My Mom and Bebo came yesterday to stay with me for a few days. Since they were coming, I made sure that the house was nice and picked up. Everything in its place.

Babygator was in town and going to come by and eat supper with us. We were sitting around in the living room watiting for her when Bebo got quiet and whispered to us "Be really really still and look over there at what is peeping out from behind the bookcase."

Nothing freaks you like a 14 year old boy saying....be really really still.

Of course my mom and I whipped our heads around just in time to see a lizard looking out at us.

This lizard usually lives under my front porch. He has for years. And he is a long lizard about 10 inches long. Well, he looked more like 26 inches but that is beside the point. It may not be the original lizard but I feel sure that it has been his children...then grandchildren....great grandchildren and so on and so forth. It has been a literal lizard legacy played out at my place. He has always lived there in peace and I am happy believing that he is eating all sorts of little creepy crawly bugs that I do not want to see anyway. At least I hope that is what he is doing. He and I have only had one previous altercation when he can across the top of my foot while I was out watering my plants. Oh what stories I am sure that the neighbors told when they saw me screeching and dancing along the lawn that morning.

Then there was last night.

Bebo and I promptly went into hunter mode. Armed with our trusty lizard extrication tools, we began to track the lizard. He was fast! And I have a whole lot of things that make the most excellant little lizard hiding places. Who knew that I was practicing lizard fung shue?

Anyway, before any time at all, the living room began to look like this.

We had moved the bookcase and the TV cabinet from the walls because he kept running up under them. He also was able to run across pillows that were used as a barrier. Well, he outsmarted us.....ran across the room and behind the couch.

So the couch then was pulled out from the wall.

Lovely mess for a lizard. Bebo and I actually got really cracked up while trying to chase down the lizard. We kept giggling and had to stop and catch our breathes.

My mom saw no humor in the whole adventure.

Cricky look at the size of that beauty!

This is him as he slowly came from behind the couch and I CAUGHT HIM!! Well, he may have just been giving up but I prefer to think that I was channeling Steve Irwin.

Important lizard extrication tools. No home should be without them. Baby gator finally got there and she and Bebo were in charge of lizard relocation. I told them that he had to at least go across the street so that he did not shoot back in the door before we could get it closed.

The lizard whisperer

Then the damned thing did not want to leave! I am thinking that he thought he had just aquired a new condo or something.

Rachel pointed out that he was probably just there to sell me some insurance.

My mom was a really big help in the capture. We really think that her yelling the words, *PUT THAT DAMNED CAMERA DOWN AND CATCH THE THING!!* from her lofty perch was just what we needed to get the job done.


  1. ROTFLMAO, You forgot the part about how Mama ran outside to tell me that she caught the lizard. You should amend your story and talk about that.

  2. wow, you guys sure having exciting get togethers.

  3. BWAAHAHAHA! This cracked me up! Love the photo of yer maw.

    He's a pretty dang cool lizard.

  4. You all probably scared the poor thing. LOL. Good thing no one told your mom that lizards can climb up chairs.

  5. Ha ha, funny times.

    It looks like what we in Southern CA call an alligator lizard.

    We have lots of lizards here, but they tend to stay outside. We do have one that seems to like the climbing roses outside our front door though.

  6. Hey, we have the very same lizard extrication tool!

    But we use ours to strain the spaghetti.

  7. he he he he heeeeeeeee!!!!!

    The "lizard condo" comment was what done me in.

    still giggling!!!

  8. God, I missed you.

    Never leave again.

  9. :-D
    Glad you were able to take him alive.

  10. Great pics! I have the same table and chairs.

    That's some lizard. Once the day before I went on vacation one of my cats brought a lizard inside. The lizard got away and ran under the cabinets. Though Hobbes kept vigil, the lizard didn't come out before I put him in the cat hotel while I was away. When I came back a week later the lizard was sitting on the back of the sofa. Somehow I got him into a paper bag and set him free outside.

  11. I laughed so hard I almost peed.. mostly because I just told you in an email that hub and I abandoned our picnic because of rain and we ate in Jemez Springs.. at the LAUGHING LIZARD Cafe, LOLOL.. http://www.thelaughinglizard.com/

  12. *buh...buh...buh~explodes~BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! That is first class finest funny I've read in a month of Sundays. Especially relating as I do having caught salamanders and lizards of several types hiding in my house. And the picture of your mom is just.....*wiping tears*....priceless.

    Lizard condo....hahahahahaha. You gotta name the guy.

  13. This is priceless.

  14. Oh, my! I can't stop laughing. You all are very brave.

  15. Mindy,

    that poor lizard is lucky it didn't suffer from apoplexy - I can just see you telling every one to hold on while you get the pictures for your blog.

  16. That's a pretty big lizard. My mother is deathly afraid of lizards. I do believe she would die of a heart attack if one ever actually touched her. She has called my father home from work before to get lizards out of the house!

  17. That's a good sized lizard. A snake got into our house a while back. Now that was exciting.

  18. He *is* a gorgeous critter.. and it's probably a spotted whiptail. In case you wanted to know. But I need to see a bigger pic to be sure. The one you got of him on the floor doesn't enlarge like the others.

  19. OMG - toooo funny!!

  20. BTW - my first giggle was at "be very still"

  21. It's not just your house!!! We're ALL in danger. read this

  22. This is too funny Mindy!!

  23. love this, love you
    you are the GREATEST

    and as for your mum and the quote below ... ahem ... laughing so much :)


  24. Tears, rolling down my cheeks.

  25. Cricky that is a big one! What are you feeding it. Watch out all other animals.

    too funn, loved the pictures.


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