What Love Looks Like 4/6/12

It has been a really rough week.  I was totally blindsided by clowns.  My instinct told me that I was playing with clowns but they looked so nice and said all the right words.  Then, because of their actions, I had to do away with something that I believed in and had worked hard for.  There has been a lot of tears.  There have been many searches for my big girl panties. 

At the end of this week.....peace came.

Last Saturday, before the Circus started,  I went to a garage sale that one of my friends, Phyllis, was working at.  I looked ravishingly lovely with  my hair askew and no make up on.   Phyllis handed me a pretty little cotton bag and said *here, I got ya something*.  

She had taken the time to look through my pinterest and find my board *Yes you may buy me this*.  ~laffin~  Why yes I am a shy person.  Why would you ask me that?  Anyway....back to my story.  And she had bought me this leather bracelet that I wanted so badly from jewelry artist Laurel Denise.  Click HERE to go to her store.  The bracelet says "She lives life in her own fairytale".  Totally me right?!?!?!?

Photo from Laurel Denise's web site with her gracious permission!

When she gave me this bracelet last Saturday, neither she nor I realized what a life line it would be for me.  I have worn it all week and it has given me strength.

Sometimes I don't think we realize how much our acts of kindness mean to people.  Actions, words, gifts and tokens can be talismans when those clowns come around. 

This little bracelet gave me some supernatural power this week.  It helped me to finally find my big girl panties, dry my eyes and recognize that goodness and love win every.single.time.

This week, this little bracelet is what love looked like to me.


  1. You know I wear my talisman from you for just such occasions - I am so happy to see that Phyllis has givine you a show of support to wear and cherish also.

  2. Your talisman that I have from you cheers me up when I need it and reminds me to keep on keeping on. I love you and I am so sorry that you had a very bad, no good week.

  3. You said taliisman. Crap, I love that. Cool post.

  4. I just love you. Every bit of ya Ms. Mindy. Fairy tales are the best. I'm glad you live in one ... happily ever after. The End. ;-p

  5. The most wonderful part of this story is that you have someone who listens to you and loves you and cares. There is no replacement for this kind of love.
    xo, Cheryl

  6. I'm really sorry for the bad week, for the disappointment that came. But I'm glad you are so loved! I loves you too! I love the bracelet too! Coincidentally, I was looking at bracelets on Etsy today that will serve as a reminder for me...there may be a blog post on that coming...AND I will check out the site you recommend to see if they have what I am looking for.

  7. I love your talisman! How perfect.

    This must have been Clowns in Disguise week, because I had a very similar week. But it's over, I maintained my manners, my composure, my professionalism and my dignity.

    Then I got in my car and said bad words about said clowns.

    It all worked out. Maybe your talisman works long distance......

  8. Amen, honey. I had a clown week not long ago, and THANK GOD for loving friends. I am right there with you.

    Also, ready with a mallet for when the clowns come back your way.

  9. What a wonderful friend! Good friends do make life easier sometimes.

  10. that in fact is what my easter sermon was about... about never underestimating those acts of kindness, acts of love, acts of service.

    clowns? grrr...


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