Okay! Time is up! Today is that day to mail out your Valentine and Candy to your partner if you have not already done so!!

I also have up a Valentine box! ~points over to the left of the blog~ You can click on the box and leave me an online Valentine. I can see how many Valentine's that have been left for me but I they will not be visible to me until Valentine's day. How cool is that?!?!?! Feel free to get your own. Just let me know and I will run over and leave you a Valentine too!

*snickers* I posted this once and then realized that my title was *Male Call*


  1. Presbyterian Gal6:55 AM

    I'd leave the Valentine, but my computer is not working. Long story.

    This will have to do:

    Roses are red
    Violets are actually purple, not blue
    Princess Mindy is the bestest
    and I like peanut butter
    (free verse)

  2. LMAO @ free verse. PG you are the sweetest nut.

  3. Oh! PG has started yet another trend!!!

    Violet probably are purle.
    Roses are red.
    Nothing rhymes with purple
    And my roses are dead.

  4. Dang it!!!!

    Purple!!! I meant purple!

  5. While it’s good to be Queen,
    Being Princess is better,
    The candy is sweeter,
    And the roses are redder.

    Many Valentine’s Day Wishes
    TO YOU!

  6. Gerry you have totally summed up the Princess/Queen thing for me!

  7. Roses are red,
    Violet are (kinda) blue.
    I'll send you a Valentine
    If you'll send me a male or two!

  8. *snickers* Preacher Mom...I will send him UPS. If you are not there,they will not be able to deliver. No pun intended.

  9. Presby gal made me LOL!!
    I can't top that!

  10. You've been tagged!

  11. I'll mail today, one day late...story of my life.

  12. Freudian slip on the male call - too funny - you should have left it. I assume you are familiar with Sara Hickman's song "I Wish I Were a Princess," but just in case you aren't you can hear a preview here:
    I couldn't find it on uTube. Have a good Valentine's Day.

  13. Oh by the way, did I miss Panty Palooza? When do you usually do it?

  14. She has totally forgotten to get us all hyped up for Pantypalooza. But at least we know what to get her for Valentines.

  15. I sent my partner's valentine!!!! love you too!


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