What Love Looks Like 4/13/12

I have never seen the ocean.   I have seen the Gulf of Mexico but not an actual honest to goodness have ocean in it's name ocean.  My friend Lori has.  She practically lives on the ocean.  Every day she finds treasures and healing in the water and the sand. 

She also knows that I have long wanted a heart rock.  Finding one has been on my bucket list for forever.

Since I cannot find time to go to the ocean yet, thought she has told me several times that I am welcome to come to her house and stay...she sent pieces of the ocean and the beach to me.

Look at all of these little heart rocks that she has collected!  I put them in a deep frame and now they are on the cabinet in my bathroom so that I can see them every day.

See that sweet little heart in the middle.  Every day I get to look at it and know that Lori touched it.  She picked it up off of the beach and carried it home just for me.

These are just a few of the shells and the sea glass that she has sent to me.  They almost look too pretty to be real don't they?!?!!?  One of these days, I am going to make a pendant out of the sea glass.

Lori did not have to share with me.  She has a busy life and things that are pressing as far as time is concerned.  But she took that time for me.  She carved out time just for me....to bring me sweet joy.


  1. I love the rocks and the way you framed them up!

    I am fascinated by sea glass.

  2. beautiful!! I have a few rocks from travels - I keep meaning to start a cactus garden and put them there, but I have not done that yet.

  3. Aww, gee Min, you made me cry. What a beautiful way to display those rocks and yes, my eye went right to that heart.... <3 I just emptied a bucket to send you some more. You need more glass and shells for your containers.

    I really do wish you would come, even for a few days. I know that you would love my place there at the water. Its full of love and peace. and beautiful things. It's full of joy. It gives so much.

    That is what love looks like. I take a pic of what I found this week, and Papa asked me , can you be content with this? And I said Yes, I can. I'll send it to your phone.

    smooches sugar face. and thank you for all your love and support during the good times and the not so good.... we're all family.

  4. :)
    that's what makes friends, good friends. hard to find, but well worth the search. You are blessed.

  5. Now you make me want to find a heart rock for you! Doug likes to find rocks with holes in them. We have a lot of those around. I love sea glass! You should go see your friend. There is nothing like walking along the shore of the ocean! xo, Cheryl

  6. Really, really cool.

  7. Those are lovely, Mindy...Did you know that over here we call sea-glass "Mermaids' tears"? Thought you might like that :)


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