Thursday Thankfulness

 I have so very much that I am thankful for but, it's I'll keep this list short.

  1. I am thankful for Camille who still likes to include me in her life and lets me hang out with her and her friends.
  2. I am thankful for Cade and his ability to tease with me.  But, I still will not let him sit on my couch while he is naked.
  3. That both of my kids love to say I love you and tell me every day.
  4. A savings account
  5. A new adventure
  6. Airplanes.  I would not have been a good covered wagon passenger.  Seriously, they would have left me behind with the first armoire.
  7. Doggy doors
  8. Early birthday gifts
  9. 51
  10. October
  11. Creamer
  12. Clean panties
  13. Foam roller core.  OMG...seriously, have you tried one?  You MUST!!
  14. Photos
  15. You
 And so...what about you?  What are the little things that make your heart go aaaahhhhhhh?


  1. Chocolate. Coffee. Cats. And sleeping until 10.

  2. Julie7:46 PM

    Friends I have not met IRL who support me and make me laugh (that includes you!!)

  3. Things that have just been cleaned
    The way leaves look against the sky from under the tree.
    Contrasting colors in a bouquet.
    Cat belly fur.
    That my daughter is happy.
    Tiny things that are easily overlooked.
    Folk art.
    Train travel.
    Lou Reed
    Growing things from seeds or cuttings.
    The first morning of the year that you really NEED a sweater.
    My tribe.

    1. Always tribe sweetie...always tribe. Things that have just been cleaned. A small thing I have over looked! Love that!

  4. My blogging friends....And I love your list by the way

  5. Rik, Caleb, my aquarium, my awesome church, a job where I get to watch God bring healing and wholeness, my home, my bed, fuzzy socks, special mugs and tea cups, jewelry that has meaning attached, vacation in 2 days, and my friends including you.

    1. Great list! I also agree with the jewelry with meaning!

  6. I am grateful for you and your thankful ways!

  7. What's a foam roller core?

    I am thankful for Friday Eves. Yessirreebob. And thankful that I did not go to jail this week. Yep.


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