopping there now. I am supposed to tag 5 people. I think I am the last person in blog world to do this so I do not know of anyone to tag!!

9. What ever happened to that game we played? The game where we left comments pretending to remember memories of the best time we never had together? I wanna play that game again!!

10. So what do you know today?


  1. As I can't help but do in February, I have been recalling my fondest summer memories. I was thinking about that summer, what were we, 18? You came for a couple of weeks in July. Remember that time we took the boat up the river? Who would have known we'd have to take the mast down and put it back up every time we went through a lock. Man! Taking down the sails and a 15' mast after all that wine! It's a good thing Tyrone, the goofy tea-totaler, was on board! Whatever happened to Tyrone? Even if he couldn't sail, at least he learned to rig real fast! The air was so sultry, the water so gentle...we decided to dock and have dinner at that funky water-side cafe. And then we were so tired, we just slept on the deck. Sometimes, I wish we had just kept going north and not returned home the next day. But I was taking summer classes, and you had that summer job to get back to...

  2. I forgot about Tyrone!! I wonder if he is still alive? Think he still dyes his chest hair?

    And how did that *stripping for fun and profit* class go Patti?

  3. I was remembering the Friday after Thanksgivng we went shopping and you convinced me to wear overalls and then outfitted me from head to toe for practically nothing. Then we went and had an amazing lunch of all your favorite goodies.... but I forget what happened after that. can you fill in the blanks?

  4. Oh KP I remember that day! We had so much fun! I outfitted you for less than $5.00 and that included the new leather Coach bag we found at Goodwill!! We laughed so much and we did not care at who stared at us. Which was a good thing because that is what attracted the attention of Tara Banks who was getting her legs waxed at that Salon! And then she invited you onto her set and gave you a car!! I just had to be in the bathroom when she discovered you. Damned those Icees.

  5. LMAO. I did not get tagged for the book meme but Janice said pretty much the same thing you did after she got hit with it and just kind of tagged anyone left who hadn't been tagged. Unfortunately the closest book to me at the time was Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone... in Russian. So eventually I will go drag out the English version and finish the meme on my blog.

  6. All this snow reminds me of the time that you and I won the Iditerod. Remember that one day when the Icees kicked in and yet there we were out there on the tundra with no place to pee and you had the brilliant idea to pee in our clothes and I said "You go first" and you did and it froze, and when you walked it crunched?

    Man, the look on Tyrone's face!

    I was so glad I was secretly wearing one of those astronaut diapers!

    Good times...

  7. I was so mad at you for so long cheesehead!! Tyrone would never ride in the front seat with me again. He did stop asking to borrow my clothes so that was a positive!

    Then remember when we were at the big pep rally? You were so awesome as the head cheerleader. Me...I just played the tuba in the marching band. You were flipping and doing the splits! WOW! Everyone was just enchanted watching you. But you knew that my feelings were still tender over the peeing incident. You did something that I never ever expected you to do. You did a triple double back flip right into Tyrone's arms. He hoisted you up high in the air and twirled you around for all of the world to see. Your eyes met smiled your bad girl smile...gave me a big thumbs up...and then you peed right there in front of God and everyone all over Tyrone's head. That made every thing all right and we were BFF's from then on.

    Well...until you decided not to take me on the cruise and room with St Cass instead.

    I wonder why Tyrone gets a evil eye tick each time he sees one of us now?

  8. Uncle Tyrone was a sweet heart. Oh don't you remember Princess of Everything. He took us to that Salon that Tara Banks uses. If it hadn't been for knittinpreacher laughing so loud we wouldn't have run into her. Tara and Tyrone were old friends from his wrapper days, and I do mean when he was season help at Macy's during Christmas. Anyways, she talked us into getting our hair "corn rowed" so that we could dance in Snoop Dog and P-Diddy's rap video that Tara was able to hook us up with. Ah the good old days.

  9. Uncle Tyrone? Is that what he asked you to call him Baby gator??

    That video was so fly! My in my MC Hammer pants. Wonder if we can find the video on YouTube?

    Then I remember you running away with all of the royalty checks. I heard you blew them all on Baskin Robbins and Taco Bell. ~shakes her head sadly...and can still hear the beads from the corn rows tinkle softly when the hit~

  10. Mindy, I only did my strip tease until the pregnancy started to show. Made real good money, though. After that I modeled (nekkid, of course) for the art class. Then, after the baby was born, I had to settle down.

    I'm pretty sure Tyrone wouldn't still be dying his chest hairs. He did that for his performance piece, "Mabel's Married Life" and that was just so the hairs would show up under the blue lights.

    Next time you see him, tell him I'm single now, OK?

  11. In my defense they were really good burritos and you know that I can't turn down vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. When I finally took my hair down you should have been there to see the afro. Rock on with your bad self MC Hammer pants. We'll always have the video...peace out...the one dollar and ninety seven cent baby gator.

  12. Ah... Mindy...

    Remember last year when we didn't go to the Homiletics convention? We met at the casinos in Vegas and fed Teh Clooney chocolate covered strawberries!!!

    Now really... that has to be among your favorite memories! (It most certainly is mine. :smirk:)


  13. P.S. OK, I am playing the page 123 game right now. :)


  14. Patti, I am so sorry to tell you, but Tyrone is out here n the West Coast now. He's had a sex change opertation and goes by "Tyra" (not THAT Tyra). Cheese broke his heart after the golden shower incident and was so humiliated. But it's OK.

    She/He directs rap videos now, and calls all the girls "Baby Gator" in tribute to the one person who treated him with kindness. (you know who you are. *duh*).

    But Mindy, I am remembering the time you, me and Rach worked undercover as lap dancers at the "Dew Me In The Morning" lounge. Remember? We missed capturing our man when teh Clooney and teh Rickman came in from a break shooting their movie "The Secret of Cows", on location in Texas.

    Our perp slipped out the back disguised in Rach's g-string and boa, leaving Rach out in the cold with nothing but nipple tassles to keep her warm while you and I whooped it up with George and Alan.

    Good times. Good times.

  15. Oh Deb...I remember it like it was yesterday! He was so sweet to let us do that and we were in HEAVEN! Well until Teh Clooney went into anaphylactic shock!! Who knew that he was allergic to strawberries?!?!!? I thought that you were so brave in sacrificing yourself to give him CPR until the ambulance arrived. I would have helped but my CPR card was expired. You brought him back to life and rode to the hospital with him in the ambulance. I just kept thinking that HE was the luckiest man in the world because you were RIGHT there and knew what to do IMMEDIATELY! And Me? I followed behind the ambulance in our rented mini-van.

    ~gives you the eye~ I thought all of that until I found the extensive medical file you were keeping on him that you left behind in the car. I never knew he had a birthmark there!! Your secret is safe with me.

  16. Then teh Hugh Lauri came in with the diet cherry coke from the Sonic? Lawsy I am a goner for a man with a Sonic cup. I was a bit distracted and did not realize that he was part of the *organization*. I could have turned to a life of crime right then and there. I still have that straw.

    I also remember that Rach would have had on her g-string and boa if SOMEONE had not liberally dosed them with itching powder. I swear you have to get over this jealousy! You can go get Wonder Woman boots just like hers!

    But, if you have not been jealous, we would have never known about Rach's hidden talent! Who would have ever guessed that tassles could spin that fast?!?!?!

    Oh PG...the memories!! You are so right...good time good time!! ~snorts~ How can I forget? I still have the duck tattoo! We tought that we were going to be the next best thing since the Dixie Chicks. The Dew Me Ducks just does not have the same ring.

  17. But the bracelet, Mindy, it's the spiky bracelet I long for and can never have!! Rach is the only one I know who has ever mastered yodeling while juggling ping pong balls on the back of a Harley! It just irks me, after I've studied and practiced for years. Itching powder was mild compared to what I was gonna do! (I do have a conscience after all)

    Yeah, we worried about you there for a minute with teh Hugh Laurie. But then George and Alan bought us rounds of shooters and it was play time once more.

    We can still try for the girl band thing. Maybe Idol will let a band compete. If Dew Me Ducks doesn't work, how about Plano's Poultry?

    (goin' to the shower to practice voice exercises, and ping pong juggling......I just know I can try for that bracelet again....)

  18. Anonymous7:03 AM

    But what about that time we went to the Flock of Seagulls concert and you "accidentially" set Tyrones chest hairs on fire when you flicked your Bic??
    And why was Rach wearing her panites dangling from her feather earrings??
    I'm still pissed that you stole my dark purple eyeshadow. I want it back.

  19. Mindy,
    SOMEONE had to give Teh Clooney mouth-to-mouth. I was brave wasn't I?

    But I want to know if that stain ever came out where the chocolate had to be licked off of your...

    you know...

    whoosh get me a fan... suddenly it's hot in here!


  20. PG...word of warning...Rach will cut you over that bracelet. I am just saying. *nods wisely*

  21. And why was Rach wearing her panites dangling from her feather earrings??
    I'm still pissed that you stole my dark purple eyeshadow. I want it back.

    Tsk tsk tsk Miss Bunny. How quickly we forget all of the actual EVENTS that happened. Tyrone's chest hair would never have gone up in flames had you not insisted on lotioning him with with that body glitter. Who would have ever guess that stuff was flamable? He has us to thank for that life time pass to all of their concerts.

    and it was not RACH that had her undies dangling from her earrings dear. That was you...Remember?? You were trying to throw them onstage and got turned around with all of the firemen rushing about trying to put out Tyrone. REMEMBER? You almost put out that poor firemans left eye when you were slinging your braziere around. I bet he still has a scar.

    Dang...Tyrone should could scream like a girl.

  22. Deb....

    Tide Stick To Go. I never leave home without it.

    ~grins~ Now if teh Clooney will agree to do the Tide commercial with me I will have it made in the shade.

  23. You are still my BFF but I can't help thinking of you a bit differently after all the things Tyrone has said about you in session. Sorry, it's confidential but I think you know what I'm talking about, missy. Gives a whole new meaning to Pantipalooza.

    And forget about breaking into my office, looking for his file. You'll never find it.

  24. Lordy, between Miss Bunny and Cheesehead, no wonder Tyrone's in therapy.

    Bless you Zorra for helping.

  25. Remember when we all went to the Elbow Bend Club, we all did jello shooters! Then Princess and I decided it was a good time to dance on the tables because we both had our GOOD FLEXESES on!

    If you don't own a FLEXESE, GET ONE!

  26. You mean this one???


    P.S. I happen to know that silly string in chest hair is more flammable than body glitter. Just sayin.

  27. Zorra is that a threat? You forget that I. HAVE. FRIENDS.

    And I know whose days of the week panties that he keeps in his drawer...I am just saying. ~gives you the eye~ And why is he so partial to Thursdays???

    And the man was never pressured into anything! He made CHOICES!

    Speaking of session....I have always wanted to talk to you and ask you why I

  28. God Bless FLEXESES Ester!!

    Those were jello shooters? OMG! I thought those were just jello jigglers! *snickers at jigglers and flexeses in the same comment*

    We danced proud on those tables to *Proud Mary* too bad it was noon and no one was there.

    hhhmmm....what are you doing for happy hour?

  29. Oh man!!! Y'all are all so funny! I am totally, totally suffering writer's/memory block. Maybe I'll go to a hypnotherapist this weekend and delve into my obviously repressed memories.

  30. Remember Rach: Jesus wants you for a sunbeam!

  31. Why you what?

    (Word verification: hymtint. For chest hair, no doubt.)


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