I am here! I was gone for the holidays....then got busy...then got sick. But you know me, I always come back.

Fireworks purchased at the fireworks stand while Bebo slobbered (and my brain is thinking we might as well be lighting dollar bills): $29.99

Roman Candles that are not called roman candles any more and a buy one get one free box of pop its: $ 8.49
All photos courtesy of Bebo who does not know that I have posted this story.
Bebe then reading the sides of the roman candles and the fireworks and beginning to crack up at the use of the words *blue balls* and *shoots flaming balls* as any 14 year old boy would : $Funny
My mom looking at Bebo and saying deadpanned "Well, I guess you will need to wear a cup." and then seeing the look on Bebo's face when he realized his sainted grandmother was talking about BALLS! .......


  1. OMG, I laughed so hard I scared the cats!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. LMAO Your mom is priceless.

  3. Kids think we know NOTHING about anatomical slang - it always surprises them when we KNOW what they are talking about.

    Snickering - your mom got 'em :)

  4. and... I hope you are feeling LOTS better.

  5. that's so funny! Your son will one day realize that he has the coolest grandma ever!

  6. ...but he probably already knows that!

  7. Glad you're back and that you're feeling better. I missed you.

  8. I love your mom!

    Glad you're back and hope you're feeling better.

  9. *snorts* LOLing.....

    Re your mom, as the saying goes: the fruit does not fall far from the tree. My mom and I could hang with you and your mom.

  10. Oh, that is too funny!

    I was having the same thoughts about lighting a 20 dollar bill while waiting for my youngest to make her selection! It just would not be the same, lighting a 20 dollar bill--no sparkly colors, no loud noise, no excitement while waiting to see if the fuse actually got lit, etc.

  11. Anonymous9:54 PM

    My muzzy and me wanna hang out with you and your mom!


  12. We can't do Roman Candles, legally, in Colorado, but people go to Wyoming to get them. Very funny post!

    I just read your comment to Diane about her son, the prodigal. She and I met when my daughter realized how much we had in common. I would love it if you would care to read the story of our prodigal, which he and I did together when he returned from Teen Challenge, a different person. A redeemed person. If you care to, it is on my sidebar and called "A Story of Deliverance."

  13. Oh lord, this is good!

    Bebo will never look at fireworks the same way again. (Yeah! He'll have to squint a bit after that roman candle puts his eye out.)

  14. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Kudo's to your mama!!

  15. :snort:
    Ok, when I saw the package that said "blue balls" I was already giggling because I KNEW what had to be coming...


  16. Anonymous9:19 AM

    mom of two boys -
    looking at wallpaper border for one's room - found one we liked but forgot to mark it - looking again later and son says it's in the sports section - I said I was checking the "B" section in case it was under "Balls" - wild snickering ensued!! I assured him no one would want that image on wallpaper!!
    lurker on your site - native Texan also with strong ties to west TX


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