You know how much Bebo and I love the Super Bowl. For several years now, he and I have had our own Super Bowl party. We started it when he was little. Man that kid is into some football! And gosh knows it comes natural cause he sure did not learn it from me! Each year we take great joy in planning out our party menu and watching the game. I always get the default team. He picks and I get the left over. I blogged about one of our prior SB parties here.

So before the game started, I got some toe nail painting time in. You still have to be girly even if watching a football game.

We made sausage balls and put them into the crockpot to keep warm.

We had ordered the Super Bowl popcorn package from Dale and Thomas and it came with this nifty glass bowl that can be used for future SB parties.

Doesn't that look so yummy?!?!?!?

We iced down our drinks so they would be cold cold cold thoughout the party.

Love those colors.

Brought out and filled the football shaped chip and dip platter. Bebo made a new bacon dip that was really good. Actually, you could put bacon on a piece of plastic and I bet I would eat it.

The chips are made at one of our local grocery store and they are to die for! The spices make the chips look like they have a great sprayed on tan.

Our new recipe this year was for homemade buffalo wings with a tangy bar b que sauce. We tend to like chicken without the bones so we used chicken strips.

The table is all set up and ready for the munching during the game. We each have our team that we are rooting for and are excited for the game to begin.

I look over at Bebo during the 2nd quarter. He has been really really quite and that is not like him AT ALL during a football game. There has been no traveling back and forth to the table of delights.

He looked up at me from his place on the couch and said, *I don't feel so good*.

Yep, Bebo now has the crud. He went to school this am but came home at 10:30. The school called later this afternoon to tell me that they are cancelling school tomorrow. Too many students and teachers are out sick.

We now have lots of snack food wrapped up and put into the freezer.

My team won.

But it is really hard to gloat when you opponent looks like this.


  1. Poor guy. I hope he gets to feeling better soon. Too bad he missed out on the snacks.

  2. PS- Your toenails look so purdy! I love that color!

  3. Bless that sweet child's heart! And after all his work on the menu (which I could eat ALL of right now, no kidding!). I hope he feel better soon.

    Our school out in Beach Boy land has an almost 30% out sick rate. But the school goes on. Only because our teachers loves the homewirk more than any other country's teachers. That's why all the parents send their kids to school, fever and vomit notwithstanding!

    P.S. Your toes were gorgeous.

  4. You two sure know how to plan a party! Sorry the crud interfered. Tell Bebo I hope he is better soon.

  5. Pretty toes! Great looking food!! I'm sure Bebo will got lots of TLC.

  6. What a great photo essay, Mindy.

    ~applauds wildly~

    So sorry about poor Bebo. May he get well soon and may you stay well.

  7. awww...poor kid!

    Dang, now I'm REALLY hungry.

    I loved how you said you could tell he really felt bad when you picked him up from school yesterday - because he didn't ask to drive! ha!

  8. So, Super Bowl 43 party at your place? And we're all invited? :)

    I had to read this before I had I'm even more hungry, and there's not a buffalo wing to be had in this little town. Which should be against city ordinances or something.

    Hope Bebo feels better soon! And those are some damn purty lookin' toenails!

  9. Hope he feels much better soon.

    Great toes! Can you come and do mine too?

  10. Poor Bebo! I hope he is starting to feel better by now.
    Your toenails look great.

  11. Hope Bebo feels better. And he didn't feel good at something he really enjoys.

    Terrible that so many are sick that school is called off. I have never seen that happen.

  12. prayers for the Bebo - and it's almost not fun to miss school when it's shut down!
    love the toes - have you tried the artificial toe nails?? bought some today at wally world - a friend swears by them in a pinch!

  13. AAAWWWW, my poor brother. But he is feeling better now. My team won too. I just picked them because the QB and his bro seem like nice people. How bad of a bookie would I be???

  14. oh, poor guy! All that snack food and a tummy bug to go with it! I hope he feels better soon and that you stay healthy!

  15. Oh, and I LOVE that popcorn bowl and the football chip and dip bowl too.
    I need to find me a football chip/dip bowl.

  16. Booty-ful toes you have there! Looks like you had a great time.

    Sorry, your little darling is feeling under the weather. Wishes to GET WELL SOON!

  17. Poor kiddo, but his nurse had cute tootsies!

  18. Or maybe he wasn't feelin' so good 'cause his team lost?! Good thing he has a great nurse like you! had a better party than I did. I painted my living room...

  19. Mindy: E-mail me mixter_64 AT yahoo DOT com.


  20. Two kids in my class had scarlet fever. What are the chances? I hope Bebo feels better.

  21. having just gotten over the crud, I hope Bebo is better... and that you did not get it!



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