1. Amber, suck it UP already! Sheeze!

2. Standing in line waiting to be weighed at WW the other night. Lady in front of me gets ready to be weighed. The conversation went like this:

Weigher: "Well, let me go ahead and give you your 50 lbs weight loss magnet!! I am so proud of you!"

Weighee: "Thank you so much!" *and tucks it into her purse and hops of the scales*

Weigher: "Oh. Oh my"

Weighee: "What is it? Is there something wrong?"

Weigher: "You are going to have to give me that magnet back. I thought you would be at your 50 today but I was wrong. Give it back."

Weighee: ~blink blink~

Me? I was thinking that the weigher would have to crawl over that desk and freaken rip the magnet out of my chubby little hands if she had done that to me!

3. Watched The Break Up. I kept waiting for the happy ending. *SPITS* Hated the movie. Made me think about all of my past regrets and put me in a funky mood.

4. Read Cold Mountain and love it until the freaken last 8 pages! I have decided that is what is wrong with the world...there are no happy endings anymore!!

5. I am smart enough to know not to watch the movie now.

6. The last comment on the kid's pic is not to be missed.

Diesel said...
Did they make you say that, Mindy? It looks like you took the pic from on the floor, with them threatening to beat you if you didn't post something nice. If you need help, post a comment on my blog telling me I look like a young Brad Pitt.

Diesel is a nut and his blog is funny! Well, the parts that I understand. Sometimes I think he is a lot smarter than me. But then, he would not let me win the picture of him photo-shopped into a Lost scene so he lost points on that. Bet that upsets him.

7. I miss Lost.

8. Coffee Shops would make a butt load of money if they could package how them smell and sell it as air freshener. I love going thought the drive through at Star Bucks and having them open that sliding glass window. I am tempted to say "Don't need a thing! Just huffing!".

9. I would love to hold hands with John Craigie just once

10. Oh! I forgot to tell you! The kids and I are going on vacation in August. We are going to Albuquerque and to Santa Fe. And guess what the best part is??? I am getting to meet up with Flutterby!! We go way back from before blogs. We met up on a message board and have been fast friends ever since. I just wish that she lived down the block.

11. I am altering a clock. Wanna see? Would you also like to see how to wrap a package and make it look really special without spending a lot of money? I mean....I GUESS I could show off if you REALLY want for me to.

12. I am saving my pennies for next summer hoping that there is a BIG blogger meet up! Maybe then I will not be so jealous.

13. Is my favorite number.

14. Best comment on Friday Cow Blogging goes to The Reverend Mommy with this comment:

"Poor poor cow. But at least someone got a piece of tail.(ooo.... I can't believe I said that!)" *snickers*

15. I adore all of your comments.

16. My new lotion smells like Jergens and it reminds me of my paternal grandmother. She always had a big white bottle of the stuff. She would also make sugar cookies and would trace our hands in the dough so that we each got to eat our own hand. I miss her. I wish I had gotten to know her better.

17. I talked to one of my guys today and the awesome benefits of soap and water. Some people...they ain't like us.

18. I so want to buy a house.

19. So what are ya'll up to today?


  1. You need a show, girl. You do. They need to ditch those idiot shows like Amber's on and Bad Girls and such all that reduce our IQ's by 50 points every time we watch 'em. Then you could show us how to wrap that package and alter that clock. Not to mention how to clean someone's clock who doesn't use soap!!!

    I want to them to cancel Rachel Ray's show and put a Princess Mindy's Kingdom show on!!! SpookyRach would do her cemetary spots and commentaries. You could have a "Blogger of the Week" come visit. Oh, I just have so many ideears. Can I produce it?

  2. OMG! That would be so awesome PG! And of course you would produce it! Who else? Have your people call my people darlin'. We'll do lunch.

    That would be perfect for Rach and just think of the different bloggers that we already know that the world needs to see!

  3. Sorry, but I'm thinking....who the hell is Amber?

    Thanks for the 'rant' today. It was fun to read.

    We've also been disappointed by movies (and books) lately. It's good to know that it's the rest of the world and not us! LOL.

  4. Big Brother 8 Gerry. Amber cries ALL OF THE TIME. I don't mean just a little bit.

  5. I have nothing fun nor witty to say today, other than - like you - I LOVE the smell of coffee. **huffing** snicker!! I always walk real slow thru the coffee aisle at the grocery store.

  6. Well, I thought that was funny Bunny. But then again, we are all warped around here.

  7. I agree with presbyterian gal, you got to do a show. This is great. Laughed myself silly.

  8. We want Mindy show :)

    I am saving my pennies for next summer hoping that there is a BIG blogger meet up! Maybe then I will not be so jealous.

    I can't make the RevGals thing. Bad bad timing ... but I could visit you in the early summer??? Are you up for it?

  9. I met a guy on that icky yahoo personals thingie and he called me. AAack! He sounds normal, but I have never had the courage to go through with phone calls and meeting up...this is such an uncomfortable place for a shy girl like me. Pray for me, please, girlfriend.

  10. Oh, and I want to hold hands with Hugh Laurie.

  11. Oh I heart Hugh Laurie!
    Oh Patti I am praying!! At the very least, I want you to have a good time and a nice conversation!
    *grins* I am jealous.

    And Lorna, you just pop in anytime!! Do we know for sure when the meet up would be with the Revs?

  12. Wow. You promised and you delivered, girl!

    That was a metric buttload of random, as Sue would say.

    I agree on your need for a show.

  13. *grins* I am to please sweet Ms. Cheese.

    A metric buttload....I am liking that!

  14. I am just thinking about that poor weighee. How horrible. The weigher should have kept her mouth SHUT.

    Re: Cold Mountain, I know, the ending is a major bummer, but wasn't it a great book? Didn't you love Ruby? Don't avoid the movie, it's actually very good and you don't want to miss Jude Law. Apart from how he looks, I was impressed that he got the accent right. You know that seldom happens.

  15. It was an awesome book Zorra but I did not want him to die. I could not put the book down.

  16. Yeah, I'm stealing that metric buttload phrase. I like that.

    Like your randomness. I love to read random junk on blogs.

  17. I would do my underwater somersaults on your show with my swim cap with flowers on it that Rosa is sending me. I could be the next Esther Williams..

  18. Oh Cathy...you shall be the opening act! Keep your calendar open for me sweetie.

  19. I want to see the clock and the packaging idea...I also want to meet a fellow blogger some day...

  20. *grins really big* I shall work on a tutorial this weekend annie!!

  21. Yep - show. I adore you dear.

  22. Show Idea - we all show our school pix with BIG West Texas hair - it will wow others!

  23. Show idea--instead of Stupid Pet Tricks, we all get to bring our dogs and cats on the show to demonstrate how brilliant they are.

  24. Well, actually, I guess that's what Stupid Pet Tricks is...

  25. I like the random stuff. ... But you also need to randomly explain to your youngest who Jim Morrison is.

  26. Takin' notes as fast as I can!!!

    Got a call in to teh Clooney and teh Rickman. For the Dance Fever segment.

    Any volunteers to be Cathy's pool chorus for the Esther Williams piece?

    The crew's cryin' for your fresh baked bread again, Mindy. The craft service stuff is just nasty.

    Any ideas for the Guest Blogger dressing room?

  27. jonboy: Jim Morrison = was.

  28. *snickers* Yes zorra...it is. But I would like to book you and yours for the first addition of Fab Furbies. Or what ever name we come up with.

    Jon....I am sure you will be pleased to know that Bebo got a haircut.

    And ^5 Rachel!!

  29. ~starts taking notes too~ Oh PG I am so excited!!

    Pops the fresh bread with REAL butter onto the table.

    OMG....do we dare hope that TEH will really show for us???

    Memo to self...STAY ON WW!! Must lose weight before be begin filming. Wonders if Kate Winslet can body double.

  30. LOL she says *meet up* like she's spending 5 minutes here. She did not tell you I am taking over their whole vacation. I love to play tour guide! And I certainly hope you are not planning on dieting on vacation your Highness because I COOK and plan on doing some of my best stuff while you are here. And it's certainly not diet food!
    And yes yes YES PG; ANYTHING to get rid of that annoying airheadtwitbimbo wannabe *chef*.

  31. ~doing the Texas dance of joy cause she will get to see Flutter AND eat~ hehehe

  32. This is sooo funny! Yes, a show, definitely a show!

    And that WW story is just wrong! They'd have to pry it out of my cold dead hand.

  33. YYYAAAAA!!!!!!!(flutterbys cook'in)

  34. It's ok, I don't understand all the parts of my blog either.

    I would have cut my arm off with a pen knife on the spot to get that magnet. "Is that enough weight for you, b*tch?!?!"

    That would show them.

  35. You are SO right about Amber - enough already!

    I'm all about the Mindy show. Sign me up!

  36. OK I can't get past the idiot WW employee. I worked for them for two years-I would no more have taken that 50-lb. award back. I would have died first. Keep your mouth shut and move on, I say.

    When's the Mindy Show going to be aired? Must pay cable bill first.


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