Total Randomness With Some JackRabbits Thrown In

Busy week and there are lots running around in my head so....I am going to just let it pour out.

*Odessa has fiberglass jackrabbits!
*About all that Odessa has going for it IS the fiberglass jackrabbits.

*The Music Box Body Art Studio has still not responded. I am still holding out for them to do the right thing.

*If you google Music Box Body Art Studio I am the 9th link. ~grins~

*Most of my Christmas shopping is already done.

*Don't hate me.

*Today I heard *Baby Jesus is still in the toy box.* bbbwwwhhhaaahhhaaaaa That cracks me up.

*I need a hair cut bad. I think it is odd that no one has pointed and laughed at me today. I did not wash it this morning. I curled it and then stuck a head band in it. I kinda resemble a tumbleweed with one flat side.

*My hair always does really good and then BLAMO between 10pm and 6am one night it grows out so long that I cannot do anything with it.

*I had a cranberry relish with jalapenos in it over cream cheese at lunch. I have got to find that recipe because it was muy bueno.

*Y'all did not know I could speak something other than English did you?

*I had a guy call and complain on a person that he thought was in his house doing odd stuff. I told him to call the police immediately. He said that he hated to do that because he did not if the person he was complaining about was messing with his house or if it was the ghost that lived there.

*I can see where that would be hard to explain to the police.

*I do not make this stuff up.

*I am not sure who broke the legs off the key board on this computer but I am going to break their legs off when I see them.

*I have this key board propped up on a bottle of white out.

*I have been away from the net for several days (other than on the phone). There are now over 1000 new entries on my google reader. I will never get caught up.

*If there is something I need to see...someone better leave me a comment pointing it out so that I do not miss it.

*I cannot remember the last time I wore panty hose...I think it has been years.

*I used to laugh at *old* ladies that wore knee highs. Not any more.

*I heard the theme song from *The Nanny* as a ring tone the other day. Kinda odd.

*My ring tone for my text messages is the little pig from the geico commercial going wwwweeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee.

*Text me ANYTIME cause hearing it makes me smile. ~grins~

*Mennonites make some flippin' good fried pies.

*The Corgis ran away the other night. They only got 5 blocks away in about 1 hour. Chapy sure did slow Gingerbean down.

*He then snored all.night.long. He was one tired dog.

So what about you? What are you up to?


  1. hey mindy,
    i just got through writing you a book on your last, please check out comment there... and im sorry that you havent heard anything back from the music box studio....


  2. I get so bummed when I see that I have a ton of feeds to read ... I hate to miss out on something good! So, I just skip the laundry and dinner so I can catch up ;-)

    Those rabbits are kinds spooky.

  3. I am still tempted to give those Music Box people a phone call. That is just not right, and anybody with any business sense (or common sense) ought to know that.

    I liked seeing the JackRabbit pictures and hearing all your random thoughts!

    I am trying to keep up with NaBloPoMo but yesterday I had to backdate a post so I would not miss a day!

  4. "I used to laugh at *old* ladies that wore knee highs. Not any more." This is SO exactly right on.

  5. Had a conversation with a bunch of women about how we shouldn't be buried in dresses because the Lord knows none of us wants to be buried in panty hose. Someone suggested our night gowns and slippers would be better.

  6. I guess Corgi legs have to work very hard to travel five blocks!!!

    I have seen fiberglass pigs, cows, and penguins. I think I prefer jackrabbits. I want one for my yard.

  7. ~whispers: I bought some knee highs over the weekend~

  8. OK, so at first I thought you were going to say that you haven't worn "panites" in years. Whew! So glad to see the second word "hose."

    What's your number, I'll text you!

    Grandma used to wear knee highs, only she'd roll them down to her ankles. It looked kinda cute on her!

    I love baby Jesus...

  9. I used to live in the jackrabbit city - the original one has been there for at least 30 years now - glad to see someone is keeping up the paint jobs.
    the piggy commercial makes me laugh out loud every time I see it!!


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