Okay, let's talk about something else now.

One of the big television stations in this area takes a week and reports from a different small town each night of that week. Last night it was our turn. Babygator, Ming Cow Veal and I made it girls night out and went to the TV party. Ming was going to represent the new herd that we are trying to get going here. She was really apprehensive. You know how a pet will dig their feet in? That is what Ming was doing on her way down the stairs. Silly thing was stiffening out her legs making it hard for me to carry her.

Finally we made it down the stairs without incident. However, she was a bit frightened at getting into a vehicle that she had never been in before. She poked her head out of Babygator's Jeep and cried! I finally realized that the poor thing thought she was not going to get to come home!! I talked to her and calmed her down. I explained to her that this was her HOME and that she would be coming back. I also told her that Babygator would be extra careful driving. (I think Bebo might have told her about how his sister drives *snickers*).

Finally we left the house and got to town square. Ming was happy by that time and insisted that her sister carry her.

I think that the two girls have the same smile. *grins*

We had a great time and actually saw a cow I did not know about! This is the cow that belongs to one of our dairy's. She is a pretty Holstein! She was really into doing her job well promoting milk and her dairy! That is the dairy's canopy behind her. Guess who is desperately wanting one of those purty cow spotted canopy's? Moi! Send your cow canopy donations to the 800 # flashing on your screen now!!
And I can get it at Tractor Supply. *grins* I wonder how many of you can say you have ever been into a Tractor Supply?? That's what I thought.
These were country cows come into the city. They were not impressed.

And how many of you have milked a cow? hhhmmmm? Be honest now! This is another thing that the dairy was doing. It was a cow milking contest for kids.
Look at those kids go!

This was Ming doing her job telling people to buy fiberglass cows! (I almost typed Buy US Bonds!) The man next to her is in charge of geo-caching. Our cows are in on the geo-caching craze!! Ming is also wondering why her sister is always on the phone.

I got to be on TV during the newscast as part of a *herd* of people in the background. I figure that makes me pseudo-famous.
Have your people call my people and we will do lunch.


  1. Me! Me! I've been to Tractor Supply!! I love these cow posts. I have a crush on cows.

  2. old school acres....isn't it the best place in the world!!!

    ppsstt...I have a crush on cows too.

  3. I have milked a cow. And... I have had a cow "shat" on me. Had to go home and change and everything. Shame on cow.

    gilpliz is word verification

  4. I have never been to Tractor Supply. But I have milked a cow.

    I imagine your kitchen like this: Cow patterned curtains; milkstool chairs around counter; cow magnets on fridge holding notes made of cow face shaped notepaper; dishtowels with cows or cow spottage; cow cookie jar on counter; cow faced clock on wall and apron with cow border on flounce hanging on peg.

    ...(poor Cathy. Shame on cow, indeed)

  5. Great story, Mindy! I love all the pictures. And you got your 15 minutes of fame, too!

  6. ~gggiiillllpppplllliiiizzzz~ is the sound that a cows hind end makes when it is shatting on Cathy.


    PG...WRONG...totally wrong!! My kitchen is done in greens and blues. More birds than anything in there. But babygators is almost exactly as you have described.

    Thank you QG!

  7. That is a well-traveled little calf.

  8. I may not have been to Tractor Supply, but I have been to the Co-Op, and also to Rural King!

  9. Mrs M I have not been to Co-OP or Rural King. It is just Tractor Supply and GEBO's here!

    It would be harder for her to travel if she were bigger rach!

  10. This is totally darling, and so is Ming, and so are you.

  11. I love Tractor Supply. We can get everything from nails to dog biscuits there. Bib overalls too, if we wanted them.

  12. I had an uncle who owned a dairy farm when I was a child. We would go and spend time there in the summers. I loved the cows but never would milk one. That just seemed gross to me!

    Once when they were moving the cows from one field to another, we were riding the tailgate of the truck behind the herd on a dusty road. I got the brilliant idea to drag my feet and make dust clouds. Well, what I made was dusty cow pie. I will never forget the feel of warm fresh cow dung clinging to my ten year old toes! My younger brother and sister thought it was quite funny.

  13. I've been to Tractor Supply, multiple times, multiple locations. Tractor Supply was medical supply when I had a picc line. Those long gloves (also used for cows) made taking a shower much easier.

    I've also milked a cow. But my favorite cow milking story is watching my grandpa milk straight into the kittens' mouths. The "training" of the kittens was hilarious.

  14. Where I grew up in RURAL Southern New Jersey (yes, there is such a thing), we had county fair, which included cow milking contests, tractor pulls and rodeos.

    It would have been way more fun if there were fiberglass cows there. :)

  15. Zorra....who wouldn't want bib overalls???

    I think it is funny too annie!!

    I have only heard tales of cats and kittens doing that! I thought it was just a story!

    Oh right you are!

  16. this is almost getting the comments as the one of epic proportions a while back.

    You have the most interesting of word verifications - uagppng - but that it is because it is the princess's comment blog :)

    I think it is another cow behind sound.

  17. Cute! All of you!

    Mindy, you were famous before all this!

  18. Tractor Supply is my husband's and my favorite store to go to together (ie one that we BOTH love).

    We have a very unique marriage.

    I like that you can get Westren (not Western, Westren) clothes there. I do not buy them but I like to look at them.

    They have lots of dog stuff, but it is all for BIG HONKING ENORMOUS dogs, not for dogs the size of mine. :)

    I have not milked a cow. Another verse to that song...

  19. Now I have to come out there and geocache all the cows!!!

  20. Annie I almost peed myself laughing over the cow patty toes!! My grandfather and his brothers, all 6 of them, would hide Easter eggs under dried cow patties..

  21. OK, well, I have to comment if only to note my WV: "ouhlj." That's the sound that Annie made after the manure-toes incident.

  22. This is just so sweet Mindy! You didn't need the tv coverage. You're already famous on these internets you know...

  23. Milked the cows - slopped hte pigs - sheared the sheep - been to TS

    Even though I live in the City now, I still love seeing guys wear their Carhart jackets when it gets cold - reminds me of high school

    my word verification is fizlsmyc - I think that's the sounds the pigs made when they sunk their snouts in the slop!!

  24. Cute cow!!

    Is it for sale?????

    Maybe I'll stop by Tractor Supply or Rural Kind here in my town just so I can BUY something!!!

  25. I can't imagine what the drivers behind you thought!

  26. I'm sure I've been to a Tractor Supply sometime in my life; I know I was at Agway twice last week.

    I love the picture of Ming in the back of the jeep.

  27. My mission in life now days is to aggravate hubby's cows. (we're dairy farmers) All of them. They hate me. They raise their tails and aim at me when I come close. They're just jealous!

    I tried to milk a cow once ... just didn't work out. .. and Rural King and Tractor Supply are awesome places to take two year old triplets too ... lots of stuff to get into.


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