Purgatory Day 2

Dear Diary,
Day 2 in this dark and dreary place.  Actually it is not even a full 48 hours but it seems like an eternity.  It is cold.  I have had very limited contact with the outside world.  I fear that my friends have already forgotten me. In fact, since shunning facebook, I have only had contact with my friends here at the office, a comment from Annie and a brief google chat with Sara.  I am afraid that Sara read the desperation in my message and is now praying that her name does not show up on my available list. ~grins~

I lie.  I actually ventured on to facebook to order a salad from Casseroles To Go.  A girl can only give up so much.  I have not had a diet coke or any kind of cola since 1/1/2012...don't mess with my food too.

My brain feels dizzy without constant stimulation.  I have no idea who is winning what ever game they are playing, posted a new cute puppy video or if someone has tagged me in a post.

I had to find out Dick Clark died the old fashioned way....the news.

I had a fitful nights sleep.  I finally got up at 4:30am and wandered into the living room and turned on the lap top.  I automatically began signing into facebook....old habits are hard to break.

So what does the now unpopular girl who is not on facebook do at 4:30am when she cannot sleep?  She cleans out junk drawers.

Drawer 1  Before......

After:  I have no idea as to why I have so much chalk.  I do not own one chalk board.  This is not even the grandboys chalk.  I have big buckets of that for them elsewhere. 

Drawer 2  ....look....more chalk.


Yes my junk drawers are clean but my heart is empty. 

A guy reported today and had on a t shirt that had the facebook *like* button on the front.  I had to keep myself from reaching out and clicking it.  Wouldn't he of been surprised.

I will be stong.  I will fight the urge for now.  Maybe I will get the rest of my house cleaned.

Damned facebook. 


  1. You can always change your mind, ya know. :p

  2. Damn I am boring. I am funnier on facebook.

  3. Get back on it, then! :D

  4. and just to let you know...we miss you.

    You are funny, no matter what!! And what IS up with all that chalk???


  5. I miss you on FB but I am also glad to see you here! And in one of your drawers (perhaps drawer #2, after), the little command thing looks to me like it is making an obscene gesture.

    Thank goodness you did not push that guy's "like" button. He might have gotten the wrong idea.

  6. And I want to know why my little icon picture never shows up any more, not on your blog comments, not on my own blog comments. Where did it go?

  7. You are a temptress Rachel! I am trying to hold out until Sunday.

  8. I have NO IDEA Marlene! Need some?? XO right back at ya!

  9. Annie, you are wearing the cloak of invisibility!

    I had to go back and look...it DOES look like the command hook is flipping us off!

  10. I don't get on facebook as much as I used to...but I do get on about once a day. I HAVE to see if they have posted any new pics of the BEE! xo, Cheryl

  11. What happened, twin-person? Hope your gray skies are turning blue!

  12. have you been running thru your neighborhood drawing chalk outlines of bodies? that'd be creepy.

    before it gets to that point... you might want to log back in... in moderation.

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  14. I had an awesome photo to show you... and linked to it... but it was on Facebook. SO ooops.

    Anywho... just imagine coloring a brick sidewalk with all that chalk. Brick by brick... YEAH.


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