The Music Box Body Art Studio Response!!!

News that you have all been waiting for!

I really did not know what to expect when I mailed my letter to The Music Box. I wanted to believe that they would do what I considered to be right. By that I mean that I believed that they would acknowledge their wrong, return my tat and refund my deposit. Cade that it was a hoot that I thought that they would do that! I told him that I choose to think that, basically, people will choose to do the right thing.

I received a letter from them today! I scanned it but it turns out really small so I am re-typing it here.

The letter reads:

Dear Ms. Choate,

On behalf of the reception staff of The Music Box Body Art Studio, please accept our apologies regarding your appointment. It was never our intention to make you travel for nothing, obviously our communication skills are lacking. Enclosed please find your drawing-we would never have given your design to anyone else. We're sorry to have lost you as a customer.

The Music Box Body Art Studio

My design was returned to me.

My money was not.

I am very pleased that they chose to write me a letter of apology
and that it was done in a timely manner. I was disappointed that my money was not returned. They at least got it half right and that was more than what my son expected them to do. ~grins~ And I did it in what I considered a civil manner. Thank you all so much for helping me!

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  1. I think you handled this whole situation with much grace. I am so disappointed that your money was not returned along with their apology. Have a good weekend. =)


  2. I am not going to let them upset me anymore Deb! Thank you for the word grace. I appreciate it.

  3. Well you got more out them than I thought! Yeah for standing up for yourself!!! Now sic the corgies on em!!! That should make'em cough up the dough in terror!!!

  4. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  5. I still say they owe you twenty bucks!

  6. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Hi Mindy, Thanks for posting the up-date. I'm just a lurker so hope you don't mind me adding a comment.I noticed that the answer is from the "reception department". Maybe the reason you did not get your money refunded is because they don't have that authority. And maybe, the owner(s) did not even see your letter. I am really glad you at least got your drawing back. And maybe you can forgive the rest.

    I'm really glad you are blogging more again. You are a pleasure to read.


  7. I still think you should get your money back. I'll even call them & complain for you if you want me too.

  8. at least you were heard and you got your tat back. That is all that matters.
    BUT they should have returned your money. They didn't do anything for you!
    BUT, you got to tell the whole world about it!
    Writers get the best revenge!
    XO, Cheryl

  9. im glad you got an apology but do think they should have refunded you sorry that didnt...

    speaking of being sorry, i really hope i didnt offend you in my last long comment by asking you if you were interested in the challege at the sisterhood and etc., if i did, i am soooo sorry...i hope you will forgive me...please, please...???!!

    we were asked to form our own teams and i didnt have anyone to ask.....and i hate asking people.... :(

    so, i ended up finding a team who needed more members who let me join them... :)

    hope you a good day!


  10. hey,
    im back from the "Celebrate the Season" dinner now...i sent you a quick e-mail with what info i could as we were about to walk out the door....and then i sent you one again when i came back....

    so, did you get a chance to read my first e-mail before it was to late...and if you did, did you end up sending them an email about the challenge and etc.


  11. Good for you--it is quite amazing to get a written apology these days!


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