I posted a really good recipe for a Pumpkin Crisp (it's so good!!) on facebook the other day. At the end of the recipe, I wrote that homemade whipped cream would be so good with it. I got a few messages about *imitation whipped topping* ~shudders~. The girls at work are the same way. I say whipped cream and I get these stares and mumbles of *imitation whipped topping*. Let me make this abundantly clear:


I am sure that you have heard the same things that I have about whipped cream...tales of having to chill the beaters and bowls....adding your sugar at the precise right time....having to use a whip attachment. Well, that is horse hockey. I promise you that making whipped cream is not hard at all and your family will be amazed and will forever love you for it. To make whipped cream, you need the following ingredients:
*Whipping cream--I used 16 ozs. You can use a half pint and just adjust the measurements. Do keep it in the fridge until ready to use.
*2 1/2 Tab Sugar ( I have also used Splenda but did not for this recipe)
*1tsp Vanilla---you can use any flavoring of your choice. I also love almond extract.

I hear you asking why my Vanilla is in that gargantuan bottle and not one of those little petite bottles that you get at the grocery store. My vanilla is from Mexico. I think it has a much richer and deeper flavor. Plus, I am a little drawn to the swarthy vaquero with his lasso. I think he is Juan Valdez's cousin.
Throw your whipping cream and sugar into your bowl and have at it. Not a great sorry. I just wanted you to see the sugar on top of the cream before I started mixing. I do have a whip attachment on my mixer but you do NOT have to have one. A regular hand mixer with beaters will work just fine. Beat until it starts to be firm up. That is when I put in my vanilla and scrape down the sides of the bowl. Mine takes about 2-4 minutes to beat and get stiff. It will look like this: It will hold a peak and not run off your beater. See! Nice and firm. Put it in a bowl and pop it into your fridge until ready to serve. MMMMMMMMM......homemade pumpkin pie and whipped cream.... I promise you it is well worth the extra 5 minutes it will take to throw this together.

Disclaimer: No cream was actually harmed during the making of the tutorial for this blog. It gave up it's life nobly and with great pride and dignity.

Disclaimer #2: I dropped the CW and inserted imitation whipped topping as to not incur any wrath from the corporation gods that be.

.....wants to settle down on a little ranch and raise chickens and little pints of whipping cream.


  1. Cool Whip is evil, I'm not even sure it is a dairy product.

  2. Yes I know its not the same thing, but sometimes, you have to go with Cool Whip because your family is lactose intolerant and as it is a NON DAIRY alternative you as the wife (and martyr) must do without.


  3. Cool Whip is vile. If you can't have dairy, I pity you as Cool Whip is a LOWLY "substitute" for whipped cream.

    Real cream, real sugar and real vanilla. I guess I'm a purist.

  4. Let me intrigue you even further. Buy a half-pint or pint size of Jack Daniels. Open it and take a swig to get the level down a bit. You can use a shot glass if you are fussy about germs. I think JD kills germs, but I like the shot glass anyway. Now, take a couple of vanilla beans (2-4) and split them open lengthwise. Scrape out the seeds and put them in the JD. Add the vanilla beans too (flavor is still there). Screw the top back on and put it up in a cabinet for a few months. Now that, my friend, is some vanilla extract.

  5. If you are a philistine, you can use rum instead of Jack Daniels. I think that is wrong, but I am tolerant of the quirks of others. Don't use vodka. It adds no depth to the blend. You might as well buy it already bottled.

  6. ok, I have used rum before, but it was only because we got some free rum as a present and I couldn't think of anything to do with it except make vanilla out of it.

  7. Preach it, Mindy! Whipped cream or nothing, I say.

  8. good stuff ... we never have artificial stuff here - cream and sugar is the way to go.

    Happy Thanksgiving Mindy

    it's not celebrated here in Finland of course but will be thinking of you my two-legged friend

    have missed you

  9. Cool Whip is fine for when you are feeling in need of self punishment.

    The real stuff is so darned easy and quick to make. You might want to try the double strength Vanilly from Pensey's. The 4 ounce bottle will last you two years. Really worth it.

    Happy T-Day Mindy!!


  10. #1 do not add vanilla to you whipped cream. I do not like it that way, so....I'm just saying. Leave that step out and you will have the OMG-iest whipped cream ever.

    #2 when did you make a punkin pie? I want some.

  11. Fresh whipped cream and fresh peaches - my favorite summer time treat.

    Grew up on a farm where we had a milk cow, fresh cream, fresh butter - nothing like it. Get you a miniature cow for your ranch, bet you could get a pint of milk/cream a day, and the corgies could herd it!

  12. Oh you are soooo right! Cool Whip? Yech! Nothing beats the REAL thing - and I'm not talking about Coca Cola, either! Give me the cream, the sugar and the vanilla - oh soooo good! And I'm lactose intolerant too, but it's worth it for real whipped cream!

    My BIL brought me a bottle of that vanilla back from Mexico a few years ago. It is THE BEST vanilla I have ever used!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mindy!



  13. You are definitely correct on this. Nothing is better than Real Whipped Cream!! That looks so Yummy, it actually made my mouth water!
    Have a great Thanksgiving and talk to you soon..

  14. Unless there is a medical reason to not use cream, COOL WHIP IS INEXCUSABLE.

  15. when i gots to work on Thanksgiving morn, hustle the horses around (oops i mean dogs), and then cook... i'm a lazy. but i dream someday of cooking well...
    homemade this. from scratch that.

    cyn's recipe for vanilla... whew now THAT i'm sooo gonna try. me thinks it'll be more fun to cook, when there's someone here to enjoy it with...

    i mean i was making rolls, and baileybean ate 5 raw ones right off the cookie sheet! grrr... (hence my need for cyn's "vanilla")

  16. This made me laugh ... and if I ever get brave and pull out the mixer - this post is coming back up! Have a great turkey day!


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